Wednesday, December 10, 2014


ULTIMATE DECEPTION; The Black Pope in White



Body amputation from the neck down: CRAZY Roman Catholic ISLAM



  1. +Deondre
    The Lord JESUS NEVER celebrated His birthday, so why should we?

    This is the BEST reason not to celebrate 'Christmas', but there are many more reasons, and one of them is that 'Christmas is the PAGAN-BABYLONIAN' celebration of the 'mother and child', Semiramis with her son Tammuz (Semiramis named her son Damu (from the Sumerian "dam," or blood), which in the later Babylonian language became Dammuzi, in Hebrew Tammuz, and in Greek Adonis.) later re-named by the Vatican into 'Mary'!...and of the 'sun-god', which is SATANIC, and the 'sun-god' is the REAL 'god' of the Roman Catholic CULT.

    They PRETEND to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, but in fact they celebrate His DESTRUCTION.

    Satan HATES JESUS, because JESUS is God and He's going to cast Satan into the LAKE OF FIRE!

    PS: thank God everyday for JESUS' birth, Baptism, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, His mission on Earth, His Salvation and Healing, His Death on the Cross (the cross is the symbol of the Babylonian sun-god, so JESUS was crucified on this SATANIC symbol by Satan and his Roman Empire, but to OUR BENEFIT!), His resurrection, His Great Assignment (tell His gospel to anyone who wants to listen), His Ascension into Heaven, His Outpouring of HIS Holy Spirit, so we would NOT be without Him, His Second Coming, and a part of this will be the Rapture. Thank Him also for His chosen People Israel, because He Himself is a JEW, and He's going to save a remnant thereof.

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    1. Hi, Alan, this is funny:
      Since I'm SCREAMING everywhere that the POPE is the ANTICHRIST, NSA/CIA-trolls are trying to intimidate me.

      And just check out this DIVERSIONAL CRAP by Jesuit-controlled disinformation agent Paul Begley;

      Satan is getting very NERVOUS...he knows he's going to BURN forever in the lake of fire, and before that he wil be cast into the abyss for 1000 years.

      The Lord JESUS is coming!

  3. +SCOTT77100
    Well, we read it in the Bible, so it's according to prophecy
    and JESUS is coming back when it will be like the EVIL days before the Flood, and we're increasingly living under these kinds of circumstances.

  4. No, they don't control the hearts and minds of the members of the Body of Christ, and they don't control Israel, because they SEEM to control it, but God owns this people and this land and Israel will be Satan's DOWNFALL, because JESUS=GOD will return to HIS country and to HIS Capitol Jerusalem and He'll make an end to Satan's rule on earth through the Vatican NWO=Roman (Babylonian) Empire.

  5. The Pope is the ANTICHRIST

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    1. Good video, but I missed this message at the end: THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS COMING and HE WILL DESTROY THE VATICAN NWO!

  7. The PAPACY-the POPE is the ANTICHRIST

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    1. Terrible!
      Sandy von Klapka shared this
      1 month ago

      Hans S
      1 second ago

      +Sandy von Klapka JESUS loves you, Sandy!

  9. +Marion Peretti
    Amen, Marion, and there are still a lot believers in JESUS Christ who have to WAKE UP to this truth and SHAKE OFF the false teachings of the Roman BABYLONIAN CULT!

    That's why I shared this post of a brother in Christ who hasn't awakened yet concerning this issue, but I pray he will be alarmed very soon, so he will inform others.
    'Obama' and his Vatican led GANG can only reign because too many believers in JESUS still believe there's nothing wrong with the Roman Catholic CULT, and its leader, Pope Francis, and this goes too for my continent Europe and my country, the Netherlands.

    The Lord JESUS be with.


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