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Published on Nov 10, 2014
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Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner, but I believe that you died upon the cross for me. I believe that you shed your blood for the forgiveness of my sin. And I believe that on the third day you rose from the dead and went to Heaven to prepare a place for me. I accept you now as my Saviour, my Lord, my friend. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and set me free from my sin. And because you are my Saviour, I shall not die but have everlasting life, AMEN!

Be RAPTURE READY and READ and STUDY the gospel of GRACE for the members of the Body of Christ by the Apostle Paul, on behalf of the Lord JESUS:

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between the gospel of the Kingdom for the Jews and our Gospel of Grace for the members of the Body of Christ: Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel

This is a recommended teaching: How to Get Saved

And this too: Jesus vs Paul - a VERY IMPORTANT message!

This is an important teaching concerning the RAPTURE:
More on this subject:

Remember this: the FOUR Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are in the first place meant for the JEWS, God's CHOSEN PEOPLE (the ELECT) and that the NEW COVENANT started with the DEATH and RESURRECTION of the Lord JESUS, and that the GOSPEL of GRACE is the MYSTERY that was revealed to us by the Apostle Paul, on behalf of the Lord JESUS.

IS JESUS "GOD?" - In 5 Minutes - the matter is SETTLED - Indisputable!

Who is the Holy Spirit, and Why Did God Send Him?

We ALL deserve to be cast into the lake of fire and NO ONE is BETTER or WORSE than somebody else and ONLY JESUS is RIGHTEOUS and GOOD and FULL of LOVE and COMFORT, because He is God, manifested in the flesh, who gave HIs life for YOU and me on the cross, so be sure and GRATEFUL that the lyrics of this song won't be referring to YOU,  now that you have been saved:


I'm a satanic criminal, and I deserve to be tortured in hell
I'm a satanic criminal, because I listened to the devil's bell

And now I'm burning in the lake of fire
My sins and transgressions make the flames go higher
I proclaim forever that JESUS is Lord
The pain is forcing me and now I'm bored

Satan means 'adversay' (of God-the Lord JESUS).
No end in sight of this awful fate

Because I didn't want to listen and now it's too late


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  1. +James
    This 'fucking dimwit' created you
    and He died for you on the cross and He knows you better than you know yourself...much better than your parents. Have some fun: Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut - Hanss Vocal Cover

  2. +michael wilding
    I'm an EX-atheist: an EX-God-DENIER!

    I didn't want to believe in deities or the God of the Bible: I was my OWN 'god'!

    So, I am proof of the existence of God, because ONLY God (of the Bible) was able to convince me!

    And believe it or not; JESUS is GOD!

  3. +Travis Davies
    Start laughing:

  4. +Zwerchig
    Your choice. But you remain lost without JESUS Christ.

    He loves you, and Satan hates you.

  5. +Gjert Myrestrand
    God is JESUS and He's the beginning and the end:

    Revelation 1:11 Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last
    17 And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last:
    18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

    He's our creator, whether you like it or not.

    In case you still don't get it: God(JESUS) is from eternity to eternity, and (of course) without having been created Himself.

  6. +gankstaswag
    Do you realise how stereotypical satanic you are by calling people you've never met 'dipshits'?

    This means you're a SATANIC CRIMINAL, who deserves to be punished by God in the lake of fire, because you are so very PROUD, just like Satan.

    Be wise and repent and believe that it was necessary that God, through JESUS Christ had to die for us all on the cross, because He LOVES us and because He wants to SAVE us.....unless you don't mind going to hell.

  7. +gankstaswag
    GOD is threatening you to cast you into HIS!!!! lake of fire..BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT, and He's got the POWER and you're POWERLESS against Him!

    But he wants to SAVE you from this HORRIFIC FATE through His ALTER EGO, JESUS Christ, because He wants to LOVE you!

    Take it or leave it!

  8. +gankstaswag You don't know the Word of God, because it's a CODED book, and it can ONLY be understood by BORN AGAIN, Holy Spirit annointed people like me.

    JESUS is the God of the old testament and the new testament, but in the old testament His REAL IDENTITY was not yet revealed.

    The new testament reveals the TRUE identity of God: JESUS CHRIST, who SEEMED to be a LOSER, but who's the ULTIMATE WINNER, and He's coming back to WAGE WAR against His enemies and He'll DESTROY them all, and later He will cast all of His enemies into the lake of fire, and they MUST proclaim FOREVER that JESUS is LORD=the BOSS.

    One can meet JESUS-God in two ways: as one's BEST FRIEND or as one's WORST NIGHTMARE!

  9. +gankstaswag "I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I." (John 14:28)"
    This is what JESUS said while He was a MORTAL like you and me, though without sin, but He also said this:

    John 14:8 Philip said to Him, "Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us." 9 Jesus said to him, "Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say, 'Show us the Father '? 10 "Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on My own initiative, but the Father abiding in Me does His works.…

    Learn more: IS JESUS "GOD?" - In 5 Minutes - the matter is SETTLED - Indisputable!

  10. +Boris B
    And what is a girl or a woMAN?
    : a vagina-human with a womb, breasts that can produce milk, if pregnant, and (usually) without facial hair and body hair like penis-humans, more rounded shapes, and usually with a higher voice than humans with a penis, and on average shorter and less muscular than penis-humans.

    Now, did evolution produce vagina-humans, given the principle of the survival of the fittest and the strongest, or did a devine intelligence come up with the concept of vagina-womb-MEN and offspring=very vulnerable babies?

    Did evolution produce LOVE?

  11. +kenjiro kaneshige
    You don't have to believe in anything, and it's not forbidden to be lost forever,
    but in case you want to exist in happiness, together with many other happy people in a wonderful new world, and being imperishable, than you'll need the creator of existence and His name is JESUS, aka GOD.
    In case you reject Him, than you'll also exist eternally, but being very unhappy and bored and lonely, and feeling bad and punished about your own wrong choice.

  12. +Zwerchig
    I share this 'little special world' with millions of fellow believers in God-JESUS Christ-de Bible-creation, WORLD WIDE!

    You believe in the fairy tale of the non-existence of God or deities in general.

    I understand, because I'm an ex-atheist, and I used to believe there are no deities, fairies or ghosts or paranormal phenomena, but after I had discovered that the occult is real, I could no longer deny there's more between heaven and earth, though I still refused to believe in God.

    God used all kinds of influences, experiences and knowledge in order to make me reconsider my stance, and eventually He was able to convince me of His existence, and that the God of the Bible is the only and right God, which also meant that I had to accept JESUS Christ, which still took some time, because the devil wouldn't let me go.

    When I finally surrendered I knew had escaped the most awful fate imaginable: HELL, which is God's wrath, though at that time I didn't yet know it, because I still had so much to learn.

    It's now almost 31 years later, and I'm still learning, but I know so much more than back then.

    My former belief in evolution seems to be something from the distant past, and nowadays I increasingly realise how unscientific it is compared to my current knowledge.

    Just last year I finally accepted the fact that the earth doesn't spin, and that the sun revolves around the earth!

    When I discovered it, I laughed of relief: another lie (heliocentrism) had been taken away from my mind, and I realised that the Bible is also right about this fact, because God (=JESUS) created the earth BEFORE everything else, which means that the 'Big Bang' is nonsense.

    God doesn't need a 'Big Bang' in order to create the universe!

    God doesn't need 'evolution' in order to create life on earth!

    I also belief that Earth is the only celestial body that contains life so we don't have to search for other forms of existence in the universe.

    God created the earth, and subsequently all the other celestial bodies in service to this world, which I no longer call a 'planet', because Earth is our HOME and not just a planet.

  13. It's easy calling me a nut, and I could call you a talking turd, or I could ignore you, as if you're only air.

    But you're a fellow human being, hiding behind a false identity on the internet.

    Yes, the earth doesn't spin and the sun revolves around the earth.

    Most of my life I have been deceived concerning this fact, and I'm glad I'm knowing better now.

