Saturday, September 27, 2014


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I would like to ask for your opinion and spiritual insight in regards to the Pope's trick-or-twit. It is in its apparent simplicity that lays the complex and invisible deceit of our Enemy's doctrine: what is the trick? Just like a million dollar mansion being on sale at 0% down payment and 0% interests for five years, doesn't this Jesus' road resemble Rodeo Drive much more than a narrow path to Mt. Calvary?

And what happened to the bird? Where does God's Holy Spirit go every time the occult claw of the Dragon makes it 'disappear'?
And if the dove is the Holy Spirit, is the top hat representing each one of us? Each soul? 

Or are we, instead, sitting in an audience blinded by a few simple tricks which we BELIEVE to be magic? And if so, could that top hat be God's Word? Or God's Church?  
Personally, I'm a bit confused – this is why I need your help to solve this puzzle.
Here, for example, I drew a few interpretations, knowing that there could be so many others inside each one of you:

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Hans: the Pope is a SATANIC LIAR, because God-JESUS wants  total, unconditional surrender to him!

But the the Pope is a Universalist and he even believes that Satan will be forgiven.

Don't listen to this DECEIVER, because he's the ANTICHRIST, the 'instead of Christ' = the 'Vicar of Christ'! 

The Vatican; Satan's headquarters



The Franciscans Unmasked at Last!! - Pope Francis is the ANTICHRIST!



VIVA LUCIFER? Child Porn Found on Former Nuncio’s Computer


Terrifying Photo Captured of Obama’s Head with TWO HORNS



  1. +Taurion4467
    The 'big bang' is nonsense.

    Genesis is the real thing.
    God doesn't need 'big bangs' in order to create the universe, the earth and the other celestial bodies.
    God speaks a WORD and then there is something He wants, and JESUS is the WORD.
    The Pope is a pathetic little man, serving Lucifer and himself, and he's the 'instead of Christ' (Vicar of Christ) = the ANTICHRIST.
    'Obama' is his pawn and the other beast.

  2. +Taurion4467
    Evolution is saying to God He's a LIAR.

    Evolution excludes and ignores the creation of Adam and Eve, and JESUS Christ is also being called the 'Last Adam' in the Bible, referring to this FACT.
    You can't mix LIES with the TRUTH!


  3. +Watcher ForChrist
    There will be ONLY ONE rapture: the pre-tribulation rapture.

    Any other explanation is NONSENSE!
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    +Watcher ForChrist
    Islam was created by the VATICAN and the Pope is the ANTICHRIST=the 'Vicar of Christ'=the 'instead of Christ'=BLASPHEMY!
    'Obama' is his MUPPET!


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