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Global Events Leading To New World Order, NWO Leads To The End, Are You Ready? 


Published on Jan 14, 2015

Hans S via Google+

5 hours ago
We are MORE focused on our Lord JESUS and HIS coming WORLD ORDER!

Global Events Leading To New World Order, NWO Leads To The End, Are You Ready?
Kenny Jacobs originally shared this
Check out this video on YouTube:

+Hans S Amen Brother. God Bless you. Also thanks for the great link to the article about the Rapture. Keep looking up!


  1. This isn't my video: I've re-uploaded a vid of Alan Lamont and I've removed the copyrighted soundtracks.

    He took the video down, and he does that a lot, which is quite annoying.

    I love Alan, but he doesn't believe in the pre-tribulation rapture and in fact he thinks it's a jesuit concocted LIE.

    That's NONSENSE, but it's a shame we don't agree on this.

    We agree on the MAIN ISSUE and that's JESUS!

    I don't like the term 'Christian'
    , because MILLIONS dare to call themselves 'Christian', while they're not real followers of JESUS, and the first JESUS-followers didn't call themselves 'Christians', but the outsiders did, just in order to give them a label.
    Furthermore: I'm not raised as a 'Christian', but as a PAGAN, so I don't like to associate myself with this word.
    I'm a follower of JESUS, or a JESUS-follower, and when I use this term I also proclaim the NAME of JESUS, because 'Christ' is not a name, of which the word 'Christian' derives.
    Christ means Messiah, or Mashiach in Hebrew.
    JESUS means 'I AM Salvation', which is the name of GOD, supplemented with His capacity as Saviour.

    I write the name of my God in CAPITAL letters, because JESUS is GOD!

  3. +Sheree Garcia
    I believe you have a beautiful SOUL.

    That's what it's all about.
    JESUS sees us when we're just out of bed, or when we're sick or in pain, and He keeps loving us, and even when we have moments of doubt and anger.
    And He gave you a pretty face to look at.
    But suppose I'm blind: then I can only know you through your words and actions and your voice.
    JESUS gave you a great voice too, so all glory to Him!

  4. +Kenny Jacobs Great message, brother!
    The Pope isn't just a religious leader, but he's the EMPEROR of the SATANIC Roman Empire!

    'Obama' is someone like Hitler in the past: a PUPPET and a EXECUTOR.

  5. +Kenny Jacobs Great message, brother!
    The Pope isn't just a religious leader, but he's the EMPEROR of the SATANIC Roman Empire!

    'Obama' is someone like Hitler in the past: a PUPPET and an EXECUTOR.

  6. +Sheree Garcia 'yes , I have been singing professionally since the age of 6'
    Thanks, Sheree, and of course we glorify JESUS with our God-given talents, when we really love Him, even if it means we're not popular to the world.
    The first singers who touched my heart after my surrender to the Lord JESUS on January 1984, were Twila Paris (song: We will glorify) and brother Mylon LeFevre: My Heart Belongs to Him
    I consider this song to be my conversion song, because I listened to it very often, while singing along.

    JESUS be with us, and He's coming! ;-))


  8. +ProSecondAmendment God doesn't want us to be self righteous.
    He wants us to be JESUS-righteous.

    He also wants us to be transparent and without fear of people.
    My name is Hans, and I'm from the Netherlands, 55 years old.
    What's you first name?

  9. +SCOTT77100
    Listen to brother Pat Nobody's advice in my cover: 'we can't stay sane in a world gone MAD (2x), we need OUTSIDE HELP, and he means JESUS, of course.
    Just imagine we're all living in one HUGE concentration camp where Satan and his demons rule, but which is also a place where JESUS rules in the hearts and minds of His beloved, and because of His chosen people, Israel, and the REMNANT thereof.
    Look at your fellow PRISONERS with the SAME compassion as JESUS did, when He was on earth.
    That's the CHALLENGE and our VOCATION.
    We are all confined to exist within our MORTAL bodies, while we're living in this dimension, and the believers in JESUS KNOW for sure they're going to heaven and to the New Earth and the New Jerusalem, thanks to God's UNDESERVED GRACE, and the unbelievers have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but DELUSIONS, like (the many) FALSE religions of Satan.
    Our assignment, given to us by our COMMANDER JESUS, is to show them the way to HIS SALVATION.
    We can't save anyone, but HE CAN!!!!