    My job as an ambassador of Christ JESUS-God, is NOT to prove anything, except my love for people like you, who are in danger of ending up in God's garbage can, the lake of fire.

    My job is not to start a debate, but to inform.

    This is the most important information you'll ever hear: God loves you through His alter ego, JESUS Christ, and on the one hand He can't stand your sinful personality, and on the other hand He wants to save you, and He bore (y)our punishment on the cross.

    JESUS loves you, but His adversary Satan despises you and he wants you to rot with him in hell.

    JESUS-God wants to give you eternal happiness and beauty and love and His wisdom and knowledge, being your potential Father and best friend.

    You're free to refuse this offer of grace, but you're not free to escape punishment, so the choice is freedom and love and happiness, or eternal punishment, because all humans are made in order to exist forever, just like the angels.

  14. +TheHigherVoltage You are your own god, and the only one who's judging you is your 'me, myself and I'.

    I used to think like you, so I understand.

    But God showed me that only He is the judge.

    You don't believe in the existence of (a) God.

    I pray for you: "Dear Father, show 'TheHigherVoltage' that you exist, because I'm your Son, and I'm asking you this in JESUS' name. Thank you dear God, and over and out".

    I leave you up to God: He loves you and He created you.

    You are HIS responsibility!

  15. +Zwerchig
    My dear Zwerchig: JESUS is God!

    Get to know this very KIND and LOVING person: The Jesus Movie 1979 Full

  16. +TheHigherVoltage
    He made you and He made it possible to go against Him: free will.

    You talk like a robot who has been re-programmed by a satanic person who hates his own maker.
    This person is THE DEVIL.
    He's in full control of you.

  17. +kenjiro kaneshige
    You say that people who believe in God are crazy and insane.

    You may try to repeat that forever in the lake of fire (God's wrath), but He won't let you, because there you will be forced to proclaim that JESUS is Lord and nothing else, and your knees will bow, and you're not going to like it.

    JESUS Christ gave His servants the assignment to tell others about His salvation, and this also means they have to tell them from what He wants to save them: GOD'S eternal WRATH, and JESUS and God are ONE.

    Meet God-JESUS as your best friend or as your worse nightmare.

    He offers you His grace, but if you choose to reject it, He will cast you into His garbage can.

    But He's giving you the freedom to go against Him.

    But it's not without consequences.

  18. +Moe Munny
    Good idea, and no one is stopping you!

    But don't select a college where they teach the very unscientific doctrine of heliocentrism, as every sane person knows that the earth is the centre of the universe and that it's not spinning, and beware of a college where they teach the occult doctrine of evolution, as if some cosmic explosion plus time and coincidence could have generated the laptop on which I'm typing these words.

    Please do not believe in God-JESUS-the Bible-creation, heaven and hell, and don't surrender to JESUS, because the result will be eternal happiness and a feeling of love and satisfaction and fulfillment which surpasses anything pleasant known to man.

    I mean: it's much nicer to be cast into the lake of fire and to be bored forevermore by having to proclaim that JESUS is Lord, while being roasted in the flames of the lake of fire, in total isolation from others, though you will be there with many and you will hear them scream in agony.
    Hell is swell, so to speak!
    The place to be for the real intelligent masochist! NOT FOR CHRISTIANS

  19. +Zwerchig
    If you wouldn't have originated in the womb of your mother, you would have been a real atheist!

    The unborn are wiser than you.
    Deep Purple - Ultimate Fools

  20. +Zwerchig
    When I'm signed out I can't read my PUBLIC new comments on my OWN thread!
    Google+ is actively censoring me, that's obvious....

    But here are my latest comments:

  21. +Zwerchig
    You're obviously not informed.

    Google cooperates with the NSA/CIA/FBI, which were being founded with the aid of German NAZIS after WW2, on behalf of the SATANIC Vatican.
    Hans S
    6:16 AM

    +Moe Munny
    Simple barbarian.
    Hans S
    6:16 AM

    +Moe Munny
    Fuel for the lake of fire, unless you repent.

  22. +Moe Munny
    THANKS! And God is the creator of excrement
    , and JESUS is God and He loves you, but Satan likes to shit on you.

  23. +Moe Munny
    Maybe this is interesting to you

  24. +kenjiro kaneshige
    God is the creator of sexuality, which activity you call 'fuck'.

    Animals fuck, but humans are supposed to have sexual intercourse, when they're (exclusively) a married man and a woman.

    The human penis has been created to penetrate the human vagina, in order to procreate and in order to enhance the pair bond between the spouses.

    Any other type of 'sex' is a form of MASTURBATION with the use of someone else's body, or bodies, when they're really perverted.

    The word PERVERSE means unnatural/against nature/contrary to nature.

    Use your penis and vagina wisely!

  25. +sfg911
    You clearly don't know God, because He's JESUS.

    He died for us on the cross in order to bear our sins and in order to undergo our punishment, because He loves us so much, because otherwise He has to cast us into His garbage can, the lake of fire, because He can't stand sin.
    But He loves sinners like you and me, and we only have to believe it was necessary He sacrificed Himself for us and to be grateful.
    After this He's helping us to repent, but repentance alone won't save us from God's wrath: we have to BELIEVE that His sacrifice and His BLOOD was enough and sufficient.
    We can never earn His love and acceptance, because God's GRACE is a GIFT.

    Your ideas about JESUS and His teachings have been tainted by the teachings of the COUNTERFEIT Roman Catholic CULT, which have NOTHING to do with the teachings of JESUS Christ.

    Evolution is an ILLUSION and it does NOT exist.
    The earth doesn't spin and the sun revolves around the earth.
    There were no men on the moon and there are many more NASA-LIES on behalf of the SATANIC Vatican.

  26. +kenjiro kaneshige
    Listen, pumpkin
    , you don't want to be saved, so why should I waste my time on you any longer?

  27. +sfg911
    Advancements in knowledge?

    Don't make me laugh!

    You dare to say something about a book you don't know ANYTHING about.

    The Bible is a CODED book and totally incomprehensible to people who refuse to believe in their own creator!

  28. +kenjiro kaneshige FOR ATHEISTS AND OTHER FOOLS

  29. +sfg911
    The Bible is the WORD of God.

    JESUS is the WORD of God.
    I know JESUS and He knows me, and you don't know Him....yet.

    The Bible is an ABNORMAL book.

    You need FAITH in order to be able to understand it.

  30. +sfg911 God gave you the ability to think and to reason with your two hemispheres in your head.
    He gave you your senses, in order to be able to explore this dimension.

    One needs an EXTRA sense in order to be able to sense God's dimension, and that's FAITH.

    Only God can give someone this divine faith, in case He establishes this person is searching for Him.

    When I was an atheist and a believer in evolution, God didn't give me the gift of faith, but when I increasingly started to doubt evolution, and started to discover supernatural phenomena, and when I started to think about black holes in the universe and the miracle of life in its beginning, because we're all ex-embryos, I became increasingly convinced of the POSSIBILITY of the existence of a creator.

  31. +sfg911
    This is the Biblical definition of faith: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

    I'm a former atheist and I believed ALL religions were BULLSHIT.

    I thought all religious people were NUTS!

    But guess what?

    I was the greatest NUT of all, because God HIMSELF convinced me of His existence.

    This is something which is IMPOSSIBLE to explain to unbelievers, and even I wouldn't have believed it that this would happen to me, during my proud and arrogant atheist days!

    I really didn't need God or any kind of deity, fairy or ghost in a bottle!

    This is how God for the first time made me susceptible for His presence:

    The KJV 1611 is among the best Bible translations in English, because it's based on the reliable manuscripts from Antioch.

    The unreliable Bibles derive from Alexandria, among which the Roman Catholic 'bible'.

