Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meanwhile, Back in the Dystopian Universe of Walid Shoebat

30 September 2014: It has been some time since I felt the need to address the puerile condescension against brethren Christian eschatologists by the faux former terrorist we know as Walid Shoebat, but, alas, once again the dystopian universe according to Walid begs to be viewed with coherent and corrective lenses. In his latest belabored attempt to write an eschatological treatise in the English-language, Walid makes the gratuitous claim to be able to see clearly what all other Christian eschatologists cannot see due to the acute cataractous nature of our eyes.

Atypically, and as with all of Walid's erroneous exposes and eisegetical works, he ignores the fact that the interpretation of Scripture comes quite often to the believer in a number of ways; most often as gifts of the Holy Spirit. For one believer the way of interpretive understanding might be via the gift known as "a word of knowledge (gnosis)" which is the ability to communicate a spiritual truth through the Spirit-guided investigation of God's word. To another believer it might be via the gift of teaching (didaskalos) which is to take a basic truth conveyed in the Lord's prophetic word and explain it in a manner that makes full comprehension by others of the Bride of Christ as simple a matter as a Sunday School lesson. To Walid the LORD God has not bestowed through His Spirit any of  the rest of the Bride of Christ with such gifts as these and other and instead Walid writes as if the Lord has left us with nothing more than an "infected" eye which intimates the end result that only Walid Shoebat holds the true knowledge of all things of an eschatological nature.

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