  10. +Dee M.
    Pass it on to the lost.

    Praise our commander in chief and best friend, JESUS!

    Pray for the lost that their eyes may be opened by JESUS
    , because we are saved because God has opened our eyes, and NOT because we're good, but because God saw something worthwhile in our hearts and souls he wanted to HAVE and HOLD and FIGHT for!
    Don't CONDEMN: let God-JESUS be the ultimate JUDGE!
    Realise that God is USING Satan for His own purposes, and Satan is ALLOWED to rule this world, until JESUS returns.
    JESUS rules in the hearts and minds of His BELOVED, and Satan has NO power over them, provided they stay close to their MASTER (and best friend) JESUS.

  12. +RaggsNation
    Man, you're here on Google+, which is exactly the SAME as Facebook!

    The NSA/CIA records EVERYTHING we say, and even what's been said 'in private'.
    Be bold for JESUS and don't be afraid to get killed, and telling me your first name is NOTHING compared to what martyrs have to endure when they are being burned alive because of their love for JESUS Christ.

  13. +Dee M.
    I'm sure you love this BALLAD by Stryper, and it's about our FIRST LOVE for JESUS:
    Remember that this kind of music is meant for the unbelievers who love hard rock and metal.
    Keep in mind that I'm an ex-atheist who HATED 'church music', churches and religion in general.

  14. Satan: "ha ha ha, see how these Christians destroy each other..what a bunch of morons!"

    Man, I'm glad I'm not a Christian, but a WORSHIPER of JESUS, and an EX-ATHEIST!

    WAKE UP: JESUS is a JEW a JEW a JEW a JEW a JEW, so GOD is a JEW a JEW a JEW a JEW!!!!!!

  15. All gentiles/PAGANS that have become followers of JESUS, by the GRACE of God, and through the BLOOD of JESUS-YESHUA, have become JEWISH!!! The WHOLE BIBLE is JEWISH!!
    JEWS will NEVER become gentiles/PAGANS: they REMAIN JEWISH after they have surrendered to JESUS-YESHUA!
    We're going to the New JERUSALEM and NOT to the New Washington D.C. or the New London, the New Rome, or the New Paris.

  16. +Steven Ben-DeNoon Brother Steven, I love you in Christ JESUS, Messiah Yeshua, and I love Israel, and I've been there, and I've touched the Holy of Holies under the "Dome of the Rock", which God allows to stand until the Har Habayit, the House (the 'temple') of 'I AM' (God) has been rebuild.
    Please take this criticism from me: The occult state of the state of Israel and follow the links.
    JESUS-YESHUA be with us!
    He's 'I AM' who became MAN
    Our HERO!
    He's coming!

  17. +Kanbei85
    I wonder whether you KNOW MY JESUS...

    I'm not a 'Christian', and I've never been a "Christian" and I will NEVER become a 'Christian', because the OUTSIDERS called the followers of JESUS MESSIAH 'Christians', and first off at Antioch.

    JESUS is GOD and the FATHER and SON in ONE.

    Don't believe me?

    MILLIONS dare to call themselves 'Christians' who aren't BORN AGAIN followers of JESUS at all!

    I'm a JESUS-FOLLOWER, because I follow JESUS, because He saved my life, and because I LOVE Him!


  18. Hi, sister Monica, fellow worshipper of the Lord JESUS!
    Go out and tell the gospel to the unbelievers.

    Go out and preach to fellow female believers in JESUS Christ.
    God out and tell the (little) children about JESUS: the first person who told me about JESUS was a PRETTY female teacher when I was at kindergarten, and only for ONE school season, but this turned out to be VERY IMPORTANT!
    After this I wasn't raised as a 'Christian', because my dad was an ATHEIST, and he forbade my Catholic mother to give us (five children) a Christian upbringing, so I also became an ATHEIST myself.
    THe ONLY person who could change my heart was JESUS, and here you can read about it:

    You know why it's not such a good idea when woMEN want to preach to a congregation of BOTH men and women?
    Suppose you were my preacher, then I wouldn't listen to a word you are saying, because my EYES would give me too much to look at, because I'm programmed to detect female BEAUTY, and you're quite PRETTY.
    About 70% of human language is BODY language!