  32. +sfg911
    Listen: when I say it's impossible to communicate to unbelievers like you what God has told me when He saved me from going to HIS hell, it's the truth, because I say so, and when you keep calling it a 'schizophrenic' experience, then you're talking in terms of MORONS who will FRY in the lake of fire, just like you.

    You don't want to know you're a CRIMINAL in God's eyes and that He's got every reason and right to cast you into HIS garbage can, the lake of fire in order to FORCE you to proclaim that HE IS LORD.

    Satan inside of you is unable to outsmart me, because I just IGNORE you from now on, because you REFUSE to listen to reason.

    And something else: I agree with jamgrl38 about the MIRACLE of DNA/RNA:

    SUICIDAL IDIOTS believe in 'evolution'!

    Rejecting JESUS Christ is WORSE than committing suicide!

  33. +TheHigherVoltage
    , and you will be judged and CONDEMNED and BURN FOREVER in the lake of fire, unless you repent from your sins and accept JESUS Christ as your LORD!

  34. +TheHigherVoltage
    We're all SLOWLY dying, and death is in fact a LIBERATION.
    This world and dimension is SATANIC and full of SIN, and God Himself has CURSED this existence.

    That's the PATHETIC thing about people like you, because you're contemplating the effects of this CURSE and you're unable (yet) to see the MIRACLE, which is YOU!

    YOU are the MIRACLE, but you choose to be ungrateful and to live with ANGER in your heart toward your maker.

    So you decide to DENY Him and to BELIEVE in a LIE, called 'evolution'.

  35. +sfg911 Yes, all animals were KIND and MEEK before the Fall!
    There are NO 'innocent' people!

    ALL people are CRIMINALS in God's HOLY eyes!

    We all DESERVE to ROT in HELL forever!

    When babies are being born they sound like they're already in hell!

    I case babies would have been born in Paradise, it would have sounded much different, and giving birth would have been a piece of cake!

    When God destroyed humanity by means of the Flood, He DROWNED about SIX BILLION people; babies, children and old people included...except Noah and his family!


    Because they were EVIL!

    JESUS has said that when He returns the people will be as it was in the days of Noah, and I see it all around me!

    JESUS is the ONLY way!

    You can meet Him as your BEST friend or as your WORST nightmare!

  36. +AB17s
    You are evil, and because God is so good He's giving you a chance to be saved from HIS wrath through His alter ego, JESUS Christ.

    ALL people are CRIMINALS in God's eyes!

  37. +sfg911
    God can do anything and He can turn a meek, vegetarian animal, we now know as a lion, into a PREDATOR.

    Before the Fall there were no thorns and thistles.

    In fact God says the following: you have chosen AGAINST me and FOR Satan (=adversary), so Satanism and EVIL you'll get!

    But those who are longing for redemption are being shown a way out: JESUS Christ, God in the capacity of Saviour.

    Do you want redemption, or do you want to perish?

  38. +sfg911 Adam and Eve were VERY intelligent and they knew that disobedience to God would have consequences.

    You don't realise that people are meant to be like the angels and that in fact our FALLEN state is giving God the possibility to be our Saviour, because God is UNABLE to save fallen angels, because they are spiritual and supernatural beings, but humans have become like the animals, because of God's curse, and God CAN save animals, and that's why JESUS died as the innocent and immaculate LAMB of God.

  39. +sfg911
    Yes, YOU are the problem!

    You HATE God, because you don't want to be held accountable for your CRIMES=SINS by Him.

    You love to attack His ambassadors, like me, but I advice you to fight it out with God Himself.

    So, this may be a 'prayer' for you: Ian Gillan - Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)

    This is NOT the Biblical JESUS, but a human interpretation of Him, and all humans are sinners=transgressors of His commandments.


  40. +sfg911
    You're clearly insane, like all atheists are.

    Take for example this question:

    "How can people be like animals when animals were better than people before the fall?.... as you claim"

    I've never said that animals were better than people before the Fall.

    God created the animals in order to FOOL the angel who would later become Satan.

    What are animals?

    Biological robots who have a free will which is limited by their (lack of) intellect and instinct, which is a program, designed by God.

    Angels are spiritual beings who aren't limited by a physical body, so they don't have to eat, drink and sleep etc.and they are very intelligent.

    Intelligence is NOT the same as wisdom, because wisdom is knowledge combined with LOVE and Justice (righteousness).

    Adam and Eve were created with PHYSICAL bodies, unlike the angels, so they had to eat, drink and sleep etc.

    In this sense people and animals are similar beings.

    But Adam and Eve (and humans in general) were created with the aim that they eventually would be 'upgraded' to angelic beings.

    But first they had to be tested, and so God put the tree of (HIS) knowledge of good and evil, next to the REWARD; the tree of Life, which is in fact God HIMSELF, because God is the Life-giver and JESUS is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and He is the Creator.

    It was a VERY simple test of OBEDIENCE.

    They failed, and the rest is history.

    Why did they fail?

    Because they believed the LIE of the fallen angel Morning Star that disobedience to God would give them the ability to be 'god' themselves.

    There in Paradise this angel, this Cherub, decided to go AGAINST his maker by making Eve his first human follower!

    He knew that through her he would be able to lure Adam too into SIN=disobedience, and his MOTIVE was ENVY!

    He envied Adam and Eve, because they were God's favourites and NOT he, being the MOST beautiful and MOST gifted of all angels.

    He couldn't stand the thought that these two 'inferior creatures' were the rulers of the Earth, and that he had to SERVE them.

    There and then he became SATAN=adversary, because he wanted to rule the world and he also envied Adam and Eve's ability to procreate: SEX!

    It's very obvious that MOST sins are SEXUALLY related, and that's because of Satan and his demons, because they HATE the human ability to be able to be LIKE the ANIMALS and have SEX.

    They know that SEX is a very special GIFT and that it's a UNIQUE human activity within MARRIAGE between a MAN and a WOMAN.

    And that's why Satan and his fellow fallen angels try very hard (and with 'success') to CORRUPT this SPECIAL Gift.

    But God had a plan: He would become a HUMAN Himself through JESUS Christ in order to be able to rescue His favourite creatures, by dying in THEIR place on the cross and by shedding HIS BLOOD for the remission of sins.

    So He had to be born from a Jewish VIRGIN who was of the tribe of Judah and from the lineage of King David.

    He died like a sinless animal: a LAMB.

    He's the ONLY one who can save us from His OWN WRATH!

    If we reject this sacrifice, which was done on OUR behalf, we are DOOMED forever, and rightly so!

    You are too proud to be able to admit you're a sinner in God's eyes, so you will be punished forever, and you must proclaim that JESUS is Lord for being such a SATANIC CRIMINAL!


    You may have 'the last word', but giving you NO answer is an answer too!

  41. +sfg911
    Satan is a very intelligent, but UNWISE PSYCHOPATH! He's ULTRA EVIL!

    God is ULTRA intelligent, ULTRA WISE and ULTRA righteous and ULTRA GOOD and LOVING: JESUS Christ!

    JESUS only did GOOD deeds and His 'reward' was torture and the cross and death, on behalf of His enemy Satan, through the hands of Roman soldiers and on behalf of the Roman Empire.

    The current Roman Empire is the Vatican, which (often secretly) rules over all the kingdoms and systems of this world.

    JESUS is coming back to Israel and JERUSALEM in order to destroy this satanic system.

    The Pope is the ANTICHRIST


  42. +allgoo19 Ebola Virus - MAN MADE !
    Hans S
    9:58 PM

    Yes, I'm still a baby, because I'm nearly 55 years young.

    That's NOTHING compared to eternity.

  43. +sfg911
    Ever heard of the Holy Spirit?
    The Holy Spirit is JESUS in spiritual capacity.

  44. +sfg911
    What's your problem?

    You talk about God, Jesus, Satan as if you know much about it.
    Are you a former believer in God-JESUS-the Bible?

  45. +sfg911
    You're in BIG trouble, because your proud mind has blinded you to the truth, and Satan has made you think that God is evil, instead of him.

