Sunday, November 2, 2014






  1. +Jalil Middleton
    Are you trolling on behalf of the JESUITS?

    The 'illuminati' ARE the Jesuits, and they rule the world for Satan

    They are responsible for '9/11' and MANY other 'false flags'.

    Why are they doing this?

    Because they believe their interpretation of the Bible is the ONLY truth on behalf of the Roman Catholic CULT.

    They are a CULT!

    They are NOT followers of Jesus Christ, even though they call themselves 'the society of Jesus'.

    Their 'god' is LUCIFER!

    They are willing to DESTROY the current word order and turn it into their New World Order, and they use the USA and NATO and the EU and the UN, in order to achieve their goals.

    They want a ONE world government, with THEIR Pope (He's a Jesuit!) as the BOSS.

    The Pope is the 'Vicar of Christ', the 'instead of Christ', which is BLASPHEMY, because the ONLY REAL substitute for Christ (Vicar of Christ) is God's HOLY SPIRIT, who's living within all REAL followers of Jesus Christ.

    These followers are the REAL Body of Christ, and they are NOT part of the Roman Catholic CULT or any other 'church'.

    They are part of the ASSEMBLY of Christ JESUS, which isn't an organisation, but a living ORGANISM, a PERSON, a BRIDE.

    The Bride of Christ JESUS.

    This Bride is fully connected to God's earthly Bride: the remnant of God's chosen people, the Jews, because Jesus Himself is a JEW.

    Hebrew (Jewish) believers call Him YESHUA, but non-Hebrew speakers call Him JESUS in English.

    JESUS is God in the capacity of SAVIOUR, hence the meaning of His name is 'I am SALVATION' and God's name is 'I AM'.

    Satan-Lucifer HATES JESUS, because Satan needs people in order to rule this world, and when JESUS returns, He's going to DESTROY Satan's Vatican controlled world, which is in fact 'Mystery Babylon'.

    All false religions derive from BABYLON.

    At Babel, God-JESUS frustrated Satan's power through the Babylonian confusion of tongues, which created different peoples and tribes, who were forced to scatter all over the world.

    This PREVENTED the creation of a ONE world government under the rule of Satan! our days the ENGLISH language is being used by Satan in order to create this ONE world system, because English had become the world language, just like Latin and Greek were the world languages in the past.

    I'm writing this in a foreign language, because my language is Dutch.

    The current Pope is from Italian parents, who were immigrants in Argentina, and he grew up speaking Argentine-Spanish, but he's able to communicate in English.

    So he's a real ROMAN Pope, and every Pope claims to be the successor of 'Peter', which is a LIE, because the apostle Peter NEVER went to Rome!

    Yet, millions of people believe this lie and they really believe the Pope has the divine right to rule on behalf of God.

    All the world leaders pay homage to the leader of the Roman Catholic CULT, so also the President of the United States.

    The Papacy is ruling this world on behalf of LUCIFER, and NOT on behalf of Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible!

    They rule this world from the spirit of BABEL, which was the system of SATAN!

  2. +Sales Cristina
    The Jews don't rule the world: the JESUITS do!

    Be informed:

  3. +Sales Cristina
    The Jews who are part of the elite are being controlled by the Jesuits and the Vatican.

    The aim is to make people believe ALL the Jews are bad, and in many cases it's working, so they (The Vatican) can organize a new HOLOCAUST in the near future.


  4. +lyn1136
    Then they're no longer Jesuits, but ex-Jesuits.

    Alberto Rivera was a ex-Jesuit Priest and his wife believes the Jesuits murdered him, because of his disclosure of many secrets concerning the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic church of Satan.
    It's very dangerous to become an ex-Jesuit, depending on one's position and knowledge.
    Alberto Rivera knew A LOT.
    Hans S
    8:31 PM

    Something else: is JESUS Christ your Savior and do you love Him?

  5. +Sue W
    The JESUITS use certain kinds of influential Jews as a DISTRACTION from themselves, but they are behind ALL EVIL and NOT 'the Jews' or 'the Zionists'.

    Take this very serious.

  6. +Garry Mac an Tanaiste The JESUITS are in control and NOT the Zionists. The JESUITS rule this world for SATAN!!!


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