Monday, March 30, 2015

Meet my ENEMY: Pope Francis!

    1. +Kenny Jacobs The Pope is the Antichrist: don't be DECEIVED by his looks and his image, because he really is the EMPEROR of the Roman Empire (Pontifex Maximus), and for example during 'world war 2' (last part of the 20th century VATICAN inquisition, which started in 1914) Pope Pius XII was the most powerful man on earth: both Hitler and Stalin served the Vatican and the USA and Britain too.
      They needed this war to get rid of the Jews and Protestants and Orthodox Christians in Europe and to reshape the world and to establish the United Nations and more: all on behalf of the Vatican.
      Roosevelt and Churchill did NOTHING to stop the Holocaust and Pearl Harbor was a false flag in order to get the USA (population) into the war.
      In the meantime the USA became increasingly ROMAN CATHOLIC!
      The Pope is coming to the USA in September to claim the USA for the Vatican.
      'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr., or Barry Davis) is his PUPPET.
      The Vatican always uses CRIMINALS like him!

Pope Francis Godfather

The Crusade Against The Russian People 





The Satanic Power Tree









  1. +brokenwindowspchelp
    The Roman Catholic church IS a CULT

  2. +LAna St.ColumB
    And 'aliens' are fallen angels, so the Pope wants to baptize DEMONS!

    But the man worships Lucifer, so that's no surprise....
    It's about time JESUS is going to end this madness, and He will.
    But first the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture.
    At the end of these troubles (great tribulation) a remnant (one third) of Jacob=Israel will repent and JESUS will rescue them.
    Is JESUS your hero too?
    Hans S
    11:30 AM

    +LAna St.ColumB Meet my ENEMY: Pope Francis!

  3. +Icelandic Watchman
    Every Pope is an Antichrist and this Pope is THE Antichrist.
    Pope Francis is the Emperor of the (Babylonian) Roman Empire and the most powerful person on earth, 'thanks' to Satan.

    All world leaders know this.
    The USA was a project of the Papacy and the Jesuits:
    The EU is the revived Roman Empire.
    Hans S
    2:00 PM

    +Icelandic Watchman The Papal Colonization of America
    Hans S
    2:02 PM

    +Icelandic Watchman Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome, Maryland
    Hans S
    2:03 PM

    +Icelandic Watchman Judgment coming to America (and the WHOLE world!)


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