    God is LOVE, personified through the life, the words and deeds of JESUS Christ, who's God in human capacity.

    EVERY human life being will be compared to His life, and at the Final Judgement God has every right to condemn angels and human beings He doesn't want in His Kingdom of Heaven, and to cast them into the lake of eternal fire.

    Your problem is that you don't like this 'deal', because Satan has made you think you are in control of your own destiny, and that you don't need JESUS, but that's a BIG FAT LIE.

    Satan is the initiator of the theory of evolution, and it's NOT based on science but it's a BELIEF.

    During the years I believed in this lie, it made me increasingly CYNICAL and SATANIC!

  46. +sfg911
    The FEAR of the LORD is the beginning of WISDOM

    God can KILL us all in an INSTANT!

    It's GRACE that He hasn't yet ended your life so that you're still able to SURRENDER.

    But you're free to reject His offer of MERCY, but then you'll be FORCED to proclaim that JESUS is Lord in the lake of fire.
    7:41 PM

    +Hans S You JUST claimed your god is love and now you describe FEAR.

    I've said plenty already and your inability to answer speaks volumes.

    Your EGO and your FEAR prevent you from seeing the obvious truth.
    Hans S
    7:48 PM

    Yes, my God loves you, because He wants to save you from HIS wrath, through His alter ego, JESUS Christ.

    God is the creator of FEAR, because this emotion functions as a WARNING SYSTEM.

    You're in DANGER and you don't want to know!

    Your problem is that you think you can outsmart God, but He sets the rules and not you, or us humans in general.

  47. +lunar lies
    I'm an ex-atheist and I'm not talking about religion, but about a relationship with our creator.

    I didn't ask to be saved, but yet this creator wanted to save me.
    More about me:

  48. +sfg911
    I said end of discussion, and here it ends for me
    , but I'm glad you mentioned jamgrl38, because she and I agree on God-JESUS-the Bible-creation-God's righteousness, mercy, and love, and indeed, God gave us 'big egos' in order to be able to WARN people like you.

    You have been informed and you have been warned (first by jamgrl38 and now by me), and the rest is up to you.

    JESUS loves you and Satan hates you.

  49. +sfg911 You're a liar because you say I follow Satan.
    Is this answering your question?

    jamgrl38 and I just decide what we want to answer and what not.
    Giving no response is an answer too.

    Now, be a HAPPY atheist (God-denier) and enjoy your life, okay?

  50. +sfg911
    And are you happy now, being what you are; a God-denier who likes to attack believers in JESUS Christ, who are telling him he's lost without His grace?

    I'm a happy JESUS-follower who likes to warn people about the coming wrath of God and how to escape it: by surrendering to JESUS Christ.

    Re-read Genesis 6 and realise that God doesn't make empty threats:

  51. +sfg911
    So you know the thoughts of Satan?

    Well, I'm aware of his way of thinking and he's totally insane...just like you!

    Bub bye!

  52. +sfg911
    Here's something to investigate.

    You remind me of someone:

  53. +sfg911 I confronted your insanity with the insanity of a person I met last year on YouTube: jamgrl38/Nyx the witch.

    God-JESUS can HEAL her and you too.

    JESUS is LOVE!

    Calling Him evil is condemning yourself to a place where you belong, and this THERAPY will be ETERNAL without escape.

    Be it in heaven or in hell!

  54. +Crux Driven Yes, I know about him, but not all agree:
    Hans S
    5:29 PM

    +Crux Driven I only have ONE HERO: JESUS Christ


  55. +sfg911
    Oh my.....just ASK God to show Himself to you and when you ask it in FAITH, He'll do it, one way or the other.

    In fact He's waiting for you to ASK Him to come into your life, because He LOVES you, but He's not forcing Himself on you.

    Listen! I am standing and knocking at your door. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and we will eat together.

  56. +sfg911
    He's going to show Himself to ALL people at JESUS 2nd coming, but then it will be too late to make a choice for Him, except for the remnant of His chosen people, the Jews, because He's coming in JUDGEMENT and to rule as King of kings and Lord of lords for a 1000 years.

    So, that's why He made it possible to meet Him in spirit, and on a personal level, according to His teachings in the four gospels, and based on His LOVE and GRACE.

  57. +TheHigherVoltage
    Yes, Christianity is bullshit, I agree.
    But I'm not talking about religion, but about KNOWING our maker and to have a relationship with Him.

    Miraculous healings exist. but in the end even believers in JESUS die.
    But that's not the problem, because before I was a believer I believed one would simply cease to exist, but that's not true.
    There's a spiritual dimension and we're living right within it, and it's God's dimension and Satan's.

    We're existing between heaven and hell, in this dimension.

    Satan wants us all to remain unbelievers or to believe in anything, except JESUS Christ, and God wants us to believe in His Son, His alter ego, who lived among us, and who died for our sins, and who rose from the dead.

    Our worst illness is SIN: the urge to disobey God and His GOOD and HEALTHY commandments, for the benefit of all.

    Satan wants us to be proud and selfish and God wants us to be humble and loving and caring toward others.

    Let JESUS be your HEALER and follow a PERSON and not a set of rules, or a religion.

    I listen to nobody, but JESUS, because everyone's a sinner, including myself, but then JESUS is without sin and without flaws and yet He loves me and He accepts me, though He doesn't accept sin, but instead of condemning me, He helps me to stop doing things which are wrong, like a good coach and a father, and a good friend, and He encourages me to do good things and to have good thoughts, based on His teachings.

  58. +sfg911 You're only askings questions in order to mock God-JESUS and me, so let's call it a day, okay?

    You know what to do: invite God-JESUS into your life, when you're really interested..or when you think He's a bastard....then don't.
    And then I've told you what this 'bastard' will do to you on Judgement day...

  59. +sfg911 SATAN EXISTS! And you're proof of that!
    Your a human devil who's calling me a Satan boy, just because you know you're completely lost without JESUS Christ.

    You can't win from God-JESUS, so you've decided to attack His beloved instead.

    Too bad for you, but God is my Father, and He's telling you now through me to shut up in JESUS' name!


    Yesterday 8:28 PM

    That's all Satan boy has for a response? A baseless insult?

    Well... I can't really expect more from someone that has absolutely nothing to back up their lunacy... not even a rational argument.

    All you have is a BELIEF that your invisible friend is good and not evil.... a BELIEF I have clearly shown to be false. You follow a myth of evil against all logic and reason.... because you are too embarrassed to admit you've been fooled. No god will reward you for ignorantly following injustice and worshiping evil ideas.

    You can waste the rest of your life propagating hate and ignorance or you can admit you made a mistake and start to learn about a real god. A god that does not contradict reality... a god that loves unconditionally, not hate and punish. 

  60. +sepiasiren This may be so, but jamgrl38 is a believer in God-JESUS Christ-creation, and she's right about evolution, because evolution doesn't exist.
    You don't seem te be saved, so God is offering you His eternal GRACE and LOVE, provided you acknowledge it was necessary He died for (Y)OUR sins at the cross, and rose from the dead, because we humans are all SATANIC CRIMINALS, because of the Fall of our ancestors, Adam and Eve.
    Get saved today and say the sinner's prayer:

    Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner, but I believe that you died upon the cross for me. I believe that you shed your blood for the forgiveness of my sin. And I believe that on the third day you rose from the dead and went to Heaven to prepare a place for me. I accept you now as my Saviour, my Lord, my friend. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and set me free from my sin. And because you are my Saviour, I shall not die but have everlasting life, AMEN!

    Be RAPTURE READY by having ASKED the Father to be filled with HIS Holy Spirit.
    This is VERY important, because JESUS=God teaches this;

    World English Bible, 2002
    King James Version, 1611
    13 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ASK him?"
    13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ASK him?

    Example; "Father God, I ASK you in JESUS' name to fill me with your Holy Spirit..and I PRAISE YOU AND I THANK YOU and I WORSHIP YOU!