    God created a different kind of 'woman' WITHOUT a womb and with a LOW voice and with a beard and a moustache (possibility) and with a different 'apparatus' in order to procreate.

    These 'weird' creatures we call 'MEN'.

    Yes, I know they tend to be like dictators, and that's why they need women who dare to give them CONSTRUCTIVE opposition and CORRECTION, if need be.
    On the other hand the women need MALE guidance, because JESUS wasn't by accident a MAN.
    I am not your father or your superior, but I am your fellow SON of GOD and your fellow future ANGEL!
    Let's LOVE and respect one another through our Lord and Savior, JESUS Christ.

    Hans, from the Netherlands

    PS: I'm so glad you're not a witch or a satanist, but a FOLLOWER of JESUS!

    PS2: I've learned a lot in the past from a sister in JESUS through her BOOKS (so not through her looks).

    PS3: it has been a pleasure to watch your, God gave me all kinds of pretty sisters! Ha ha!

  19. +Kanbei85
    I never asserted that we have to attempt to become physical Jews in order to enter the (brand) NEW Jerusalem.

    I say that JESUS the JEW is the ROOT and the offspring of David, and He's changing all His former PAGAN beloved into JEWS, by HEART, because a JEW is a GOD-WORSHIPPER of the ONE and ONLY TRUE God, and JESUS is GOD.
    So be GLAD!
    JESUS means 'I AM Salvation' and 'I AM YHWH (who I AM) is God!
    We're going to an ETERNAL JEWISH wedding, JESUS' style!


  20. +Dereille Bowles
    When you have received God's Holy Spirit you don't have to try anymore, because then JESUS Himself is within you through the Holy Ghost/Spirit.

    Just DO what JESUS said, and ASK the Father to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
    The Holy Spirit is God in SPIRITUAL CAPACITY, and He makes you pray to the FATHER in JESUS' name.
    Don't pray to the Holy Spirit, but always to the Father in JESUS' name....okay?

    Then JESUS has become your PERSONAL teacher and COMFORTER.
    He will give you His POWER!
    His JOY!
    His LOVE!

    He will help you, when you're reading the Bible.

    Your brother Hans, from the Netherlands Read the description

  21. +John Deer
    It started with the SUDDEN outpouring of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) on the believers in JESUS
    (mostly Jews, at that time), almost 2000 years ago, which is like 2 days, from God's perspective.

  22. +Alan Lamont Alan, I don't need Skype to tell you that I'm glad we agree on EVERYTHING, except the Rapture, and that I'm glad you're my brother in JESUS Christ, God in human capacity!

  23. +adrian ardilani
    Most of my relatives are still unbelievers and unsaved...but they're still my relatives.

    The same goes for the Jews: JESUS is a JEW and the Jews are His relatives.
    If you're not a Jew, you can't understand, but every born again follower of JESUS has become JEWISH in spirit, because the Holy Spirit is God in spiritual capacity and God is JESUS is God, because there's just ONE God.
    So the question is: are you born again and filled with God's Holy Spirit?
    Don't answer me, but God, aka JESUS.

    People who say to believe in Jesus, but who don't love the Jews and Israel don't know who JESUS is.
    The whole Bible is a Jewish book, written by Jews.
    All the Apostles were Jews and their names will be forever commemorated in the New Jerusalem and also the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.
    The prophetic word is all about Israel and the Jews.

    JESUS is still busy SAVING people, sister.

    He's coming!!
    Hans S
    6:55 PM


  25. +Jim Beckwith I believe 'Obama' will stay in office....unfortunately.
    But on the other hand, it has to happen this way.
    The same goes for my country and the EU: all 'leaders' serve the Vatican NWO.

    We serve JESUS and His coming KING JESUS WORLD ORDER!

  26. +captguy14u
    Who are you and what's your (first) name?

    The Pope is the Antichrist and 'Obama' is his Muppet.
    Is JESUS Christ your Lord and Savior?
    If so, who do you use a fake identity?
    Do you believe in the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, also known as the 'pre-tribulation-rapture'?


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