Sunday, June 7, 2015

Atheist sees Hitler, Child Killer's & Witchcraft Hell - Black Juju - And he gets saved by JESUS

Man sees Hitler, Child Killer's & Witchcraft Hell

Man sees Hitler, Child Killer's &Witchcraft Hell.


Alice Cooper - Black JuJu

Touched by the toil and plunged into his arm
cursed thru the night thru eyes of alarm
A melody black flowed out of my breath 
searching for death but bodies need rest body
Under the soil now waiting for worms 
all that I feared is all that I've learned
All that I know is all that I think 
dead feelings are cool down lower I sink ah hah
Bodies need rest we all need our rest 
sleep an easy sleep 
rest rest
Bodies need their rest 
we all need our rest 
sleep an easy sleep
rest rest rest rest
But come back in the morning 
come back hard 
wake up wake up wake up wake up!
Bodies clutching and biting my soul has caught on fire my evil is now and I'm caught up in desire
Everything I'm living for is all that I am 
liking it and loving it that's all in the plan 
black juju 


  1. +Rachel Smith
    Didn't you know that +TerraCottaGamer is God almighty?
    But something else: do you love JESUS Christ and are you saved?

    10:36 AM

    +Rachel Smith
    Yes. I am.
    +Hans S
    Thank you.
    Hans S
    11:58 AM

    Nice to meet you, God!
    But listen: why do you hide behind a nickname and why don't you show your real face?
    Are you afraid of something, or are you so arrogant that you really don't care what others think of you?
    And something else: since JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh, this means you died for humanity on the cross and rose from the dead, and you ascended into heaven.
    What are you doing here on Google+YouTube?
    Hans S
    12:41 PM

    +TerraCottaGamer But I don't have to wait for an answer, because you said 'Thank you' in response to my comment to +Rachel Smith "Didn't you know that +TerraCottaGamer is God almighty?", which was of course out of sarcasm, because you are NOT God!

    I tell you what you are: you are NOT saved and you are NOT born again, which means that you'll end up in God's garbage can, the lake of fire, where you will share the fate of Satan and all the other liars.

    Does it give me pleasure to tell you this?

    No, because I rather deal with HONEST people.

    But you choose not to be honest, and dishonest people and angels don't belong in JESUS' world.

    They belong to a world of fellow fakers and pretenders, and former embryos who have evolved into demonic entities.

    But since you're not a fallen angel, but just a human being who has to eat, drink, sleep, defecate and urinate, and who has to find a way to get money in order to be able to buy food and drink and shelter and clothes etc., you're still able to change your ways and become an honest person.

    The best way is to surrender to you creator JESUS, and He will reprogram you through the Bible into a person with whom I can communicate in a friendly manner.

    This is not a computer game, but this is about life and death, heaven or hell=the eternal lake of fire.

  2. +TerraCottaGamer
    So you don't want to go to heaven and you don't want to be saved, and you think it's a good idea to spend eternity in the lake of fire
    , where you MUST proclaim that JESUS is THE LORD and nothing more or less, and your own creator will abandon you and IGNORE you, as of your a piece of GARBAGE?

    I'm not a 'Christian', but an ex-atheist.
    I call myself a JESUS Christian or simple a follower of JESUS.

    I don't care whether you call me worse than Satan or the worst liar in history, because I know it's not true.

    This is the truth: you're lost without JESUS Christ.

  3. The Roman Catholic DEATH CULT is the true church of Satan.
    Now I know that atheists don't believe in the existence of Satan, and neither did I when I was an atheist, but the adherents of this DEATH CULT do, and with DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES!

    Satan is a CATHOLIC

    The Vatican is responsible for the creation of Islam, leading to HORRIBLE CRIMES like these:

    The Vatican is in fact the core of the old Roman Empire and the Pope is in fact the EMPEROR, disguised as a religious leader.

    It's the most RUTHLESS MAFIA-organization in history, controlling the WHOLE world through the POWER of MONEY.

    Follow the MONEY and it'll lead you to the's that simple.

    So even though you may not believe in ANYTHING: the Pope believes in LUCIFER and he's MORE than willing to ENSLAVE you or MURDER you, in case you don't obey.

    President 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. , or Barry Davis) is his MUPPET, and Joseph Biden is Obama's supervisor.


    PS: the Roman Catholic church has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ, except for the fact that this death cult is the exact opposite of the noble intentions of Jesus.
    'Christ-mass', for example, isn't about his birth, but about his DESTRUCTION.
    'Merry Christmas' means: 'GLAD that JESUS is DEAD'

  4. +Annie Oakley
    No, they can't.
    Don't worry about these witches or the devil himself.
    Focus on JESUS and Satan will flee.

    I LOVE to annoy Satan, and mentioning the name of JESUS is such a great way to do so.
    I also like to bombard withes, satanists, devil worshipers etc. with the name of JESUS.

    PS: you meant hear instead of here.
    Annie Oakley
    Yesterday 11:45 PM

    rebellion...yep and more and more and more and more.....
    can they here us now?

  5. Atheist sees Hitler, Child Killer's & Witchcraft Hell - Black Juju - And he gets saved by JESUS
    Hans S
    Hans S2 seconds ago
    Nice cover by a girl who wasn't even born when the better original came out.
    It doesn't matter: JESUS loves you people!
    He's the inventor of DEATH and He OVERCAME!


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