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Hans S

+King Edmund

So you think you know what the devil exactly wants?
Well, the devil LOVES to SLAUGHTER ALL believers in the JEWISH JESUS the Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, JESUS the Messiah, because you don't realise that the 'tribulation' (Jabob's Trouble, and Jacob is Israel) is all about ISRAEL, and the REMNANT (one third) thereof!

The tribulation is about God's ANGER=His WRATH at the PAGAN peoples, world wide.

Did you know that Israel is the ONLY country in the world that BY DEFAULT is NOT allowed to be a temporary member of the Security Council of The United Nations?

And you know WHY?

Because the WHOLE world HATES the Jews because of the JEW, JESUS Christ, the God of Israel!

Did you know that the VATICAN is Satan's instrument through which he's ruling the world?

The Roman Catholic CULT is Satan's SMOKESCREEN and COUNTERFEIT 'church', because it's the hidden (Babylonian) ROMAN EMPIRE, and every Pope is the EMPEROR (Pontifex Maximus) and the 'Vicar of Christ', the 'instead of Christ' = the ANTICHRIST.

Did you know that 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr) is the leader of the MILITARY ARM of the Vatican, and did you know that Washington D.C's original name could have been ROME?

Are you aware of the fact that Obama has the SAME role as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, who both were SERVANTS of the Vatican and its EVIL JESUITS?

Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic from Austria and 'Stalin' was a Jesuit Priest from Georgia!

Did you know that the true god of the Vatican is LUCIFER-Satan?

Did you know that Obama is a SATANIST?

Did you know that the Pope (Francis) is a SATANIST?

Did you know that the future capitol of the world will be JERUSALEM?

Did you know that the Vatican already owns 60% of Jerusalem and that it wants to own ALL OF ISRAEL?

Do you realise that this is what it's all about?

It's a BATTLE between Go(o)d and (the d)evil, and Israel is in the middle!

Did you know that MOST 'Christians' are still PSEUDO-Roman Catholics, because they revere the PAGAN SUNday and the PAGAN SUNworship called 'Christmas', and the PAGAN worship of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar called 'Easter'?

Do you know that the Vatican is behind the evil replacement theology doctrine, which says that the Jews are no longer God's chosen people?

WELL, THAT'S A BIG FAT LIE, because the Jewish People is the APPLE of God's eye and God is JESUS!!

Anyone who tries to touch the apple of God's eye is making God VERY ANGRY!


You don't know that the coming tribulation will be so bad that even committing SUICIDE will be NO OPTION!

Five months many people will try to end their lives, because of God's wrath, but God will take away the ability to commit suicide.

The tribulation will be TRUE HORROR!

MOST believers in JESUS Christ will be BEHEADED during the coming tribulation.

But they are the believers of the seven year period AFTER the rapture, and they are people who at the moment are NOT really born again, Holy Spirit filled followers of JESUS Christ, who are longing to be were JESUS is.

Many people THINK they will be partakers in the rapture, but they will be LEFT BEHIND, because they don't really LOVE JESUS Christ.

Those are the people you were referring at: those will be the DISAPPOINTED believers!

But you are calling the pre-tribulation rapture a LIE.....this is VERY GRAVE!

You're ACCUSING people who believe in the pre-tribulation rapture of being adherents of a SATANIC LIE from HELL!

Do you really think you can 'earn' your salvation by becoming a martyr during the coming TERRIBLE and SATANIC tribulation, in which God=JESUS will pour out HIS WRATH on ALL NATIONS (the UNITED nations) because of their HATRED toward HIS people and HIS nation Israel?

WAKE UP and become a real follower of the JEW, JESUS Christ!




  1. +Danyal Aram
    Amen, though I rather use the name 'I Am (who I am)', instead of YHVH.

    JESUS' name means 'I Am Salvation' or 'I Am Saviour'
    JESUS is the great 'I AM'= God in physical capacity.
    The Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) is God in spiritual capacity.
    The Father is God in a capacity, unknown to man, because God is God and we are humans, but through JESUS and the Holy Spirit, God enables us to get to know Him!

  2. +Danyal Aram
    The Father and the Son, JESUS, are ONE, and at the moment THEY are TOGETHER in HEAVEN.

    The Holy Spirit is ONE with the Father and the Son JESUS, and at the moment HE is on EARTH, dwelling within the BORN AGAIN, followers of JESUS Christ.

    God is ONE, but He exists in THREE distinguishable capacities.

    In comparison: there is ONE human, but h(sh)e exists in THREE capacities: MIND, SOUL and BODY.

