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English: the language of the Roman Empire-Vatican NWO

Roman Empire
 World Status of the English Language

Landscape and Boulevard and Boss are words from DUTCH origin, but Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French or German didn't become the world language, but English, and mostly due to the important role of the USA after the 'second world war'.

Why is this important to know from a prophetic viewpoint?

Before and after the Flood, ALL people on earth spoke the SAME language, and this led to the SATANIC REBELLION against God, because the people at Babel started to build a huge tower, as symbol of their DEMONIC pride: Genesis 11,1-8

God's answer and 'therapy' was The Babylonian Confusion of Tongues, which generated different peoples and tribes, who were scattered all over the world, while the continents were still partly connected, though they were rapidly drifting apart, as a result of the violent changes that took place on earth during the Flood.

God wanted the people to spread all over the world, but Satan was resisting His plans through the people who were under his control, and because he inspired them to create MYSTERY BABYLON, which is still active through several religions like the Roman Catholic CULT, Islam, which was being concocted by this CULT, Hinduism, to mention the main religions, and these religions will be made ONE during the coming era of the VATICAN NEW WORLD ORDER.

But the Vatican NWO (the hidden Roman Empire) and Satan had one problem throughout the ages: the lack of a real WORLD LANGUAGE.
And so, Satan inspired people to create the BLUEPRINT for the UNITED STATES of the WORLD: the USA!

Most of America was already ROMAN CATHOLIC: Latin America.
And through the Latin and French influence on the original English language it was made possible to use an INDO-GERMANIC language, mixed with many (Latin=ROMAN) French words, in order to create the framework for the future (and now, almost completed) Vatican New World Order.

I'm Dutch and I'm writing this in this world language, and I realise my English is simple, but understandable, or 'comprehensible', to show an example of using a 'French' word instead of the Germanic word 'understandable'.

So now Satan has got his ONE language again, just as in the days of Babel, which enables him through the Vatican NWO to start his FINAL ASSAULT on God, which is the CAPTURE of God's OWN country Israel!

Satan knows that his ENEMY, JESUS, is coming back to JERUSALEM, and he's feverishly trying to make this FUTILE, by taking over control of all of Israel and especially the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

But there's still work to be done for Satan and his followers, because RUSSIAN, CHINESE and other ASIAN languages like INDIAN and also ARABIC are languages which represent POWERS, which are standing in their way, so they have to be NEUTRALIZED or DESTROYED, because the whole world must bow down to the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, which is in fact allmost the case.

THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE is the MAIN Language of the European Union, which is also a project of Satan and the Vatican NWO.

Russia and countries like Iran aren't yet willing to bow down to the Vatican NWO, so they'll have to be destroyed from a Satanic point of view.

NOT as peoples but as major (regional) powers!

There are other countries and peoples too, which don't want to be part of the Vatican NWO, so they'll have to be destroyed or neutralized, from Satan's viewpoint, and God is giving him the ability to do so, because it has all been prophetically planned, and Satan knows this very well!

His most important HENCHMEN on earth are the JESUITS and their JESUIT POPE of ROME, and not to forget 'OBAMA', who is acting on behalf of the Vatican NWO.

So now you know why LANGUAGE is so important, because ONE WORLD LANGUAGE, means ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, because Satan inspires his EVIL followers, who are part of the 'elite', to work in unison in order to achieve HIS goal: WORLD DOMINION and LUCIFER-WORSHIP!


  1. Michael, we also have brothers and sisters in JESUS Christ who talk with this 'accent'.
    But he's not talking with an accent, because he's British and he's speaking the original version.

    English: the language of the Roman Empire-Vatican NWO
    I'm a Dutchman who's TRYING to speak and write in English.
    Hans Steijnhagen

    Watch this great musical about the English language:

  2. +d3 br33c3
    Dear Sister (dierbare zuster, in Dutch, and 'dierbare' is like 'deer baore' and the Dutch word 'deerne' is the same as 'dear' en the 'ee' is being pronounced as in dear), JESUS-God is giving us what we NEED!

