Friday, January 2, 2015


Are you saved yet?




How to Get Saved 



  1. +RaggsNation
    I don't believe the internet alone and the written word is sufficient in order to be able to communicate to others made of body, soul and mind.

    JESUS loves everybody and also +ProSecondAmendment .
    About 70% of normal human communication is BODY LANGUAGE.

    JESUS didn't come on earth as a computer program, but as a REAL human being.

    You call him a 'sicko'.....JESUS came for sick people and He's the BEST 'psychiatrist in town'.

  2. +Scarlet Rose +Seanykin Skywalker
    Sin means transgression of God's commandments.

    The first and only commandment was in fact a warning: 'if you eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, you'll die'.
    Eve was the first transgressor and Adam followed suit, and we're their offspring, and we're automatically being born as SINNERS, whether we like it or not.
    So, stating that; 'there is no such thing as sin' is baloney...or you want to provoke and start a debate.

    You need JESUS because He bore the punishment for (y)our SIN, if you don't want to go to hell/the lake of fire.

    Hi Sean!
    Please pray for this lady:

  3. +Scarlet Rose "there is no such thing as sin because there is no god that we can make a transgression against."
    Okay, so then it's no problem if I kill you (or you kill me), because when there's no God, there's no LAW, and without a LAW I can do whatever I want, and man-made laws have only then authority if the 'authorities' are able to uphold their 'authority' through the use of FORCE and the THREAT of DEATH: capital punishment.
    But in case I'm not afraid to die, like a SUICIDE BOMBER, who's able to STOP ME when I want to BLOW MYSELF UP, together with YOU?

    But in case God exists, which I acknowledge, then I know I will be JUDGED for my CRIMES against YOU, MYSELF and OTHERS and God.

    In a world without God, people can do WHATEVER they like.
    This is EXACTLY what happened BEFORE the FLOOD, and God DESTROYED the whole world population, back then, except Noah and his family.

    If you want to be destroyed, then just continue to believe what you believe, but in case you want to be saved, then you'll need JESUS Christ, God manifested in the flesh.

    The WORST crime AGAINST God-JESUS is UNBELIEF, and at the moment you're GUILTY of this CRIME, so you DESERVE to be cast into the lake of fire.

    Do you really want that, or do you want to be saved?

    JESUS is the answer, and if you don't believe me, or Sean, then there's nothing more we can do.

    JESUS loves you and Satan hates you, and it's in Satan's interest if you remain an unbeliever.
    By remaining being lost, you'll be damned, and then Satan will have gotten his REVENGE on God, whom he HATES.

    Satan HATES God-JESUS and he HATES you too!!

    But JESUS LOVES you, and He wants to SAVE you!

    PS: I write in simple English because I'm Dutch.


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