    The core of a human being is his/her BRAIN, consisting of TWO HEMISPHERES, who think differently from each other, because they are the MIND and the SOUL, but who are ONE ENTITY.

    But without a BODY there is no real human being, and that's why the BODY is ONE with these TWO hemispheres, making ONE unique PERSON.

    Keep in mind that we are created in the image of God, and God and JESUS and the Holy Spirit are ONE.

  3. +Adam 1984
    The replacement theology is POISON, and it's ROMAN CATHOLIC=SATANIC!

    JESUS is coming back to JERUSALEM in order to reign as KING for 1000 years amidst the REMNANT of HIS chosen people!
    The WHOLE world will become JEWISH, the way JESUS wants!

    After this period of 1000 years the Final Judgement will follow, and after the last human rebellion, at the end of the Millennium, and then a NEW Earth and a NEW Heaven and a NEW JERUSALEM will come.

    This Holy City will FOREVER keep in remembrance the JEWISH names of the 12 tribes of Israel, and the 12 names of the JEWISH Apostles of Christ JESUS.

    GOD is a JEW....FOREVER!

    Are you aware of the ANALOGY between Samson and JESUS?

    Samson had LONG HAIR and this was the secret behind his enormous POWER, and this AWESOME POWER was GOD'S POWER and JESUS is GOD!!

    Religious people want to strip JESUS of His DIVINE characteristics!

    JESUS IS GOD!!!!!!!!


  5. +Crux Driven
    Thanks a lot, Sean, for telling me this.

    During the days of the Old Testament, or the Former Testament/Old Covenant, God (who's JESUS) tried to create order in a world run by His enemey, Satan, through a firm hand and sometimes through controlled volience, and think of Simson, who never could have been so strong if God=JESUS had not given him this tremendous physical POWER.

    Yet, Simson's BEST moment was when he resembled the God of Israel=YESHUA=JESUS, and when he gave his life for the benefit of God's chosen people and for the sake of righteousness.
    This image says it all:

    JESUS be with us, brother: He's the MOST powerful person EVER!
    And the most caring and loving too, full of WISDOM and devine knowledge.
    Best of all: He's our FATHER!
    You're now learning to know his father-heart better by being a father yourself.

  6. +Crux Driven
    Oh, I said Simson, but that's his Dutch name, and I corrected my text and renamed him into Samson.

    PS: here a staring role by our former Dutch Olympic Judo-champion, the late Anton Geesink (say chaysink) in an American-Italian production, playing (as an amateur, with a few acting lessons, I guess) the role of Samson:

  7. Pray for him, Gina, because he's a role model, and it's important when people like him DEMONSTRATE through their actions, they really love our Lord JESUS.
    The same goes for us, btw...

    JESUS be with us!

    PS: here a staring role by our former Dutch Olympic Judo-champion, the late Anton Geesink (say chaysink) in an American-Italian production, playing (as an amateur, with a few acting lessons, I guess) the role of Samson:

  8. This is PURE NONSENSE, .and I show you WHY:

    "Ram Bam said, "the orbit of Mercury is closer to Earth than the orbit of Venus" and so he was a tool of the Islamic Caliphate and only wrote in Arabic to make a Trojan Horse Weapon out of Jewry against the Catholic Church, and thus against Jesus Christ YESHUA. "

    You mentioned the CATHOLIC CHURCH as if it were a good church....but the Catholic CULT is the true church of SATAN!!

    There are more FALLACIES: "So it shall be, as Samson died among the Philistines, the Jews will die among the Palestinians, down to a scarce remnant, even down to one."

    Samson was an IMAGE of JESUS when he sacrificed his own life for the benefit of God's chosen people!

    You're making Samson look like a LOSER, and indirectly you're making JESUS a loser too, because He is God and He gave Samson 'his' enormous power!

    I searched on the internet and found a site where some of your fallacies come from:

    You don't know your OWN JEWISH Messiah yet!

    Get to know Him, because He's JESUS Christ, Yeshua the Messiah (HaMashiach), God in the FLESH, and He's got NOTHING in common with the Roman SATANIC Catholic CULT!

    The Roman SATANIC Catholic CULT HATES the Jews, because of JESUS the JEW!
    Hans S
    12:09 AM

    You talked about your 'islamic brothers'!
    Islam is a SATANIC product of the EVIL Roman Catholic CULT: How the Vatican created Islam - By Alberto Rivera

    On of your followers is Larry King: not really an example of a Jewish brother in JESUS Christ!

    I understand you're living in Israel, amidst EVIL and murderous islamic enemies, but you're NOT yet my brother in the Lord JESUS Christ, Yeshua the Messiah.

