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Les Feldick - Why We Stand On a Pre Trib Rapture


Les Feldick - Why We Stand On a Pre Trib Rapture

Published on Feb 9, 2014

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  1. +Allan H Channel
    All due to the CATHOLIC replacement theology FABRICATION.

    Hans S
    1:52 PM

    +Allan H Channel
    Recommended: Les Feldick - Why We Stand On a Pre Trib Rapture http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/06/les-feldick-why-we-stand-on-pre-trib.html

  2. +NICK ZERONIAN You're a false teacher yourself concerning the rapture, because the purpose of being born again is GOD's LOVE, through His alter ego JESUS, in order to SAVE people, through His BLOOD, from HIS WRATH: the eternal punishment in the lake of fire, and to make them HIS adopted children for eternity.
    Furthermore: the Body of Christ is NOT appointed to God's WRATH, unless one believes in a SADISTIC Father who loves to watch His children suffer and die through the hands of the minions of the Antichrist=the Pope of Rome.
    You're misled by the Roman Catholic replacement theology which asserts that the 'church' has replaced God's JEWISH, chosen people, which is a big fat satanic lie from hell.

    Be informed and stop attacking believers in JESUS who are awaiting the BLESSED HOPE of Titus 2,13
    13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ

    Listen to this SOUND teaching and WISE UP: Les Feldick - Why We Stand On a Pre Trib Rapture http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/06/les-feldick-why-we-stand-on-pre-trib.html

    Do you really want to go heaven?
    Is JESUS really your Lord and Savior?

    Or are you planning to act the same in the presence of JESUS?
    Only CHILDREN enter the Kingdom of God!
    Yes, the Father and the Son are One.
    JESUS is GOD is JESUS!
    Have you ever tried to explain this to atheists and satanists?

  4. +Jim Beckwith
    'MY World English Bible'?

    The BEST Bible is in it's original form: in Hebrew and Greek.
    Of all the English translations the KJV is overall the best...but it's not perfect.

    I'm so glad I'm not attached to a version this or that, and also not in my own Dutch language.

    I'm so glad I can online compare versions with each other, and in the case of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 the WEB is better than the KJV.

    You don't agree.. so be it.

    But please read this: What does "except there come a falling away first" in 2 Thess. 2:3 mean? http://www.biblefood.com/apostasia.html

  5. +jusss m3
    Be careful when listening to Roman Catholic 'priests'!

    The Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of Satan, so don't trust ANYTHING that's coming from this evil organization!

    The fact that WE are still here and JESUS within us, is the REASON that the two beasts have not yet been activated.

    But I do believe they have been IDENTIFIED: Pope Francis as the Antichrist and 'Obama' as the deceiving False Prophet (of 'peace, prosperity and equal sharing'). http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/02/pope-francis-luciferian-number-13.html

  6. +Jim Beckwith
    The word RAPTURE in not in the Bible, but the word DEPARTURE or DEPARTING is, if one is willing to accept that the KJV is GOOD, but NOT perfect.

    The Geneva translation is very good, and especially concerning the rapture! https://plus.google.com/106087908907898703754/posts/NpZXUBRG9CJ

  7. +Ken Crozier
    I know many people are so used to the word 'church', but I'm an ex-atheist who HATED churches
    , because they represent DEAD RELIGION, which kept me AWAY from Salvation through JESUS, and I rather use the term BODY of CHRIST.

  8. +sweetT365 "So are you declaring that Jesus Christ is not the one and only sacrifice for THE JEWS"

    You need to read the New Testament again, because you've clearly missed an important message.

    But let me help you out: Les Feldick - Why We Stand On a Pre Trib Rapture http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/06/les-feldick-why-we-stand-on-pre-trib.html

  9. +Elaine Reid What you're saying is Roman Catholic doctrine! The Roman Catholic CULT doesn't teach a pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, because the Vatican HATES the Jews=JACOB=ISRAEL and it teaches the LIE that the 'church' has 'replaced' the Jewish people as God's chosen people. The TIMES of JACOB'S TROUBLE (wrongfully called 'the tribulation') is about ISRAEL and NOT about the Body of Christ. But if you want to experience God's WRATH and if you want to be persecuted and arrested and beheaded, then who am I to STOP you?

  10. +Jim Beckwith >>Mat 27:23 And the governor said, Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying, Let him be crucified.<<

    Yes, a FEW JEWS wanted JESUS to be crucified, but they didn't do it themselves because they wanted to STONE Him to death!

    Now, because of a MINORITY of JEWS, of the so called 'elite', the people are YELLING 'THE Jews have crucified JESUS', or even WORSE; 'THE Jews have MURDERED GOD!', because that's what the EVIL Roman Catholics say.

    The same with Germany, 1933: 33% voted for Adolf Hitler, the MUPPET of Pope Pius XII, the most EVIL man of the 20th century, but 67% DID NOT vote for this SATANIC SCUMBAG of the Vatican NWO during that time.

