Wednesday, October 15, 2014

General Observations

Islamic State on the move in Syria and Iraq
14 October 2014: Here are some rather significant things I have been keeping an eye on lately.
In Syria and Iraq there is very strong evidence that Islamic State forces have used chemical weapons against Kurdish forces in their unrelenting assault on the Kurdish border town known as Kobani (a/k/a Ayn al-Arab) and against Iraqi Shi'a forces in ongoing battles in Anbar Province since this past July.  Within the past couple of days photographic evidence has emerged pointing to the use of mustard blister agent against the defenders in these battles. Where did Islamic State get this kind of chemical weapon? From the depot that formerly belonged to Saddam Hussein at the Muthanna CW bunk complex and that the Obama Administration has said would be of no use to the Islamic State.

US forces controlled Muthanna prior to the unilateral Obama withdrawal from Iraq three years ago. Islamic State captured the Muthanna CW bunker complex in June 2014. Islamic State fighters are reported to be within 1 mile of Baghdad. Most Iraqi soldiers are not professionals, they are soldiers merely because they need money. At the first sight of IS soldiers inside Baghdad they will remove their uniforms and flee.


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  1. The Vatican-JESUIT-US destruction of the nation where the Garden of Eden used to be and their own BABYLON resides.
    The land from where ABRAHAM was called by 'I AM', the God of ISRAEL.
    No mercy for Saddam Hussein, no mercy for George W. Bush, the Vatican PAWN and executioner on behalf of the POPE of ROME=CAESAR.


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