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How I Love You......JESUS!

Rick Pino - How I Love You

Uploaded on Oct 7, 2010
[Verse 1]
The time of singing has come
and the sound of love can be heard in the land
I lay my head upon Your heart
Take me to Your chambers, lead me by the hand

I canʼt keep my eyes off You
I canʼt keep my eyes off You

How I love You
How I love You
How I love You, Jesus

[Verse 1]
The time of singing has come
and the sound of love can be heard in the land
So keep me here at Your feet
Your words are so sweet, deep calls unto deep

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  1. Reacties
    1. +shereesings4Jesus Christ
      Well done, Sister Sheree!

      I've done this also in the past with my wife.
      She also sings great to the glory of JESUS!

  2. Reacties
    1. +kathy maxted JESUS doesn't want to POSSESS us, and we can't earn HIS Salvation, and don't compare yourself to Todd, but be YOURSELF and let JESUS shine through you, because He loves you the way you are. We are all UNIQUE.

    2. +87MCSS
      Well, if Todd is your example, then you may want to show your face and reveal your name.

      This could be a nice start, don't you think?
      I show myself and my real name is Hans, and I live in the Netherlands and I'm 55 years old and I want people to associate my personality with my Lord and Savior, and best friend, JESUS.
      I don't need Todd's example, but I'm very GLAD we share the same SAVIOR and the same FATHER.

  3. +Jim Beckwith
    Of course a woman is ALSO saved by her faith in JESUS ALONE, just like men!
    But Paul meant that it's GOOD for a woman to be wanting to have children, because a female body is DESIGNED that way!

    But if for some reason a woman is unable to give birth to children, she is as much loved by JESUS=God as a mother with children, as long as she's God-fearing and serving JESUS and others.

    Because that's what we all are: SERVANTS!

    JESUS gave us the BEST POSSIBLE example of a SERVANT!

    Let's follow His example!

    In this context I have a request: brother Mark Rahe ( +1Corinthians15:1-4 ) feels hurt by your block against him and I've confronted him it's not good to tell me and others how 'bad' you are, and I've told him to FORGIVE you, because you didn't create him and you didn't save him, but JESUS, and this applies to us all.

    I'm not responsible for your actions, and that's what I told Mark, but I believe that JESUS wants us to love and respect each other as brothers.

    I'm not blocking anyone, except real reprobate SATANISTS, but not fellow believers in JESUS and even not a person like +toots4jesus who has condemned me to hell.

    She is NOT my maker and my Savior, so she can assert whatever she wants: it won't hurt me.

    She's hurting HERSELF!

    So on behalf of OUR Savior JESUS I'm asking you to reconsider your stance toward Mark Rahe +1Corinthians15:1-4

    NOT in my interest, but in the interest of LOVE and God is LOVE and He is JESUS.

    Mark also believes in the pre-Jacob's Tribulation-rapture.

    Have COMPASSION and you could HELP him by showing him the LOVE of JESUS.

    Mark should stop telling me and others that he thinks you're a Lordship Salvation adherent.

    And even if this would be the case, then JESUS wants us to SERVE each other and HELP each other to find HIS truth.

    This is not an assembly of believers in JESUS, but JESUS is HERE as He is EVERYWHERE.

    Satan too and loves to see us NOT loving each other.

    Your brother in JESUS,


  4. +regina riddle God=JESUS made angels and humans to be His servants and each others servants.
    In God's Kingdom everybody WANTS to serve each other.

    Maybe a not too sharp and not too revealing picture of yourself could make you less anonymous, despite your name?

    Amen to this:


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