  61. +sepiasiren
    You don't get it: all people are SATANIC CRIMINALS. so welcome to the club.
    You're a criminal in God's eyes, but yet He loves you and He wants to save you from His wrath through His alter ego JESUS, who was punished in OUR place.

    Anyone who's rejecting this FANTASTIC offer of GRACE deserves to ROT in hell and I will be smiling in heaven while these suckers MUST proclaim that JESUS is Lord.

    Get Satan out of your mind and surrender to the one who humiliated Himself for you and everyone, and who died like a bleeding piece of meat on the cross, while He ALONE was and is INNOCENT.

    JESUS is God!
    Satan is a sucker!

  62. +sepiasiren
    You don't get it; YOU are a satanic criminal, and when God annihilated the world population in Genesis 6, He drowned about 6 BILLION people, and among them MANY children, because all of them were EVIL, except Noah and his family.

    What are you teaching your children?

    Not the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom, so unless a miracle happens, they will become satanic criminals too, serving the Antichrist, the Pope of Rome and crazy 'Obama'.

    Satan means 'adversary' and admit you're an adversary of God....not to me, but to God-JESUS.

    He loves you, but Satan hates and detests you.

    He wants you to rot in hell....NOT God!
    Just reject JESUS and Satan gets what he wants.

  63. Atheists or non-atheists: The Pope owns your money and your life!

  64. +Crux Driven
    My 'pastor' is JESUS and He loves me, being an EX-atheist, and I was a mocker, just like the satanic atheists on the net, and I used to think that people like me (believers in JESUS) were INSANE.

    He saved me because I briefly believed in Him, during one school season at kindergarten, because I was in love with the pretty teacher who could read so well aloud from the children's Bible.

    After that I grew up as an unbeliever, which is not really true, because I believed in all kinds of things, but NOT in God-JESUS-the Bible-creation.
    That was all NONSENSE to me, due to the teaching of 'evolution' at highschool.


  65. And another one bites the dust:

    Moe Munny
    +Hans S "GREAT! I love to annoy THE devil in JESUS' name!"
    Show us a picture of u doing that - EVERYONE has a camera!
    Of course you CAN'T, because YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!

    Greetings to the SATANIC CIA/NSA and the SATANIC Vatican!
    Hans S
    11:35 AM


  66. ATHEISTS like NICK COIN don't (yet) understand that God=JESUS had CURSED this world because of people like him, because Adam and Eve were the FIRST followers of SATAN, by listening to his suggestions, and God=JESUS gave them what they wanted: a SATANIC WORLD, and we are their OFFSPRING!
    The ONLY way out is JESUS, who's God in the capacity of a human, who DIED in OUR place, because of our GUILT, at the cross (the SATANIC Babylonian symbol of the 'sun-god') in the role of an INNOCENT SACRIFICIAL ANIMAL: the LAMB of GOD.
    Anyone who is GRATEFUL He did this on his/her behalf and who believes He rose from the dead, will NOT ROT in HELL/aka the lake of fire, and anyone who deliberately REJECTS this offer of GRACE, will be cast into God's GARBAGE CAN, which is HELL, and will FOREVER be forgotten, while the SAVED are having an ETERNAL wedding FEAST in heaven and on the New Earth.
    So if you want to ROT in HELL, keep HATING God-JESUS and if you want to ENJOY your existence forever, than choose JESUS Christ.
    PS: all the animals will be TAME and KIND AGAIN in JESUS' Kingdom, just as it was in Paradise BEFORE the Fall.
    So, no more videos like these, after JESUS' RETURN!

    Have a nice stay in CONCENTRATION CAMP EARTH with SATAN as its camp guard and JESUS as the SAVIOUR.
    Hans S
    1 second ago


  67. +Randall Wilks
    Crazy computer....
    Hans S
    7:25 AM

    +Randall Wilks
    PS: I'm an EX-atheist, and an EX-adherent of the INSANE theory of 'evolution', so I'm an EX-fool like you.

    God exists and I'm PROOF of that!

  68. +teddansonLA
    +Roger Campbell You're talking to an EX-atheist and an EX-believer in the evolution fairy tale from the Netherlands
    , and I'm a Son of God and God is my Father and JESUS is God.

    My Father has got all kinds of methods in order to make you a believer in Him and His creation.
    He can do it the NICE way, and He can do it the HARSH way.

    The nice way is by helping you to understand that evolution is a LIE and impossible, and the harsh way is by inflicting so much PAIN and AGONY in your soul that there's no other choice than to accept that He is right and you are wrong.

    You can meet JESUS, OUR creator, as your best friend, or as your worst nightmare.

    It's a waste of time and energy to try to convince atheists, because I've been an atheists myself and no one was able to convince me and I laughed at 'stupid believers in deities'.

    But I was WRONG.....and so are you.

    Sooner or later you'll find out how wrong you are.

    In case God is willing to save you, you'll find out before you die, and in the worst case scenario you'll find out in the lake of fire, God garbage can.
    There you'll admit that JESUS is Lord and your knees will bend.

    God won't allow you to say anything else than 'JESUS is Lord!' and you will CURSE the fact that you exist.

    Yes, He gave you a free will, as if you're a self-programming robot, but He OWNS you and you are not of yourself.

    You can't even stay awake like He does, and He gave you mortality.

    You're slowly dying, and there's a chance you might die at any time.

    The fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom.

    Don't talk to me or 'jam' or other believers: talk to God!

  69. +Roger Campbell
    You've never been born again and filled with God's Holy Spirit, otherwise you still would have been a believer.

    You don't understand the Bible and that's why you're calling it crap.

    You also don't understand evolution, because most of it is just a fantasy.

    The best arguments in favor of the Bible are the prophesies (predictions).

    The Bible prophesies that there will come a world dictatorship after a covenant has been made between the future world dictator and the leaderschip of Israel.

    The whole Bible is about Israel, because JESUS is a JEW and He happens to be God.

    He's coming back to Jerusalem, but before this will happen the world will experience the worst horror in history.

    This world dictatorship is the PAPACY and with the aid of strong secular leader: Barry Davis, aka 'Obama'.

    The Pope is in fact the emperor of the (hidden) Roman Empire and the USA is nothing but a SLAVE.
    A MILITARY slave, because the USA is in fact BANKRUPT.

    Read Revelation 13.


  70. +Roger Campbell
    Of course you love those Palestinian DEMONS.
    God will DESTROY them ALL!

    And you don't get it: the USA is a SLAVE of the Vatican, and it's the Vatican that's supporting (the government of) Israel, because it wants to OWN all of Israel on behalf of LUCIFER, in a FUTILE attempt to stop JESUS from returning.

    JESUS is coming back to destroy ALL His enemies, and you too, unless you repent.

    JESUS loves you,
    Satan hates you.

  71. +sepiasiren Of course you say I'm sick...what else can you say, when you're on your way to ETERNAL DAMNATION together with "your" beautiful 'kids' (kids are the offspring of GOATS: the proper word is CHILDREN). God DROWNED MILLIONS of people like you (including 'kids') because they were so very EVIL and SELF-CENTERED, thinking they had invented themselves.

    Of course you REJECT the OFFER of GRACE by God, through His ALTER EGO JESUS, because your EVIL mind is telling you you're MUCH BETTER than your OWN MAKER.
    You're as STUPID as HELL FIRE, and that's where you belong, UNLESS God is willing to change your heart.
    'Your' children aren't 'your' children, but future ETERNAL CREATURES, like ANGELS, but the question is WHERE will they go: heaven or hell?
    They are in a very BAD situation with a mother like you, because you don't teach them anything worthwhile except EVOLUTION MADNESS!

    You teach them they're the result of a COSMIC SICK JOKE without purpose.
    Realise this: I'm an EX-ATHEIST and an EX-adherent of the LIE called 'evolution'.

