Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Critical Point in Time Has Arrived

29 August 2014: Not being a huge fan of rhetorical questions, I am still feeling compelled to ask: Was there ever a time when multiple and very specific 'last days' eschatological themes were resonating simultaneously or glowing white hot as they are today? I do not recall any such time within this parameter as the present time. 

I vividly remember as a teenager the "Six Day War" of June 1967 and its effect upon the Bride of Christ in the very Christian town I grew up in. In my opinion the 'Six Day War' was a wake-up call that was the impetus for a major believing Christian revival which resulted in an extremely explosive growth in the sheer numbers of "born again" Christians in the United States. The 'Six Day War' war was the impetus for most of what occurred during the 1970s "Jesus freak" phenomenon as the psychedelic, long hair and bell-bottom pants-wearing secular world of that era referred to burgeoning mass of new believing Christians.  Most importantly, in that war Israel regained, through deliberate and focused military action, the whole of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount.  Hindsight being 20/20, the 'Six Day War' was a stepping stone to the reality that exists at this very moment, a full 47 years later.


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