    Furthermore: 'Yahweh' is NOT the name of God, but 'I AM (who I AM), and 'I AM' is JESUS, because His name means 'I AM Salvation'; God in the capacity of Saviour.
    Add a comment...

  9. +Stormbringer2012
    Satan is very happy with this opinion!
    What nonsense!

    The Roman Catholic CULT (and it's satanic JESUITS) is the whore of Babylon!

    Mind you: God is a JEW, because He's JESUS and He can't stand JEW-HATERS!

    The Jews are HIS!! people, and they are HIS!! responsibility, and anyone who tries to interfere with his plans concerning HIS people, will regret it.

    GOD is a JEW....FOREVER!

  10. +Marcus Inurcamp +Stormbringer2012

    Just read your Bible and then you will know.


  11. +CarmineFragione
    There's no such thing as 'THE Jews', just as there's no such thing as 'THE Dutch'.

    When I read in the New Testament about 'the' Jews, I read 'THESE' or 'THOSE' Jews, because they were/are a MINORITY among the Jewish people.

    We AGREE on the fact that the rabbies and the Pharisees kept and keep the Jewish people in the dark, but we also know from the Bible that God has a purpose with that: it enabled the salvation of many gentiles through the teachings and the sacrifice (and resurrection) of JESUS Christ, the BEST JEW in history!
    Hans S
    6:41 PM

    During the coming 'times of Jacob's Trouble', God-JESUS will focus again on HIS people in order to save a REMNANT at His 2nd coming.

    Many non-Jewish believers in Christ JESUS think 'the tribulation' is about them, but it's not about the Body of Christ, but about Israel and the remnant thereof.

  12. +CarmineFragione
    God (His name is 'I am, who I am' and not 'Yahweh', and He's JESUS, who name means 'I am Salvation') still loves HIS people, despite your bitterness, and Israel is NOT the 'church', no matter the LIES of the Roman Catholic CULT and it's 'replacement theology doctrine'.

    Just wait and see, because DEVINE intervention for the benefit of Israel will occur in the coming Psalm 83-war and the subsequent Ezekiel (Gog & Magog) 38/39-wars!

    And NOT for the benefit of the OCCULT 'state of Israel'*, but for the benefit of the REMNANT of Israel that will be saved,
    They are the ones that will mourn and weep when they see Messiah JESUS-YESHUA come with His ARMY of heavenly soldiers, seated on white horses.


  13. +Kanbei85 JESUS is GOD and 'Yahweh' is NOT a NAME, nor 'Jehovah'.
    God's name is SO SIMPLE, that a LITTLE child is able to understand: "I AM (who I AM)"

    JESUS (or Yeshua) means: 'I AM SALVATION'

    GOD in the capacity of Saviour.


  14. +dagnyatl
    You could pray for these people, because they are lost without JESUS Christ, and this goes for Jews and Gentiles.

    JESUS was circumcised and He's God who had invented and commanded this practice in the old days, but we know it's no longer needed, yet the religious Jews aren't aware of this, because JESUS=God has closed their minds to the truth, except to a minority to which you belong, and never forget that JESUS started His Body of Christ wit Jewish believers, and don't forget that JESUS is coming to save a remnant (ONE THIRD, which is a LOT of people) of HIS chosen people.

    Now, about the 'star of David': during most of my 31 years walk with JESUS I never had any problems with this symbol, until I discovered information like this and I've been to Israel and Istood where the Har Habayit-the house of God on the mount (the 'temple') once used to be, where the Dome of the Rock is now standing and I touched the rock Moriah.

    I've always been pro-Israel, but I know the STATE of Israel is occult and the government is cooperating with the Vatican NWO, and THUS with the devil.

    This is what needs to happen, because it has been prophesied.

    Recently I discovered counter-information about the star of David, and I don't have a problem with it anymore, because I know Satan imitates everything which is from God, and he's INSANE.
    I'll provide the link in the next post (again), because Google+YouTube is actively censoring me, because I call this organization SATANIC and cooperating with the EVIL NSA-CIA-FBI and the satanic American government, which cooperate with the LUCIFERIAN Vatican.
    Hans S
    1:32 PM

    +dagnyatl The Truth behind the Star of David
    Hans S
    1:33 PM

    +dagnyatl GOD is a JEW....FOREVER!


  15. +Helen Martin The JEWS had HIDDEN the NAME of God behind the TETRAGRAMMATON 'YHWH' which means 'I AM, who I AM'.

