zondag 14 juni 2015



STUPID VIDEOS: Barack Obama Anti-Christ ?

JESUS did NOT start 'Christianity', but a LIVING ORGANISM of believers in Him who LOVE Him and each other.

People who only want to love JESUS, but not their brothers and sisters, or the other way around, don't get it!

JESUS did and does not save 'kind and nice' people but His ENEMIES!

I'm a JESUS Christian!

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  1. +Jim Beckwith
    You can tell the truth as much as you want, but that wasn't my question: will there only be Jim Beckwiths in heaven, was my question.

    I know this: God, aka JESUS was being SLAUGHTERED by his OWN INVENTIONS and He ALLOWED it to happen in order to SAVE them.

    He didn't die for friends, but for CRIMINALS and ENEMIES!

    Everyone is by nature an ENEMY of God, and then an enemy of God gets saved and he or she is telling another saved, former enemy of God 'YOU ARE A FALSE TEACHER!' or 'YOU ARE A PIG!'.

    If you can prove you have created me and DIED for me on the cross, I give you all the authority you deserve.

    But ONLY JESUS, aka God created me and saved me, so I ONLY listen to Him.

    If I would have relied on the 'love of Christians' I would have quit following JESUS a long time before.

    I'm here to ATTACK the Vatican NWO and SATAN!

    I'm NOT here to SLAUGHTER fellow believers in JESUS and I won't allow fellow believers in JESUS to SLAUGHTER me.

  2. +Jim Beckwith
    Please go tell the unbelievers they're lost without JESUS.

    I have no time for these kinds of discussions: I've already had them FOR YEARS on Dutch sites and it was ABOUT the SAME kinds of things.

    I've learned a thing or two from brother Les Feldick, thanks to +Joyce Ben who provided links to his sermons, and I thank God-JESUS for that.

    I've unfollowed Mark Nahe (but I didn't block him), because he was trying to give me the responsibility for trying to persuade you to unblock him.

    I'm fed up with this game and I'm not here on Google+ to play by THEIR rules, but only to the rules of JESUS, and Google+ is serving SATAN and they made it possible that people can block each other, and Satan is laughing....

  3. +Gabriela Nita Moniz Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart- My Heart Belongs to Him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfNxHoGtEvE
    This is the song I played and sang most in the beginning of my conversion.

  4. +Jim Beckwith
    Real friends also dare to tell each other what they think, because real friends aren't AFRAID of each other.

    Love and fear don't go together.

    The only person I FEAR and LOVE at the same time is my FATHER, God.
    But He's also my best FRIEND: JESUS!

  5. +Tee Eff
    SO WHAT?
    She may say whatever she wants, and I do the same.

    I've told her already what I think of her and her philosophies, and I won't repeat myself.

    I treat her just like I treat me blood sister who doesn't (yet) believe what I believe.

    I've got another sister who does believe what I believe, and she's been a real 'dirty sinner' too, just like me, but that's what JESUS died for on the cross and He did it out of LOVE!

    +Tanya Simmonds Hi Tanya!

    CHRISTIANITY MAKES ME SICK! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/06/christianity-makes-me-sick.html

  6. +Patrick TheBaptist HUH??
    This isn't even your thread!
    I came her with FRIENDLY INTENTIONS and I gave your first comment a +1.

    Are you always this unfriendly to people you don't know, and I'm not even an English speaker, but Dutch?
    How old were you when JESUS saved me on January 15, 1984?

    Is your way of responding the product of 'once saved always saved'?

    It reminds me of 'once a criminal, always a criminal, but I'll get to heaven anyhow, whether JESUS likes it or not, or else I SHOOT my way into the Kingdom of God!'.

    Hans, 55, former atheist and follower of JESUS Christ, who happens to be God almighty, and I'm not a follower of someone who's calling himself Patrick TheBaptist.

    Btw: why do you call yourself 'The Baptist'?

    We don't need to be baptized!
    When we get water baptized in this time of God's dispensation of grace, all we get is wet! https://plus.google.com/+RosarioDiPeri/posts/jYyUcQ5C2ac

    Btw2: this article was published by a MAN (a human with testicles and too much testosterone in his blood) who has BLOCKED me, because of his GOD-COMPLEX and his KJV ONLYISM.

    The GENEVA BIBLE is the best English translation! https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=James+1%3A8&version=GNV

    ....There are lots of crazy idiots and PSYCHOPATHS on the net....LORD HAVE MERCY!....

    But then again: Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/03/thank-god-for-creation-of-animals.html


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