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US Criminal Government; GoogleEarth-GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency Fraudulent Overlay of Noah's Ark

US Criminal Government: GoogleEarth/GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency Fraudulent Overlay of Noah's Ark

Published on Jul 25, 2014
[ (Marquis Who's Who In America (1999-2014);
Who's Who In Science and Engineering (2000-2014);
Who's Who in the World (2002-2014)]

US National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) Fraudulent Overlay of Older Imagery to OBSCURE Noah's Ark.
WHY Intelligence Community DEMANDS Cultural Control: William Binney (NSA-informant):

Authorization for Mt. Ararat and Noah's Ark Obscuration and Utilization of 2011World View 2 Imagery...OVER 2014 World View 3 Imagery: US GEOSPATIAL Agency []
Google’s work with NGA marks one of the first major government geospatial cloud initiatives, which will enable NGA to use Google Earth Builder to host its geospatial data and information. This allows NGA to customize Google Earth & Maps to provide maps and globes to support U.S. government activities, including: U.S. national security; homeland security;

GeoSpatial Agency Fraud Based on Earlier CIA Deception Practices:


Google Earth Has REMOVED Digital Globe World View Satellite Noah's Ark Coordinates Imagery...REPLACING the original with LOWER RESOLUTION IMARGERY LESS THAN .46m resolution:

Complete Video for Ark Fly-In:
ARARAT 717: Ark's Location (Mr. Varoujan Amirkhanian)

Noah's Ark EXACT Coordinates: http://bsmresearchassociatesarknoah.b... [BSMRA Noah's Ark Research]

ARK EXACT COORDINATES (CS-A1): 39°42'33.07" N / 44°18'1.26" E (Rotation In Google Earth)
[The Successful Collaborative Effort Confirmed Through Cummings-Anderson (1972-1973) / Simmons-Arslan (1989) Data Integration and Image Correlation.]

[Note: Dr. Richard Gates, though traitor to his country for his participation in obstructing evidence; as an accomplice after-the-fact for 9/11 US Government murders at NYC-WTCs and Pentagon; he WAS instrumental in 1990s Ark investigations.]

SEARCHING FOR ARK (Phase I) SHOULD BE AT AN END SINCE COORDINATES ARE KNOWN. Phase II should be centered on physical characterization and reclamation and preservation of the ship.

Mt. Ararat Shelf Correlation to Kevin Hurley (1991) and Ed Behling (1973) Shelf Photos:

Satellite Imagery: Google Earth / Digital Globe

Ark EXACT Coordinates (Damaged Port Side):
Land Imagery Used to Correlate Digital Globe:
Ray Anderson-Eryl Cummings Team
Robin Simmons-Dr. Ahmet Arslan Team [Noah's Ark Exact Coordinates on Mt. Ararat]

Eyewitnesses of the Ark Coordinates Site: (Violet Cummings Accounts)

George Green:

George Hagopian (1902-1904):

Haji Yearam (1856):

Imagery Confirmation Requirements:

Steep drop off directly in front of the Ark;
A high cliff on one side of he ship;
The Ark is positioned on a ledge or imbricates fault line;
A maximum of 25% of the Ark may be exposed from the glacier;
The Ark's altitude is positioned above the Ahora Gorge, approximately 2/3 up Mt. Ararat;
Ark roof is slightly angled;
Ark roof has a large hole;
Ark is slightly tilted down and toward the right (starboard);
The Ark is positioned between two of the summit's peaks;
The 4500 year old ship has chemically transformed into petrified wood and covered with a greenish blue mold (

The Genesis Chapters 6-9 Account:

Geophysical requirements include planetary hydraulic inundation of the Earth's fractured deposit a ship approximately 600 ft x 100 ft x 60 ft (using a 24 in cubit) on a strato-volcano at an altitude of 4.72 km (15,500 ft); Mt. Ararat being a volcano roughly 5.182 km (17,000 ft) high. [Sedimentary rocks (sediment in which paleontology record fossils are buried) comprise more than 75% of planetary rocks above the ocean water line.] That this geophysical process killed nearly all flora and flora on this planet is the fossil record shows. Evolution as a scientific model, having lost its paleontology record etiologic function...should be discarded.

(Ark Research)

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  2. +Nick 'Dutchie' US Criminal Government; GoogleEarth-GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency Fraudulent Overlay of Noah's Ark

  3. +Philippe Rockholt On behalf of 'good ol' Satan' and their own criminal minds...


    Philippe Rockholt
    They don't want any historical reference and archeological finds from the Bible. The Smithsonian Institute got nailed for hiding the giant bones findings. Again the Bible.

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      Let me help you out:

      Ark of Noah

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      Fake news
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      +cocoa No: I'm Dutch and this really happened in my country
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      +Hans S Noah’s ark ? Think about how dumb that actually sounds. All the animals in the world were on there ? Really I am an American well we r dumb but come on this is dumber ?

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      But what are you talking about Russia or the US?
      Let's talk about the inventor of LOVE.
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      +Hans S I thought Europeans were smart ?
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      +cocoa What are Europeans?
      We all derive from Noah and his family and Noah's Ark landed on top of Mount Ararat, and it's still there.
      Then our ancestors moved south to Mesopotamia.
      We're all family.

      Oh, and the earth is flat and round with a firmament.

      And JESUS is God and He wants to save you.


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      +Hans S fuck
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      +cocoa a duck
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      Noah, Tower of Babel, & Population Growth - Ask the Rabbi, » Noah, Tower of Babel, & Population Growth


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      It's diseased minds like Hans that gives humanity its bad and vicious reputation.


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