    No one is able to convince me that evolution is true, and when I was an atheist, no one but God HIMSELF was able to convince me that God and creation are the truth.

    I only had ONE problem?


    Is he God and are God and Satan ONE?

    The answer is JESUS, God's ALTER EGO, because JESUS NEVER did anything EVIL or SATANIC!!

    JESUS did only GOOD!

    Now, compare yourself to JESUS and acknowledge that you're a SATANIC CRIMINAL, and that you're LOST without Him.

    Btw: President 'Obama' (Barry Davis) is a SATANIC CRIMINAL too, taking orders from the SATANIC VATICAN and the EVIL Pope Francis, who's the ANTICHRIST.

    In case you want to be informed about how EVIL the USA is:

  72. Let me tell you this: I'm an ex-atheist and I used to live without the need to believe in God or deities, and it was all nonsense to me and a Joke.

  73. +Hari Seldon
    And who are you, Hari Seldon?

    I know what's VERY WRONG with you: you're lost without JESUS Christ!

  74. +xamarmm
    You're reading the Bible from a satanic viewpoint, which means you're unable to interpret the words right.

    In other words: you're talking nonsense.
    You hate JESUS, because your inferior ego compared to His is so hurt by the fact that He made you a mortal, and that because of this you're slowly dying, and after death He will judge you, leaving you completely powerless.
    This motivates you to lie about Him and about His character, because your own character is criminal compared to His.
    Like a naughty child you're asking to be chastised, but all you do is chastising yourself, because you want to learn things the hard way.
    Now God is so kind to give you every opportunity to go against Him and to hurt yourself in the process, so that maybe you'll eventually wise up, after having hurt yourself for the umpteenth time.
    It's no use to try to hurt His ambassadors like me, and I advice you to address your anger directly at Him, because then you're taking Him seriously, and then you'll start to believe He's real.

  75. Hans S
    1 second ago

    Why do you talk about LOVE and JESUS?
    You don't want to know your own creator, whether people inform you about Him in a nice way or a harsh way, it doesn't matter.
    You just want to continue with your god-complex, as if you're the creator of your own world.
    You know what the problem is with 'evolution'?
    It produces entities like you who think they are the product of stardust and dead matter which miraculously has the capability to bring forth an enormous variety of life forms, which are also interacting with each other in an indescribable complex way.

    Yet, you're not prepared to call your conviction a belief, and you say it's 'proven science', and you choose to ignore the facts that say that evolution is impossible, only because the people who come up with these facts are being motivated by their belief in a creator.

    It's simple psychology to determine why you don't like the concept of a god, because you want to be your own god, even if you're unable to stop your mortality, and even when you're unable to stay awake forever, like the real God, because the concept of (a) god is being percieved as a threat.

    I tell you what the matter is with you, and this goes beyond human psychology: my God says you are a follower of a person who hates his own creator, because my God called him adversary, because of his rebellion against him.

    This person is a fallen angel and he doesn't want you to believe in God and to acknowledge that you need Him in His human capacity, called JESUS.


    Because his ultmate revenge on God is to let people believe in anything BUT the JESUS Christ of the (right) Bible, before they die, so that they will remain lost and condemned, just like he's lost and condemned forever.

    You're making another god than THE GOD, very happy, even though he despises you, by denying the existence of your own creator and by rejecting God's grace through His alter ego, JESUS Christ.

    So: while you BELIEVE there is no God, you're unknowingly serving the interest of the OTHER god, who wants you to go to the place of eternal punishment, where this so called god is also going, and in the process he's taking revenge on God, because another soul will burn in hell.

    Satan means adversary, and Satan is the inventor of the delusion called evolution.
    He's also the inventor of all false religions like Roman Catholicism, islam, hinduism, and phylosophies like buddhism, and ideologies like Marxism/communism and fascism.

    Satan has his headquarters on earth and it's the Vatican.
    The Vatican is responsible for making a mockery out of the teachings of JESUS Christ, and the Bible, so that people would and will be deceived and go lost forever.
    The true god of the Vatican is not the God of the Bible, but LUCIFER the devil.

  76. So this is my analysis of you: you are a follower of Satan, and unless you repent and unless God grants you His mercy, you will burn forever in the lake of fire, aka, hell.
    This lake of fire is a place of eternal punishment, where fallen angels and condemned people will be forced to proclaim that JESUS is Lord and nothing else.

    It's useless to attack and to mock and scorn messengers of God-JESUS, and this will make things only worse for you, because God the JUDGE will make you only suffer more, and this will cause you only more pain.

    How to escape this awful fate?

    Surrender your life to JESUS and He will love you and help you and He'll be your eternal Father and best friend, and not your Judge, and you'll have a bright and happy eternal future, together with God's beloved.

    Realise the following: God is NOT able to destroy you, as if you never existed, because all people are in fact spiritual beings, just like angels, though they temporalily exist in a mortal, animal-like body.
    This also means that suicide is no option, because we are meant to exist forever, and suicide isn't a way to evade justice.

    God is only able to save ANIMALS, because they don't know what they are doing, and that's why He became MAN in order to die on the satanic symbol of the SUN from Babylon, which is the CROSS, being LIKE a CRIMINAL and being LIKE a LAMB, a sinless ANIMAL, though He was and is 100% INNOCENT, and He did this in order to be able to bear the punishment for OUR sins (crimes and transgressions) and OUR GUILT.

    Anyone who's willing to acknowledge it was NECESSARY for God to do this OUT OF LOVE, because THERE'S NO OTHER WAY HE CAN SAVE US FROM HIS OWN WRATH AND HIS ETERNAL REJECTION OF HIS OWN REBELIOUS CREATURES, will receive His MERCY and WISDOM and LOVE, because the beginning of wisdom is the FEAR of God, and people who don't fear God are SATANIC and DESERVE to go to hell, because they are SATANIC CRIMIMALS and future DEMONS!

    Evolution is turning people into SATANIC creatures, and apart from the fact that evolution doesn't exist and is an INSULT to science, it is also DUMBING people DOWN, because people who BELIEVE in evolution also BELIEVE that the earth is turning and is revolving around the sun, while the earth stands STILL and the sun and the stars revolve around the earth, confirming the Bible.

    They also believe that men went to the moon, while this is a HOAX and also the mission to Mars, because the pictures of 'Mars' are manipulated pictures from EARTH.

    They believe in the existence of nuclear weapons, while this is also a HOAX: nuclear weapons don't exist!

    They believe that islam is an evil ideology, which is TRUE, but they don't see that islam is just another version of ROMAN CATHOLICISM, which isn't a Christian religion at all but a CULT deriving from SATANIC BABYLON!

    They believe that the Jews aren't a special chosen people, but just another tribe who have to assimilate into the rest of humanity, or cease to exist.

    They don't see that JESUS is a JEW and that's He's GOD, who's coming back to earth in order to save a REMNANT of His chosen people, and everyone who wants to acknowledge Him as Saviour and LORD.

    What do you want to do?

    Remain SATANIC, by believing in evolution and by denying God's existence and RIGHT to judge you, or do you want to SURRENDER to God through His alter ego, JESUS, who wants to LOVE you and SAVE you from His alter ego's WRATH, the wrath of God the FATHER?

    It's up to you, and calling me, or other believers in JESUS, names, won't help you.

    I've done my best to inform you, in another language, because I'm Dutch.

    May God-the Lord JESUS open your eyes!

  77. +Jeff Dixon
    Enjoy your superiority complex while you can.

    You don't get it: in HINDSIGHT I call myself an EX-God-denier, because I didn't believe in deities, fairies, ghosts and other so called supernatural entities, and I would have told people like you to EAT themselves ALIVE, starting with your testicles.

    You're very, very lost without JESUS Christ, your creator, who wants to save you from His wrath.

    You can meet Him as your best friend, or as your worst nightmare, and suicide is not an option.

    Nice to meet you, btw, and is that really you on that picture, because most people are lying on the internet?

