Sunday, March 22, 2015

Omdat Hij leeft - Because He lives

Published on Mar 30, 2014
Omdat Hij leeft ben ik niet bang voor morgen.
Omdat Hij leeft, mijn angst is weg.
Omdat ik weet: Hij heeft de toekomst.
En 't leven is het leven waard,
omdat Hij leeft!

Because He lives I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, my fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future.
And life is worth the living just
because He lives!


  1. +DerBoii Pryside
    Suicide is living without JESUS, because He's God.

    Rejecting Him is far worse than suicide: hell
    Listen to this 80's American gospel-punk band (after Amazing Graze) called UNDERCOVER

  2. +GanjaFarmer
    Yes and?
    We're all lost without JESUS Christ.

    If you don't want to burn forever you really need to surrender to Him.
    If you don't care then just reject Him and He'll cast you into His garbage can, the lake of fire.
    He's God: He can do whatever He wants.
    But He wants to save you, and that's my simple task: to tell you this message.
    He wants to save you, because He loves you.
    Satan hates you, and he wants you to be lost forever, just like him, because he hates God.
    He's the spirit or rebellion and self destruction.
    JESUS died in our place and rose from the dead, so that we can live forever, if we're interested.
    It's not forbidden to be lost, though.
    It's always a question of take it or leave it.
    Most people seem to be wanting to go to hell, because they're only interested in 'me, myself and I'.
    Hell is for proud people and fallen angels who want to be god themselves, but who are in fact miserable creatures.
    Heaven is for people (JESUS can't save fallen angels) who admit they're wretches who are in need of outside help from God, aka JESUS.

    When we were born we were completely dependent on someone else, and in most cases our mothers.
    But then we grew up and Satan is trying to give us the illusion we can be our own little gods.
    All people are fools who think they can exist without their creator.
    The fool says in his/her heart there is no God.
    We can't work our way to God: we have to let JESUS come into our lives in order to save us and help us, just when we were babies.
    This is called being BORN AGAIN through fellowship with God-JESUS and through the Holy Spirit.

  3. +Geo Spartan
    I'm an ex-atheist and a former adherent of the theory of evolution from the Netherlands, who had turned into an agnostic, before my conversion, because I had discovered that 'scientists' had been fraudulent concerning the 'missing link' between the so called common ancestor of humans and apes.

    My conversion story is a bit too long, but here 's part of it, in case you're interested:

    So I have a weird background, but JESUS loves me and He loves you too, and you've stated that you love JESUS, and than you must discover that He's GOD.

    'Son of God' or 'Son of Man' means He's God in the flesh, but there is only ONE God, and He made Himself known to man through His alter ego JESUS.

    If you really want to know Him, you first have to surrender to Him by saying a sinner's prayer, and here's an example:
    Hans S
    7:03 PM

    +Geo Spartan and read the description box.

    (Google+ has censored me, so I can only put one link in a comment)


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