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Fragile - Sting - HD Lyrics on Screen

Fragile - Sting - HD Lyrics on Screen

Published on Mar 25, 2012
That's what we are, fragile.. Big mouths (very often) but at the end vulnerable. Wearing armors to hide, to conquer with violence what otherwise would never be a belonging... but mainly not to show fragile we are.. 


how fragile we are ....and yet the wars continue

How stupid, also, we can be..


  1. +Sheree Garcia Haha...take a look at BOTH of my lazy eyes I hadn't slept enough when the picture was taken.

    Our Father didn't create negative people: Satan and his demons turn happy children into people who have received an 'antenna' for his negativity, due to CRIMINAL acts by FORMER children (so called adults) done to children like sexual molestation and violence and other ways of abuse.

    You've already disclosed something about your past and me too.

    Healing comes from FORGIVING the perpetrators by realizing that they have been abuses too when they were young.
    This is how Satan operates since the fall of Adam and Eve.

    The first TRAUMA inflicted by Satan, after the fall, was the FIRST murder in history, executed by Cain by killing his OWN younger brother Abel.
    This was a DISASTER for Adam and Eve and for the rest of the family, because the Bible doesn't mention the DAUGHTERS of Adam and Eve, but they existed, and they had children and they heard about it, and this must have been very traumatizing too them ALL.

    Cain had been warned by God (who's JESUS) not to give in to the influence and pressure of the devil, and to RESIST the thought of projecting his feelings of rejection on his brother, thinking he would feel better and 'relieved' after having 'done away with the problem', by simply eliminating the so called cause of the problem: his brother, whose sacrifice had been accepted by God, while his sacrifice had been rejected, though God did NOT reject Cain as a person.

    Satan can always use us in a BAD way, in case we start thinking like him!

    Negativity is his realm!

    God-JESUS wants us to be HAPPY, but based on HIMSELF and His principles.

    The Lord JESUS be with us!


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