  78. +ProSecondAmendment
    +RaggsNation Hey guys, stop this nonsense and listen to my version of 'Smoke on the Water'

    It's just STUPID to DEMONIZE each other.
    We're all CRIMINALS in God's eyes!
    We're all LOST without JESUS Christ!

  79. +UTUBESUCK666
    I am proof of the existence of God, because I used to think that God doesn't exist, but God Himself proved to me He does.

    And now He's my Father, and I'm His adopted Son, and I know that JESUS is GOD.

    I can't prove it to you: ONLY God can prove He exists to people who think He doesn't.

    JESUS loves you and His enemy Satan hates you.

  80. +Eugene S.
    So you want to BURN in hell forever?

    The Fear of the Lord (JESUS) is the beginning of wisdom!
    So, tell me why you hate JESUS so much?
    Are you JEALOUS that He's God and you're not?

  81. +Shelby Edwards
    So you are a 'Christian' and even all of your life?

    Well, I'm not a 'Christian', but a follower of JESUS Christ, being an ex-atheist.
    You're also 'pretty sure' JESUS' parents (Joseph and Miriam, aka Mary) did celebrate His day of birth....I'm pretty sure they DIDN'T.
    Yes, people go to hell, the eternal lake of fire, for having an opinion.
    Example of an opinion I've encountered here on YouTube: 'Jesus is a piece of shit'.
    This 'opinion' will be 'rewarded' with eternal torture in the lake of fire, unless God-JESUS is so good by helping a person who dares to say this to come to repentance, because without God-JESUS' intervention there's not going to happen anything and such a person will die in his or her sins.
    I talk about JESUS whenever and wherever I can, and I like to annoy the devil, and the fact you try to stop me is proof enough that you're NOT born again yet, so that you're lost without JESUS, while you THINK you're a 'Christian' and a righteous person.
    The first thing this video needs is the question: will this baby become a child of God or a child or the devil?
    I've already told you what you are: lost without JESUS and this means you have a superiority complex, which all followers of Satan have, and especially religious, self righteous people.
    This can be fixed, by confessing your sins and by surrendering to JESUS, who happens to be God.
    I pray for you you'll make the right decision, and it's not a coincidence you've met me here, and vice versa. Sinner's prayer
    If you say you believe in JESUS and you're NOT willing to accept and love ME, your faith is worthless, because God=JESUS is my Father.

  82. +emailpobox666
    And another person who started life as a tiny embryo, which God has invented, who thinks he knows it all...

    Two options: remain a fallen angel and end up in God's trash can, the lake of fire, which He'll ignore after the Final Judgement, or swallow your foolish pride and become wise by accepting the fact that God has every right, and the power to destroy anyone or anything He wants, but that He also has the right and the power to save whoever He wants through His alter ego, JESUS Christ.
    He drowned about 6 BILLION people during the Flood, except Noah and his family, after having waited for ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS to see if someone else wanted to be saved, but these people were so WICKED, that they refused to be saved.
    JESUS said we're living in the same days as Noah, and people like you are proof of that.
    Just admit that you're ANGRY at God, without a good reason, a rebel without a cause, and that this motivates you to be a scoffer and a God-denier.
    I know all about it because I've been an ex-atheist, and this way of thinking will lead to self destruction.
    It's not forbidden to be lost, but don't you think you can get away with it, because Hell was being being created in order to FORCE people to confess that JESUS is LORD....forever.

    If you don't like that then talk to God and say what(ever) you think of Him.
    But I warn you: you might become a believer because of it, and I'm talking from experience.
    God could use the LOVE that has been invested in you when you were a CHILD, in order to get to the REAL YOU, instead of this false identity you're using now.


  83. +emailpobox666

    When JESUS, aka God, saved me I didn't want to saved and I didn't ask to be saved, and yet he saved me.
    Saved me from what?
    Self destruction and eternal damnation.
    I won't even try to communicate this to you, because it's impossible.
    Satan (adversary) has such a firm grip on you, that it's like talking to him when I'm being confronted with people like you, and it's always the same old story and the same old lies.
    Hans S
    6:30 PM

    Reptiles and humans share the SAME creator, and did you know how LOVING and CARING a mother crocodile is toward her offspring?
    God is the creator of every brain, and our brain shares concepts with the brains of WHAT?
    There are small computers and huge supercomputers, but the concept is the SAME.
    Clinically analysed, humans are self-programming BIOLOGICAL ROBOTS, equipped with a so called free will.

  84. +emailpobox666
    And this had EVERYTHING to do with SATAN!
    WISE UP!

    The USA is a project of the SATANIC Roman Catholic CULT, and it's NO coincidence that Washington D.C. resides in the 'District of Colombia' between VIRGINia and MARYland!
    The Papal Colonization of America

  85. +Jerry Christensen
    First off: I'm Dutch, and second; you reason like a piece of meat without brains.
    JESUS is God and He and the Father are ONE.

    JESUS is the God of Israel, and the Jews believe in only ONE God.

    There are no two (or more) gods.
    There's someone who PRETENDS to be god and that's the DEVIL, and there's YOU, who also pretends to be god and his own inventor, and that's because Satan the devil is your spiritual father.

    You are FLESH and Satan rules over ALL flesh since the Fall of Adam and Eve.

    When JESUS was on earth, being a 100% sinless, but REAL, human being, God the Father was/is His ALTER EGO, and JESUS is/was God's ALTER EGO.

    Example: my name is Hans, which is a Germanic name, but in English this is John.
    Would I call myself John, than this would be my ALTER EGO of the SAME person.

    When JESUS prayed to the Father, He gave us an example of how we should conduct toward God, because no human being is like JESUS, being God and the Father in ONE.

    Human beings and angels are CREATED and JESUS is from eternity to eternity, just as God, BECAUSE HE IS GOD, just as the FATHER is God, and the Holy Spirit.

    God cannot save fallen angels, and He didn't die for their rebellion against Him.
    He can save ANIMALS and HUMANS, and that's why He became 'the LAMB of God', which is a sinless and innocent young animal.
    He did not literally became a lamb, of course, but in a spiritual sense He shed His blood AS a lamb for the remission of our sins.

    If you want to be saved you must change fathers and renounce Satan and surrender to God the Father in JESUS' name.

    Why in JESUS' name?


    Being saved from what?

    God's WRATH!

    What is His wrath?

    One the one hand He wants to DESTROY you and EVERYONE who go against Him, but because of His LOVE and from His ALTER EGO JESUS, He wants to SAVE you from His OWN wrath, which is His Holy and RIGHTEOUS ANGER against EVIL and SIN=REBELLION and DISOBEDIENCE.

    All people are CRIMINALS=TRANSGRESSORS of His commandments and are CONDEMNED by DEFAULT.
    ONLY through JESUS Christ one can receive MERCY and AMAZING GRACE.

    No, go fight it out with God Himself and NOT with me, because I haven't created you and I'm not God.

    The beginning of wisdom is the FEAR of God.

    SATANIC IDIOTS think they can OUTSMART God.

  86. +Jerry Christensen
    You're talking to the wrong person: talk to your maker you don't believe in.
    You won't because Satan inside of you is more powerful than the BUILT-IN ability to do so.
    The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak=EVIL.

    God created your brain and your flesh and He's in fact responsible for your whole being.
    He will decide where you'll be going, be it heaven or hell.

    He created an angel who turned into an adversary, hence his name, Satan, and this angel has been given the right to keep everyone in spiritual bondage since the fall of our ancestors Adam and Eve.
    It all works through the flesh.
    I'm an ex-atheist, so you can never outsmart me, because I used to be as STUPID as you.
    I didn't believe in God or deities and JESUS was only a historical figure to me.
    I considered Hem to be a loser, but as a child I briefly believed He actually rose from the dead, because I went to a Protestant kindergarten where a pretty teacher could read so well aloud from the children's Bible.
    My father was an atheist and a mocker, but my mother was a non-practising Catholic whose best spiritual deed was to sent her 5 children to this kindergarten, of which I was the only one who believed.
    But Satan robbed my faith away due to Roman Catholic madness like the Dutch version of Santa Claus, who's in fact Wodan, and then there are other Catholic unbiblical practices, like Christ-mass and 'Easter'=Ishtar which are also being celebrated by Prostestants, who never really broke free from the Babylonian Roman Catholic CULT.