    The Greek changed the name YESHUA into ié-sous, which became JESUS, in English, which is heavily influenced by French (Jésus Christ).
    This was allowed by God, because (the leadership of) His people had rejected Him as their Messiah=Christ.
    JESUS (YESHUA) means 'I AM SALVATION', so the name of God has been HIDDEN in that name for CENTURIES.

    God is JESUS and He's a JEW, and the ROOT of the olive tree is JESUS too, so every believer in JESUS should realize that he or she has become JEWISH too, JESUS' way, so NOT according to the rabbi's or the Talmud, but EXCLUSIVELY according to the NEW COVENANT, revealed in the NEW TESTAMENT.
    Helen Martin
    8:20 PM

    +Hans S You're right about becoming Jews, but I purposely didn't say it that way, because most Jews, who have not been enlightened, would be offended if I say I'm an adopted Jew.
    Hans S
    8:57 PM

    +Helen Martin
    We have SPIRITUALLY become Jews, because a 'JEW' (should be) is a God-worshiper, and we're talking about the God of Israel, who had revealed Himself in the Old Testament as 'I AM' (the short version), as the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Smoke, as the 'Angel of YHWH (I AM, who I AM)', as Emanuel and more names and capacities, and in the New Testament as JESUS (the) Christ.
    JESUS was being betrayed to the evil Romans by Jews who had not been 'enlightened': who were NOT obedient to God, by recognizing JESUS as their OWN Messiah.
    Jews who are offended by the FACT that God=JESUS has ADOPTED me as His Son are no different than my PAGAN relatives, who aren't yet born again, and who don't accept me as being BORN AGAIN, thanks to the enormous MERCY of God.
    My own dad thought I had become INSANE, but he knows better now, because he died almost 30 years ago when I was 25 and a follower of JESUS since January 15, 1984.
    My mother still lives and she's a non-practicing Catholic, who doesn't understand what I believe, because Roman Catholicism is PAGANISM with a Christian veneer.
    God=JESUS will open the eyes and minds of the REMNANT (one third) of His people when He comes, seven years AFTER the Rapture.

  16. Two third of God's own chosen people won't be interested in Him, and they will perish, together with the rest of the world population who don't love JESUS Christ.

    8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the *LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. 9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God.
    Zechariah 13

    *LORD = YHWH = I AM, who I AM

    In the meantime there (were) are Jews (for Jesus) who already believe(d) in JESUS, and the Body of Christ started with BORN AGAIN JEWS, and ALL the Apostles were (are) JEWS, and this will be commemorated in the New Jerusalem, and also the names of the 12 tribes will forever be commemorated.

    The New Jerusalem is NOT the same as THIS Jerusalem, that will function as the world's CAPITOL for 1000 years during the reign of KING JESUS.

    After this period and after the last rebellion of Satan (Gog & Magog and Gog is a DEMON spirit, subservient to Satan), at the end of the 1000 years, the Final Judgement will start, and when this is done, and even death itself has been cast into the lake of fire=the second and final death=eternal separation from God, the NEW JERUSALEM will come down from the NEW HEAVEN to land on he NEW EARTH, which isn't this 'old earth' because God=JESUS doesn't want to be reminded of all the horrors that took place on THIS earth.

    There we'll have an ETERNAL, HOLY WEDDING FEAST, with JESUS as the BRIDEGROOM and us as His BRIDE, consisting of saved and cleansed (by JESUS' BLOOD) Jews and non-Jews, who have become Jews too, JESUS' way, so according to the New Testament.

  17. +Helen Martin
    I don't want to hurt your feelings, but it's really nonsensical to believe we're already living during the TIME OF TROUBLE FOR JACOB.

    Most 'Christians' are so brainwashed with the misleading term 'tribulation' or 'the great tribulation', that they don't see what it's all about and in conjunction with the prophesy about the 70 'weeks of years' of Daniel 9.

    The 70th 'week' starts immediately after the rapture, lasting SEVEN years.

    Satan and the Jesuits know the Bible much better than most Christians, and they know they'll have to WAIT until the PRE-tribulation-rapture.

    My younger brother is an adherent of Maitreya 'the Christ' and he's VERY OCCULT and he's awaiting the rapture, but from a satanic point of view, though he doesn't see it as satanic but as a case of 'progress', which will happen after these 'nasty believers in JESUS' like me will have VANISHED.

    Satan can't wait until his ENEMIES have left, because the Holy Spirit is JESUS in spiritual capacity, dwelling in the real born again followers of JESUS.
    Please reconsider your stance, because there is no 'mid-trib-rapture', nor a 'post-trib-rapture'.


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