zaterdag 20 september 2014

The Vatican: Satan's headquarters

POPE SEATED ON SATAN'S THRONE The Babylonian pagan worship of Nimrod, Semiramis, and the god-incarnate son extended throughout the entire world and eventually assumed the name of  Christianity in Rome. 
paganism spread from Babylon to Rome by way of Pergamum. 

The Babylon Kings, who were descended from Nimrod, served as both king and priest of the pagan Babylonian Mystery religion, As priests, they bore the title "Pontifex Maximus" (The Two Babylons, pp. 240-252) or "Supreme Pontiff," meaning "supreme pathfinder" or "bridge maker," representing "the path or connection between this life and the next" (Baker's Pocket Dictionary of Religious Terms, entry "Pontifex Maximus"). They ruled upon the throne of Satan, which is the throne of Nimrod as the "hidden god" (The Two Babylons, pp. 275-276).The last king to reign in Babylon was Belshazzar, who celebrated the pagan Babylonian ritual using the sacred Jewish temple vessels which his father King Nebuchadnezzar confiscated from the Jewish temple in 587 B.C.: 


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  1. +MrMezmerized
    Man, you're daft, but because I'm such a nice guy
    , here some extra information for you, and at first I wanted to reply in Dutch (my language) but I decided to reply in this lingo:
    Hans Steijnhagen

    Hitler, Stalin (a Jesuit Priest), Mussolini, Franco, all served the Roman Vatican CULT, the hidden SATANIC Roman Empire.
    Hitler was being financed by the USA, because the USA was being founded on behalf of the Roman Catholic CULT:
    Hans Steijnhagen

    +star morrison
    Hitler did NOT write 'Mein Kampf' (My Struggle), but a JESUIT Priest, called Staempfle

  2. My country the Netherlands is being ruled by morons too!
    All evil roads lead to the Vatican and Satan:

    Hans S
    1 second ago

    The Vatican; Satan's headquarters

  4. Reacties
    1. +Brendan Wade It's the other way around: the Pope is the Antichrist=Vicar of Christ=instead of Christ=BLASPHEMY, and he's PLAYING the role of the False Prophet and 'Obama' (Barry Davis) is the False Prophet of 'peace, prosperity and equal sharing=communism', playing the role of Antichrist. The Vatican is Satan's headquarters:

  5. +Pat DuTuschie Revelation 22:16
    Geneva(i) 16 I Iesus haue sent mine Angell, to testifie vnto you these things in the Churches: I am the root and the generation of Dauid, and the bright morning starre.

    JESUS is the BRIGHT MORNING STAR and NOT 'the one Morning Star'

    Satan is a clever PSYCHOPATH and the Roman Catholic CULT is his PERSONAL project.

    You can say what you want in defense of the MURDEROUS and EVIL Roman Catholic CULT, but those who are AWAKE know better.

    Now be WISE and surrender to (Y)OUR maker, JESUS Christ, who's GOD and a JEW FOREVER and TURN AWAY from BABYLON, which is the Roman Catholic SUN-worship CULT.

    RENOUNCE 'Mary' (Semiramis-Venus)-worship and repent from this SIN, because JESUS and the FATHER ARE ONE GOD!


    God the FATHER became God the SON* and a REAL HUMAN, while He was able to retain ABSOLUTE CONTROL, even when He physically died on the cross, the symbol for the BABYLONIAN, SATANIC SUN-'god'.

    *God, manifested in the flesh.

    RENOUNCE the 'Pope' as authority and repent from this SIN!

    He's the so called 'Vicar of Christ', the 'instead of Christ', which means he's the ANTICHRIST!

    Surrender to JESUS Christ or be DAMNED forever, together with 'Mystery Babylon'.

    JESUS loves you,

    Satan hates you.

  6. And the Crown is serving the Vatican:

    ALL evil roads lead to Rome!
    The Vatican: Satan's headquarters

    Satan's Throne

    1. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Aye Aye Sister! ;-)

      JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
      1:51 PM

      +Hans S That is what the video says exactly, all roads lead to Rome, it is a Roman law they are using also, very deceitful and nasty. Evil satanic vatican, you should watch the's all in there.

  7. +fabio meloni It's clear you don't. Get to know JESUS: God, manifested in the flesh. The true god of the Vatican is Lucifer! The Vatican: Satan's headquarters

  8. +InYourFace Islam was created by the Vatican! The true god of the Vatican is Lucifer! The Vatican: Satan's headquarters

  9. +Donna Diggzzz +Stephanie Melgoza The true god of the Vatican is Lucifer!
    The Vatican: Satan's headquarters


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