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ISS Space Station hoax yes the iss and pretty much everything else to do with NASA

ISS Space Station hoax yes the iss and pretty much everything else to do with NASA


Bogus Reentry Vehicles (part 1 of 2)

Published on May 3, 2014
Part 1 concerns the International Space Station hoax. Part 2 concerns details of the reentry vehicles and how they would burn up on atmospheric entry. I'll put link to part 2 here when it's done.

All manned space travel is fake. The real reason we don't have a moon base, a floating space dock, and a Jetsons-like future is that we can't even get into low earth orbit.

The International Space Station is a hoax faked with tricks that simulate zero gravity. Some shots are taken in an airplane simulating zero gravity, other scenes are taken with CGI and suspension of the astronauts by wires in front of a blue screen. Space walks are faked in a custom built swimming pool.

When astronauts go to the ISS they actually hide in the astronaut facility Star City Moscow. All manned space programs are run by the government. There are some civilian space agencies, usually run by ex-govt employees, but they don't do much in space. It's a govt-run hoax that started in the Cold War and strangely continues to this day.

These days the Chinese are in on the space hoax too with the Shenzhou reentry vehicle and the fake moon probe Jade Rabbit.

Manned space reentry vehicles would be destroyed by the huge heat of reentry; the pressure; and would be aerodynamically unstable. Even space-going ICBMs are a hoax.
The detached shock wave, which supposedly solved the reentry problems, is a fictional technology of the space race invented by Harvey Allen.

Based on my blog series Space Reentry Vehicles


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Video credits:

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2m16 ATV-4 reentry Loop
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3m13 Japanese spacecraft 'Hayabusa' - spectacular re-entry into Earth's atmosphere (viewed at 39,000')
3m32 Apollo 17 Liftoff from Moon - December 14, 1972
3m41 Neil Armstrong - First Moon Landing 1969
4m40 Apollo 11 - First Moon Landing - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins
4m53 Space Shuttles United -- by Nature Video
5m14 Apollo Moon Hoax - Flag blowing in the wind
5m37 Massive solar flare close up
6m01 Astronaut falls over
6m34 Apollo Reaction Control System (RCS) Jets
6m46 Meteor Crash footage NY
7m01 Live From Space National Geographic
7m21 Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory
7m45 FS2004 Simulated Zero Gravity
8m04 Inside the ISS - Hair Raising Hygiene!
8m37 California Students Query ISS Crew
Waking up, working, and going to sleep in Zero G
Space Station Hosts First Hangout
9m23 Live From Space National Geographic
36m36 China's Space Walk Was FAKE (part 1)
37m15s STS 118 Spacewalk Releasing Water Particles

A few more credits to come

Where is part two?
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  1. Satellites are real, but human space flight is a HOAX

  2. +ShantiUniverse
    I understand you may be confused, but I just recently discovered that even human space flight is a hoax and the 'pictures from Mars' were made on earth, and they were being manipulated in order to make them look 'Martian'.

    It's all a big Vatican NWO-SATANIC JOKE!

    Investigate and follow the links I provided.
    Hans S
    2:26 AM

    Oh, and something else: the earth is NOT spinning and the sun revolves around the earth.
    I discovered this last last.
    The Bible is THE truth!


  3. +Deondre
    Hey, did you know that 'spaceflight' is a big HOAX?

    It's a CRAZY world.
    But we have to establish the fact that God=JESUS allows it to happen.

    Until He says: "ENOUGH!"
    7:48 AM

    +Hans S Lol its not, I debunked that hoax in 5-6 Facts. 
    7:49 AM

    +Hans S If you believe in regarding the moon landing is a hoax, you are wrong. The wires that most conspiracy theorists use as their claim of a fake moon landing, is actually a VHR antenna used to communicate. Also about the stars this is probably the worst piece of "evidence" in favor of a conspiracy.

    There are no stars in the pictures because the exposure times of the cameras were far too short. The stars are simply too faint to show up. This is something that can easily tested back on Earth; set a manual camera for a daylight exposure and take a picture of the night sky. The Moon would show up, but stars wouldn't.

    The astronauts didn't report seeing stars from the surface because their eyes were adjusted to the bright surface of the Moon. In bright light, the iris of the eye contracts to limit the amount of light that goes into the eye. This severely limits the ability of the eye to simultaneously see bright objects - like the lunar surface - and faint objects, like stars. So they couldn't see stars while on the Moon's surface, and for good reason.

    If you don't believe this, wait for a clear night. Go stand under a bright streetlight, and look up. Your eyes will adjust to the brightness of the light and, in doing so, prevent you from seeing stars. The astronauts reported seeing stars when they were away from bright light, especially when on the night side of the Moon.
    7:50 AM

    +Hans S Brother, hold on to your own opinions, and I do to mine. I dont want to cause division with friendship because I truly love you my brother in Christ (; 
    Hans S
    7:53 AM

    Hey, did you know we once were all doing a 'spacewalk'

    Look at this picture:

    JESUS did the same before He was being born. ;-)
    Hans S
    8:05 AM

    Ha ha, no the 'manned' moon landings were a big FAKE coming from the most fake 'country' in the world, the USA, which was a project of the SATANIC VATICAN from the very start.
    The USA is 'DISNEYLAND', and Walt Disney was a PERVERT and a watcher of SNUFF MOVIES and he was a PAEDOPHILE, just like the satanic 'priests' of the EVIL Roman Catholic CULT.

    You call me brother, but we don't KNOW each other and you don't present yourself by your real identity, so how can we be real friends?

    The internet is Satan's realm, and MOST people LIE.

    People lie because they are in fact very vulnerable and AFRAID, because they are NOT GOD, but fallen 'gods'.

    We need JESUS in order to become the beings God wants us to be, and JESUS is God.

    Stop worshipping 'your country of the brave', because almost all American wars were being fought on behalf of the Vatican, which is a Satanic MAFIA organisation of the devil, and the real church of Satan.

    JESUS loves children, and only children will inherit His realm.

    People who are like the devil, will join him in his eternal experience, far away from God and His love and grace.

  4. The Mars missions are a HOAX!
    Hans S
    1:36 AM

    ISS Space Station hoax yes the iss and pretty much everything else to do with NASA

  5. +CockatooDude
    In God's world (and this is God's creation) there IS a clear distinction between good (God) and evil (devil).

    We need JESUS, being God's alter ego in the capacity of a (hu)man, in order to be able to make this distinction.
    So we need the right instructions and information, which can be found in the Bible, and we should read the right Bible, which in English is the KJV.


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