Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Isaiah and Ezekiel Confirm Israel's Total Victory Over Psalm 83 Enemies

18 November 2014: It was a rough day in Israel today. A very bloody day. Muslim savages launched a terror attack in a Jerusalem synagogue that was nothing less than wholesale butchery of Jew's who were worshiping YHWH. And the PA government leaders and the Muslim people all around the region celebrated this wanton act of barbarism. A week ago I briefly reiterated the warning circulating that something like this was being urgently warned about in Israel by the IDF.

Today would have borne witness to even larger terrorist atrocity, but the Muslim terrorist at the HaHagana Tel Aviv train station with a Carl Gustav sub-machine gun in his possession was interdicted by Israeli law enforcement almost certainly just in the nick of time. The HaHagana train station is where an IDF soldier was butchered by an illegal alien Muslim savage just a week ago.



  1. Brother, the HAMAS-DEMONS deliberately wanted Israel to kill as many Palestinian civilians as possible, in order to incite hatred toward the Jews.
    The Nazis did the same in my country during the war when they aimed their V-2 missiles at London from within the city of The Hague, and then the British bombers came, trying to destroy the missile launch-sites, which was hard, because they were mobile, and as a consequence a lot of Dutch civilians died during these bombing raids, and then the Nazi propaganda tried to make the Dutch hate the British, but despite these victims the Dutch people remained supportive of the British and the satanic Nazis failed.

    The self-inflicted massacre at Shijaiyah


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