    Most people, including myself, have resentments against Christianity due to the FALSE TEACHINGS of the Roman Catholic CULT, because it has NOTHING to do with the JESUS Christ of the JEWISH Bible.

    The Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of Satan, and this is his counterfeit of the real thing, which has NOTHING to with churches and religion, but with a RELATION with God, aka JESUS.

    The reason I take the effort to write you these things in a foreign language is because it's sad that a former embryo like you seems to have been only created in order to annoy people like me, like that STUPID remark 'you're going to be posted on FSTDT', and to function as fuel for the lake of fire.

    You're on your way to God trash can, and I can do nothing about it.

    But God wants to save you, because He died for your sins and your stupidity.
    Rejecting JESUS is FAR WORSE than SUICIDE!

    Suicide is a PARTY compared to hell.

    God saved me, when I didn't want to be saved, and if you're interested to know more about it: JESUS is my BEST FRIEND! What about you?


  87. +Jerry Christensen
    You're an insane kamikaze
    and God WILL strike FEAR into your heart and you'll regret the fact of your existence, because you're such a proud and satanic person.
    Dying on the electric chair is a SWEET ORGASM compared to what's awaiting for you.
    Now please go fight it out with God Himself.
    I did it myself in the past: GILLAN - Mr Universe - My first conversion 'lullaby'
    Hans S
    8:57 PM

    +Jerry Christensen SATAN is a SUICIDE BOMBER
    Hans S
    9:00 PM

    +Jerry Christensen

  88. +Jerry Christensen
    Well thank you!
    When I was 32 I was as old/young as JESUS when He was on earth and during His mission, so you're as young/old as Him.

    The difference between Him and us is that He already was VERY WISE when He was 12: Luke 2:42-52

    This topic says that fossils are PROOF of the CURSE by God in Genesis 3, due to the DISOBEDIENCE of Eve and Adam, because before this happened there was NO DEATH.

    What unbelievers don't understand is that this world used to be PERFECT and without DEATH.

    They think that a world and a universe in which there's new life and death can't testify of a perfect creator, so they conclude there's no creator and they think of other possibilities like evolution.

    I used to think that way, so it's understandable to me when people can see no other option.

    It takes FAITH to be able to BELIEVE everything was different during the days of Adam and Eve in Paradise and before their Fall and before God cursed His own creation with decay and death.

    But even after God had cursed His creation it's possible to discover a design behind everything we perceive.

    When I was still searching for the truth and the meaning of life I was impressed by the phenomenon of black holes in the universe, in which everything disappears, including visible light, and that these black holes transformed everything into ENERGY.

    I began to think about energy and what a strange phenomenon this is, and I wondered if maybe there was a God after all.

    Then I started to be interested in the phenomenon of human procreation, because back then in the 70's, when I was young, the first sharp and colored close ups were being photographed and published of embryos and fetuses, and I was amazed about the complexity of this this seemingly mundane phenomenon.

    I also was reading about near death experiences, and I wondered if it could be true and if it wasn't just the product of chemicals in the brain which caused these experiences of people in danger of death.

    I was interested in the occult, and I wanted to know whether there really is a reality behind this reality, and I give you this example: Earth and Fire - Voice from Yonder (1975)
    I was 15 in 1975.

    Back then I didn't realize I was beginning to be interested in the realm of the devil, because there was no 'Christian sensor' in my head that warned me of possible dangers.

    The world of the occult is VERY dangerous because it leads to self destruction, death and eternal DAMNATION.
    Hans S
    10:50 AM

    +Jerry Christensen
    Here you can read some opinions on this song: "Voice From Yonder" is another favorite of mine, it starts off with an electric piano. The lyrics deal with a seance, and in fact, the band was apparently conducting a seance, and you even hear a voice used from that seance. What a cool song that is."

    Before I believed in God, I had already begun to believe in paranormal phenomena., and I already had discovered that fraud was being used to promote evolution, though I still believed in it, but I was starting to believe in possible extraterrestrial life.
    Hans S
    11:44 AM

    +Jerry Christensen
    I'm a person who thinks from his intuitive right hemisphere and I turn it into logic through my left hemisphere.

  89. +Jerry Christensen
    Why are you trying to convert me to evolutionism?

    "You choose to keep you mind closed instead of wanting to gain knowledge of the real world."

    I can say the same to you.

    Evolution is impossible: DNA: The Tiny Code That's Toppling Evolution

  90. +Jerry Christensen
    Dream on! I'm an EX-adherent of the fairy tale, called 'evolution' and God Himself has convinced me of His existence.

    I can't prove this to you, but to me it's a fact.
    But your last name is CHRISTensen, so who (God) knows what's in store for you.
    My third 'baptismal' name is Christiaan (Christian in English) and I've never considered it to be possible that I would ever become a believer in JESUS, known to the outsiders as a 'Christian'.

    I know what's keeping a lot of people from daring to become a believer in God: that's due to the counterfeit of the real thing, the Roman Catholic CULT and organized 'Christianity'.

    I don't go to a church and I still live my life as when I was an atheist, who turned agnostic before my surrender to JESUS-God-the Bible-creationism.

    I have a personal relationship with God-JESUS and I love and respect my fellow believers in JESUS, but no one can turn me into becoming a 'church goer'.

    If others like to go to churches, then that's their 'cup of tea'.

    Before I was a believer in JESUS-God-the Bible-creation I thought about black holes in the universe and they seemed to be like magic to me.

    Then for a split second I thought 'maybe God exists after all'.

    Satan robbed me from this thought, because he wanted me to remain an unbeliever.

    This was during the late '70s and if I had known the information from the article about DNA, then I would have come to the same conclusion as a former atheist, mentioned in the article:

    "one of the world's most famous atheists, Professor Antony Flew, admitted he couldn't explain how DNA was created and developed through evolution. He now accepts the need for an intelligent source to have been involved in the making of the DNA code.
    "What I think the DNA material has done is show that intelligence must have been involved in getting these extraordinary diverse elements together," he said (quoted by Richard Ostling, "Leading Atheist Now Believes in God," Associated Press report, Dec. 9, 2004)."

  91. +Jerry Christensen
    JESUS said the following about money: And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's.
    Luke 20,25

    I belong to the world wide Body of Christ, consisting of all true believers in JESUS Christ.
    Some of them are actually in jail, and not because of crimes, but because they're being persecuted.

  92. +CaptainColdyron222
    You don't get it: JESUS is (one with) the Father.
    You call Him a zombie, because spiritually you're a zombie yourself.

    You think you're god, but you're not and you blame the real God.

    Stop pretending to be God and let God be God and acknowledge that He's JESUS Christ, God in the capacity of a (hu)man.

  93. +DarkMatter2525 There is absolutely NO evidence for evolution...NOTHING AT ALL. Yes, I recognized the ringtone and it's a evolutionist ringtone, because evolutionists BELIEVE in prehistoric people. Evolutionists belong to a CULT of Darwin and they are all CRAZY! But as long as they don't KILL people, I have no problem with them. I used to be an evolutionist myself, you see. You are lost without JESUS and you're allowed to disagree and God(=JESUS) wants to save you from HIS lake of fire and He's allowed to do to you whatever pleases Him, because He is (y)our creator. So 'enjoy' being SATANIC while you can, because one day you will be FORCED to confess that JESUS is LORD. But it's still possible to voluntarily come to this conclusion. The Pope is the Antichrist and 'Obama' (Barry Davis) is his MUPPET! Read the Bible or stay STUPID.


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