Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Wound is Almost Healed - GET READY!!

The Wound is Almost Healed - GET READY!!

Published on Jul 5, 2014
A must watch sermon about the healing of the deadly wound to the beast of Revelation 13.

Does anybody hear me? by "BECKAH SHAE" YouTuber


  1. The Pope is the Antichrist, playing the role of False Prophet.
    Obama is the False Prophet
    (of world 'peace' and 'prosperity' through 'sharing' of wealth=marxism/communism), playing the role of Antichrist.
    They're equally bad, and the two beasts of Revelation 13

    Very important message indeed!
    Thanks for sharing, Jörgen and JESUS be with us!

  2. +michael s
    Why are you so sure about that?

    Listen to this:

  3. I share this video in order to compare it with the truth.
    Daryl asserts that the Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with the beast, while we know that the Vatican and the Papacy are representing the FIRST beast, and the USA the SECOND beast.
    The WHORE is riding the BEAST, and the WHORE is the (JESUIT controlled Vatican) who's 'riding' the most powerful nation on earth, through which she will exercise control over the world.
    We see Netanyahu in this video, standing in front of the OCCULT Israeli flag with the so called 'star of David', which is in fact a satanic symbol:
    The government of Israel fully cooperates with the Vatican (JESUIT) NWO and is doing exactly what the 'whore' wants.
    'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr, or Barry Davis) is the executor of the first beast, but he's SUGGESTING to be the first beast (the Antichrist), while the REAL Antichrist is the Pope of Rome, who's playing the role of False Prophet.
    Daryl doesn't see this, because he's a typicical brainwashed American who still believes that the USA is the most imporant country on earth (Amerika über alles=America above everything).
    He's right about the UN, because the UN will be the future platform of power of the two beasts, but he doesn't (yet) know that the UN is also completely controlled by the Vatican.

    Bottomline: it's ALL about the EVIL Vatican, and NOT about the USA, because the USA is being completely and TOTALLY controlled by the Vatican, and the EU too.

    Thanks for praying for me, and I pray the same for you.

    The USA is the MILITARY ARM of Mystery Babylon, but it's NOT 'THE WHORE' herself!

    The 'whore' is the ROMAN EMPIRE, disguisded as a 'Christian church': the ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT!

    It's the REAL church of Satan!

    The FINANCIAL ARM is the 'city of London', which has nothing to do with the UK, but everything with 'Rome'.
    The bank of Rome (and Satan) is Switserland , which was able to remain 'neutral' during the 2nd WW, because it was being protected by the EVIL Vatican.

    The SPIRITUAL CENTRE of the whole system is the Vatican, which is a MAFIA-organisation, with the 'Pope' as the Godfather.

    The BLACK POPE is the boss of the EVIL JESUITS, and guess what?

    The current Pope is BOTH the 'White Pope' AND the 'Black Pope'.

    But Satan is a DECEIVER, right?
    He needs a DISTRACTION from the REAL Antichrist, the Pope, and this distraction is 'Obama', who's in fact the son of Frank Marshall Davis, the MARXIST and sexually PERVERT.
    Satan used an IDIOT like him in the past: Adolf Hitler, who also was into MEN and a PERVERT, during his days in Vienna, and Hitler was raised a Roman Catholic, which is PAGANISM under a religious-Christian veneer.

    Joseph 'Stalin' was a REAL JESUIT and in fact WORSE than Hitler.

    Key is: the JESUITS!

    They use PAPAL JEWS, who DISTRACT people's attention away from themselves, and also in order to make people think that 'the Jews' are the cause of all evil in this world, while in fact the SATANIC JESUITS are to blame.

    'Obama' is the False Prophet of 'peace and prosperity' through 'equal sharing of wealth=marxism and by being a FALSE christian, while he's in fact a MUSLIM and a SATANIST.
    He's playing the role of Antichrist!

    But the REAL Antichrist (instead of Christ=Vicar of Christ=BLASPHEMY) is Pope Francis, but he's playing the so called lesser role of False Prophet.

    They're both equally BAD and EVIL!

    They will both BURN IN HELL, because they sold their soul to the devil.

    Their hero is LUCIFER!

    It's all very simple, if you know it.

    So we agree on the fact that the USA is the most (military) powerful nation on earth, but ONLY because of the 'blessing' by the Vatican and Satan.

    The USA was founded by SATANISTS who served the Vatican!

    Satan HATES all REAL Protestants and born-again followers of JESUS Christ, and all REAL God-fearing Jews!

    He killed many MILLIONS of them through HIS instrument, the Roman Catholic CULT.

    We agree on the pre-tribulation rapture, and many believers in Jesus, who know about the real danger (the Vatican) no longer believe in it, because they think the pre-tribulation rapture is an invention (centuries ago) by the Jesuits.


    The teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture is MUCH older than many believers are willing to believe, and especially to those who think they have to be a martyr during the coming tribulation, which is all about ISRAEL and the remnant thereof.

    Satan HATES the pre-tribulation rapture because he wants to KILL ALL believers in JESUS!

    Too bad for him, but JESUS is coming to take us away, just like He did to Enoch.

    Satan is a JEW-HATER, because JESUS is a JEW, hence God is a JEW, because JESUS is GOD!

    We're going to the NEW JERUSALEM!

    Greetings from Hans from the Netherlands.



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