    He is our no. 1 teacher!

    I do listen to others, but I always compare it with the teachings of JESUS, my HERO!

    Ik heb je lief (ick hab ya leef) in JEZUS' naam (in JESUS' naom) = I love you in JESUS' name.

    Ik hou van jou is 'I love you' and another more formal way is 'Ik heb je lief' (ik hab ya leef).

    The Dutch say in fact 'I want to keep and hold you, and it hurts me if I have to miss you'.

    Ik heb (ick hab) is I HAVE and 'lief' (leef) is love.

    'Ik hou van jou' is I love you, and the Dutch verb 'houden van' (howden von) is the English verb 'to love'.

    Hou (how) is the same as hold (old Dutch is also 'hold'), so we Dutch want to hold and keep someone or something we love.

    The Dutch word for 'to love' or 'loving' is 'houden van' or liefhebben (leef hab-bun)

    IK HOU VAN JEZUS (ick how von yaysus)

    IK HEB JEZUS LIEF (ick hab yaysus leef)

    This is Dutch for 'I LOVE JESUS'!
    Hans Steijnhagen

    +d3 br33c3
    Brother Chaim looks indeed like a native American, but he's Jewish.
    I love this older brother and in eternity we are all the same 'age'.

  3. +Sheree Garcia
    Let me teach you some Dutch: you don't need it, but it's nice to know.

    Dutch: hand (the a as the o of 'love')

    Dutch: arm

    Dutch: enkel (same pronunciation)

    Dutch: voet (pronounced as voot)

    Dutch: vinger

    Dutch: knie (pronounced as knee: we still pronounce the k)

    Dutch: nek

    Dutch: hart

    Dutch: bloed (oe is like the 'oo' as in 'good')

    Dutch: goed (Hebrew G and oe is oo)

    Dutch: en

    Dutch: lang (almost the same, and the a is as the o of 'love')

    Dutch: man (the a as the o of 'love')

    Dutch: God (the G in this word is like the Hebrew G or Ch and the d sounds like a T and the o is like the o of 'love')

    Dutch: JEZUS (say: Yaysus)

    I love JESUS
    Dutch: Ik hou van JEZUS (say: Ick how von Yaysus)

    Literally translated: I hold of JESUS, meaning: I want to HOLD/KEEP JESUS

    Old Dutch is also 'hold' and there are still Dutch who say 'hold' or 'holt' instead of 'hou' (how)

    Btw: hoe (say: who) is Dutch for HOW (long=hoe lang)

    The Lord JESUS be with us!

    De Heer JEZUS zij met ons!

    (the here Yaysus zy met once)

    English: the language of the Roman Empire-Vatican NWO

  4. +jesushealsmohamdidnt
    I listen to spoken and sung English most of the time and I only have problems with 'difficult' words that derive from French
    , because old English used to be not much different from Dutch and German, but the ruling 'elite' started to use many French words in the past in England, and they wanted to let the 'plebs' know they were DUMB, but French is JUST another language, and to French speakers it's not difficult at all, but it's a LATIN language and in that sense a lot different from Germanic, like Dutch/Flemish , German, Danish, Swedish, Frisian, Scottish and old English.
    During the time of the French influence on the English language, the LATIN Roman Catholic church was very powerful in Britain, and this is also a reason the English language permanently changed into a strange mixture of Germanic and Latin.
    But because of this the English language became the world's dominant language, and here's an article I made about it on my site: English: the language of the Roman Empire-Vatican NWO

    Thanks for the link and the Lord JESUS is with us!

  5. +maggy mayfield
    This is what I believe: God=JESUS created ALL languages through the Babylonian confusion of tongues.

    Before this, all people spoke ONE language, And God confused human speech so that humanity could no longer UNITE in EVIL again.

