Sunday, June 28, 2015

Illuminati Wife Tells All - Illuminati = JESUITS!

Illuminati Wife Tells All - Illuminati = JESUITS!

Published on Jun 2, 2015
Illuminati Wife Tells All - Part 1 of 4
A MUST SEE interview with Kay Griggs


  1. +islandonlinenews Amen, but it's Jesus is THE Lord.
    JESUS is THE LORD of lords and THE KING of kings.

    Hans S
    3:04 AM

    +Serve Allah Shut up Satan, in JESUS name!
    Anyone who asserts that JESUS is NOT God is of the DEVIL!
    Hans S
    3:19 AM

    +Serve Allah The allah of the quran is SATAN and a LIAR and you're a liar too and an adherent of Muhammad the decapitator, rapist, child molester, killer, extortionist, necrophiliac, pedophile, thief, robber, possessed, idiot, imbecile, monster from hell etc. etc. etc. etc.
    JESUS loves you, and He died for your sins and rose from the dead for you, but Muhammad did NOTHING for you.
    Islam was concocted by the VATICAN:

  2. +Denver Prophit Jr. >>Cowardism hides in the face of truth. So many bigoted comments from persons who will not reveal their identity.<<
    Amen, and many of them pretend to be followers of JESUS, but they seem to be afraid to suffer and die for Him, because they don't even show their faces or simply reveal their true (first) name.

    The CIA-NSA already knows who we are, and so does the DEVIL, but I'm not afraid of 'Mr. evil' and my face and identity is NOT my invention, but God's!


    Message to the CIA-NSA, 'Obama' and Antichrist Pope 'Francis':


    Your reward for working for the Vatican NWO and LUCIFER will be the lake of fire.


    You started life as a tiny EMBRYO, just like anybody else, but you enjoy to follow the BIGGEST LOSER in history: SATAN, aka the former Cherub, Morning Star.

    I know you OWN Google and Google+YouTube and you know I'm here to ANNOY you in JESUS' name!

  3. This is what I mean: someone who just BEGS to be burned in the lake of fire, by telling satanic lies on behalf of the JESUITS, the enemies of JESUS Christ, God almighty.

  4. +Antoinette Kalaj Wow, we haven't even had an encounter before and you've already blocked me....
    Typical Nyx the witch tactics.

    >>And practice your religion in peace<<

    Please NO!

    True Islam is MURDERING and TERRORIZING people!

    It was created by the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT!

    >>I believe in The Lord (our father), ...Jesus Christ (son of God) the Holy Spirit, and the Virgin Mother Mary<<

    Sounds very Catholic.

    JESUS being the SON of God, means God in the capacity of a SINLESS MAN.

    JESUS is God!

    The Holy Spirit is God in spiritual capacity: God is JESUS!

    The Virgin Mother Mary: she was a (Jewish) virgin (about 18 years old), that's true, but after the birth of her first child, Jesus the Christ, she had several other children and they were being conceived through normal sexuality between her and her husband Joseph.

    The Catholic 'Mary' is someone else:

  5. +Serve Allah
    Muhammad was a DISGUSTING PERVERT!

    If you don't want to burn forever, you need to turn to the only one who wants to love you, despite your CRIMINAL way of thinking: JESUS Christ, God manifested in the flesh.
    Start to read the Bible or commit spiritual suicide.


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