    Yet the WHOLE world HATED ALL Germans, and Roosevelt (servant of the Vatican NWO) even wanted to annihilate the WHOLE German population through forced sterilization of all German women.

    Thank God he was stopped.

    'Nazi-Germany' did NOT lose the war: in 1943 Nazi-POWER went to AMERICA, because it's all JESUIT controlled, and 'Nazi-Germany' became 'Nazi-America'.

    When Hitler invaded in June 1941, Fr Stalin -- against every other example of ruthless judgment to protect his own power -- seemingly invited for his troops to be slaughtered and defeated by refusing his generals to fully engage, then having the generals executed and then repeating the bizarre process almost up to Moscow.
    However, by the bleak Russian winter of December 1941, the jaws of the Jesuit Soviet Machine clamped down shut on the legs of the German Army. From this point on, the fate of the Nazi dream and power were sealed.
    For such a loyal German Jesuit as Fr Himmler S.J. such deliberate trickery by Ledochowski would have been devastating and unforgivable. The Jesuits had shifted their power away from Germany, France and Italy to America -- for the first time in the order's history.
    On December 13, 1942 (aged 76) Count Wladimir Ledochowski died suddenly --almost certainly murdered by the very best assassins of Fr. Himmler for his treachery in dooming the German-Swiss –French “Illuminati” Jesuits.
    Technically this act immediately plunged the Jesuits into Civil War. Unable to convene a General Congregation until the end of the War --when all Jesuits have permission to elect their leader --Vicar General Norbert de Boyne could not be made Superior General. This left the American Jesuits, led by Fr Edmund Walsh S.J. free to pursue their agenda along with other international factions.

    Now, should I HATE ALL Americans, because of this?

    Because 'your' country has become THE MOST EVIL COUNTRY in HISTORY?

    Of course not!

    But it's a fact that the USA has become the springboard for the future UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD under Antichrist Francis and False Prophet 'Obama', LIAR in chief of the MILITARY ARM of the Vatican.

    JESUS is going to DESTROY this EVIL system and yes, also BAD JEWS are involved, just like during the time when JESUS was on earth.

    JESUS is going to rescue ONE THIRD of His chosen people!

    NO OTHER people on earth has been given this GUARANTEE that ONE THIRD of them will be saved.

    This PROVES how SPECIAL the Jews are to JESUS the JEW!

    God is a JEW: He's JESUS!

  11. +Catherine Scarborough
    JESUS is going to save the remnant of His people at the very last moment!
    It will be VERY DRAMATIC!

    It will be like Joseph who revealed himself to his brothers and they wept, first of GUILT and later of JOY.

    Daniel 12:10 is not referring to the current situation.

    We are part of the MYSTERY, called the Body of Christ.

    More insight into this: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/06/les-feldick-why-we-stand-on-pre-trib.html

    JESUS is with us, Catherine!

  12. +SheaSheaOnUrTUBE Don't you think I don't love you anymore, because you don't believe in the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture anymore!
    I'm going to grab you when the rapture occurs and you go with me to where JESUS is! Read this again and you said 'Amen..<3' : Published on Dec 31, 2013ORIGINAL CHRISTIAN MUSIC VIDEO AND LYRICS BY DENNIS VAN NICE . I am a christian musician of sorts who believes in the rapture, the catching away of the saints

  13. +QuietBuck Yes, the version of the JESUITS of the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture-teaching is SATANIC!

    Rapture under attack! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2012/02/rapture-under-attack.html Rapture and prophecy http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Opname%20en%20profetie-Rapture%20and%20prophecy
    Mysterious Body of Christ http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Mysterious%20Body%20of%20Christ
    Gospel of GRACE http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Gospel%20of%20GRACE Replacement Lie http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Replacement%20Lie

  14. +QuietBuck Satan, you're INSANE!

    JESUS will help you to get rid of your insanity when you'll BURN in the lake of FIRE.

    Then you'll confess that JESUS is THE LORD=the BOSS!

  15. +QuietBuck You're so very LOST without JESUS Christ! No go and preach to JESUS Himself and not to me and try to convince (Y)OUR creator He got it all WRONG and you're so 'very RIGHT'.
    You were MUCH smarter when you were an EMBRYO! Now you're only PRODUCING GARBAGE! JESUS GOD, manifested in the flesh=human capacity and HE IS LORD of lords and KING of kings.

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    1. +Jeff Spencer Amen and Gog & Magog will occur TWICE: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/04/gog-is-demon-king.html


      Jeff Spencer's profile photo
      Jeff Spencer
      The calling of the body of Christ, (Rapture), The seven years of the tribulation. The earthly reign of Jesus for 1000 years here on earth, the final battle of Gog and Magog, the judgement of satin and his followers to everlasting torment, the transformation of the believers to their glorified bodies. The earth and the heavens will melt away with fervent heat, then the Lord will make a new heaven and a new earth where we will dwell with the Lord forever.


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