    In our time we see that Satan is UNITING the world AGAIN through ONE language: English!
    English: the language of the Roman Empire-Vatican NWO
    English is a mixture of Germanic and Latin, and Satan used HIS EVIL Roman Empire to invade Britain through Caesar (Emperor) Claudius:
    From then on the language of the Germanic tribes in Britain started to change, and later even more so due to the French (Latin language) invasions of Britain:
    Even the Dutch had influence on the English language: did you know that 'Boss' (Baas in Dutch) and 'Boulevard' are Dutch words?
    Boulevard is one of the few words adopted by the French from Dutch and due to the French influence on English it became an 'English' word...funny , huh?

    My point is this: God the Lord JESUS created ALL different languages and He created our incredibly sophisticated BRAIN.
    I believe our brain is capable of translating every spoken language in a split second and especially under PERFECT circumstances like in heaven and on the New Earth.

    So I believe we will all retain our OWN language and everyone else will be able to understand us and communicate with us in their OWN language, and we will be able to understand them PERFECTLY.

    So I believe that I will be able to understand a Chinese brother or sister in heaven with EASE!
    And he or she will understand my (Dutch) language, so I don't have to talk Chinese.

    So this means (if I'm right) that JESUS will talk to us in His OWN language, which is Aramaic and we'll have NO PROBLEM to understand Him!
    And we can talk to Him in our OWN language, and OF COURSE He'll understand, because He is the creator of ALL languages.

    I believe that JESUS=GOD LOVES all the different languages!

    I also believe that JESUS=GOD LOVES all our different SKIN colors!

    He's NOT going to change that too!

    We will all be like the ANGELS, but we'll retain our HUMAN properties, like our MALE and FEMALE identities, even though sexuality will be a thing of the past in heaven and on the New Earth.

    We will LOVE each other there with a LOVE that we don't yet understand: it will be MUCH BETTER than anything we know!

    Greetings from your future fellow ANGEL Hans....oh and we will ALL receive from God-the Lord JESUS a NEW NAME, and JESUS Himself will have a NEW NAME too!

    Revelation 2:17 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    Let him that hath an ear, hear what the spirit saith unto the Churches. To him that overcometh, will I give to eat of the Manna that is hid, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth, saving he that receiveth it.

    Revelation 3:12 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    Him that overcometh, will I make a pillar in the Temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the Name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is the new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God, and I will write upon him my new Name.


    Hans S
    Shared publicly - Yesterday 1:51 PM

    PARTY TIME!!! Yeshua Hamashiach - Jesus Is Lord - Majesty
    Yeshua Hamashiach - Jesus Is Lord - Majesty
    Hans S's profile photomaggy mayfield's profile photo
    Hans S
    Yesterday 4:13 PM

    +maggy mayfield I'm glad you like it!
    Our Lord JESUS is a JEW...FOREVER!
    maggy mayfield
    Yesterday 7:54 PM

    +Hans S yes he is and regardless if people like it or not Hebrew is spoken in Heaven <3

    1. +maggy mayfield
      And currently other languages RESIST, like RUSSIAN and CHINESE!

      The evil Vatican wants to ELIMINATE the POWER of these languages, so that the world can UNITE under ONE language!
      That's the whole reason why the USA was the VATICAN!
      The Papal Colonization of America
      From the onset the Vatican=the EVIL Roman Empire claimed ALL America's (north, central and south) for its own EVIL purposes!
      It used the immigrants as instrument to achieve this goal.
      The problem was at first with the PROTESTANTS who went to north America, but in our days they have been NEUTRALIZED....and they're celebrating the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHRIST-MASS...

      But we RESIST on behalf of JESUS!


      maggy mayfield
      5:23 AM

      +Hans S wow I'm still reading but I agree with you on the English thing it makes sense that , that would have been the Babylonian language

  6. I can no English understand - Ik kan geen Engels verstaan!

    The above is in Dutch grammar and I said 'I can't understand English'

    1. The Paus spreekt vloeibaar Engels! The Pope speaks liquefied English!


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