Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Founding of a Nation



What do I think of Pope Francis? What do I think of Obama?



The presidency of the US is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13



  1. +Power Up
    I think he's a forgiven sinner...he drank a lot and he was chasing the women....that's still one of his vices....

    One things for sure: dead people don't sin.
    Yes, he's trying to interpret prophecy, and he never claimed to be a prophet.
    He forgot to mention one important thing: the Papacy/Pope is the Antichrist, which is something Luther discovered in his days.

  2. +Heather Sierra
    Because he OWNS the USA!!

  3. Paul doesn't point to the Papacy and the Pope and the Vatican as the root of all evil.
    The Vatican is Satan's headquarters on earth.
    They've even given him a seat!
    It's the Roman Empire and every Pope is the Emperor, and Cardinals are in fact the Senators.
    The current Pope used to be a 'Senator'=Cardinal, and he's a JESUIT and he's serving the devil.

    Our Lord JESUS is coming!

  4. For people who don't recall how it used to be in the past..
    Obama is an ASSHOLE and Pope Francis too!!!
    Please record this, GOOGLE PLUS!

    Oh....and JESUS is GOD!

    And not to forget those CIA/NSA-GOOGLE+ TROLLS!

  5. Replies
    1. FEAR MONGERING on behalf of the VATICAN NWO

  6. Great message, brother, and very important to AMERICANS, because the USA has been COMPLETELY taken over by the ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT, which I found out through my research and through many others who have done research before me, and of course thanks to God the Father, who's ONE with our Lord JESUS Christ.

    My country, the Netherlands, on the edge and the far west of the largest continent on earth, called EURASIA, and being connected to Africa through ISRAEL, and almost connected to the America's through Siberia and Alaska, is AGAIN being embedded into the SATANIC ROMAN EMPIRE, after my country broke FREE from this EVIL system during the 16th and 17th century, and by becoming the FIRST PROTESTANT REPUBLIC in history, so WITHOUT a MONARCHY which is serving the Vatican.
    England had also become a PROTESTant country, but its monarchy was still serving the Vatican, against the will of the majority of the people.
    My country LEGALLY TRADED MANHATTAN with the indigenous people, wrongly called 'Indians', because VATICAN-sent COLUMBUS thought he had discovered the shortest way to India, and thus he called the indigenous peoples 'Indians'.

    My country founded a (then) small city called New Amsterdam and the whole island Manhattan was called 'New Netherlands'.
    It was a PROTESTANT city, just like in the motherland, the Netherlands.
    But then the Vatican used the British in order to STEAL it from us, renaming it into NEW YORK.
    This was the start of several wars between my country and England, which was VERY SAD, because BOTH peoples were on the SAME PROTESTANT side, AGAINST the Roman Catholic CULT.
    But also then, the 'elite' were being used by our REAL ENEMY, Satan, in order to retake and STEAL what had been being lost.

    They founded a city called ROME and renamed it into WASHINGTON D.C. in the so called 'District of Colombia', between MARYland and VIRGINia, which was and is ROMAN CATHOLIC, and from there the CONQUEST of the WHOLE of the USA , on behalf of the EVIL Vatican, began, and in our time this has been achieved!
    The Statue of 'Liberty' in fact depicts Lucifer!

    Many Americans, and especially Republicans, think that Ronald Reagan was a good president, but his administration was CATHOLIC to the CORE and all his advisers were Roman Catholic.
    George Herbert Walker Bush was from the C.I.A. and this organization was being founded with the aid of GERMAN NAZIS and also the N.S.A .and the F.B.I., and of course NASA was from the start a NAZI=Vatican controlled organization.

  7. Now we have 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis, and he's a MUSLIM, but also a UNIVERSALIST and a SATANIST, a MARXIST and a FAKE-Christian, and all of his advisers are Jesuit schooled people and Muslims, and Islam was concocted by the Vatican.

    I believe he's the FALSE PROPHET of 'peace, prosperity, progress and equal sharing, PRETENDING to be the Antichrist.
    But the TRUE Antichrist is the POPE, who pretends to be only a spiritual leader, while he in fact OWN MOST of the world through the power of LUCIFER-SATAN, being the ROMAN EMPEROR.
    My country has been BETRAYED by 'our' (FAKE) Monarchy and 'our' illegitimate governments, installed since Napoleon Bonaparte conquered my country, and it was being used to kick-start the NEW European Roman Empire through the EU, which was done in my Dutch city Maastricht, which is ROMAN CATHOLIC: the treaty of Maastricht.
    I call the EU 'NAZI-Europe' and the USA NAZI-America, and not because I like it, but because it's the truth!

    Our LORD JESUS will soon take us away to where He is, because He didn't appoint His true beloved to HIS WRATH, and I'm talking about the PRE-Times of Trouble for Jacob=ISRAEL-RAPTURE, also known as the pre-tribulation-rapture.
    People who have been MISLED by the Roman Catholic REPLACEMENT theology LIE, think they'll have to go through the tribulation and they don't believe, and in fact reject, the Biblical pre-tribulation-rapture teaching.
    Others think the pre-tribulation-rapture teaching was being concocted by the Jesuits, centuries ago, which is also a LIE, because the pre-tribulation-rapture teaching is as old as the Body of Christ JESUS.

    But they are RIGHT about the fact that MANY evangelical JESUS-believers (I don't like the word 'Christian' because I'm an ex-atheist and I know the outsiders called the first JESUS-followers 'Christians' in order to give them a label) aren't aware of the FACT that the Antichrist is NOT a person 'coming out of nowhere', like Adolf Hitler or 'Obama', but the PAPACY/the POPE, and the truth is that Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and others all served the Vatican, and that the current president of the USA is 100% a MUPPET, a PAWN of the EVIL Vatican.

    JESUS the JEW, is are ONLY PASTOR and LEADER and HERO, and also our BEST FRIEND, and so much more!

    The Lord JESUS be with us! FOREVER!
    Satanic Vatican

  8. +NewGenesisConnection
    Hi, I'm Dutch, and know more about your own country, because it has been a project of the Vatican from the very start: The Founding of a Nation

    Greetings from the Netherlands (part of the Roman Empire through the Vatican controlled EU and Pope Francis) and JESUS is LORD!

  9. +Jesus Christ IS The Almighty Creator † King James Bible Colossians Chapter 1 (Christina)
    All on behalf of the VATICAN:


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