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Obama demands Christians Deny Jesus!

Obama demands Christians Deny Jesus!

Published on Jun 28, 2015
Back in April I did a video of how Hillary Clinton demanded Christians needed to ignore what the Bible says and bow to the demands of a sinful society. Now that homosexual marriage is legalized, we see Obama saying the very same thing only this time directly associating it with homosexual marriage. He is demanding everyone deny the teachings of Jesus Christ and simply accept same sex marriage. And yes, what we see happening today is exactly what Noah saw in his day. Right down to the legalization of same sex marriage! That in fact is what moved God to flood the planet. That is why the homosexuals keep waving the rainbow flag! Satan is moving them to mock God's promise. 

Links mentioned in video:
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Clinton Demands Christians Deny Jesus!

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  1. +bbigham2585 'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) is NOT a 'black' man (a 100% African American) because his mother was a 'WHITE' woman.
    I don't like the words 'black and white', because 'Obama' has a BROWN skin and I have a PALER skin, which can get a TAN.

    Obama is NOT the Antichrist, but the MUPPET of the REAL ANTICHRIST: Pope Francis:

    And something else: there is only ONE race: the HUMAN race!

    God=JESUS made the outward differences between people, but we all derive from Noah and his family, and before that from Adam and Eve.

  2. +HarvestArmy Hi Shana, please make a distinction between the (Roman Catholic) 'church' and the BODY of CHRIST.

    The Body of Christ has NOTHING to do with 'same sex' and SODOMY, but the SATANIC ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT!

    The Body of Christ is the Body OF!!!! Christ JESUS and He's keeping HIS!!! Body PURE!

    And don't you worry, because the Body of Christ is SOON going to be EVACUATED: Rapture and prophecy

    Don't forget to be HAPPY, because Satan wants to STEAL the JOY of our SALVATION through our Lord JESUS Christ, God, manifested in the flesh.

    'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr, or Barry Davis) is a SERVANT of LUCIFER and Pope Francis too, so don't WASTE your time and prayers on them, but focus on people who want to listen!

    THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST AND OBAMA IS HIS MUPPET PS: you're quite pretty, but that's God's responsibility: He's our INVENTOR. ;-))

    1. +54t4n5w0r5tn1ghtm4r3 Don't call a beloved of God-the Lord JESUS 'pussycat', and you're lost without JESUS Christ. God has made her pretty, but that doesn't mean you have the right to call her 'pussycat'.


  3. +Roy Cooper My pleasure!
    The words were of +shereesings4Jesus Christ
    JESUS is with us!

    Hans S 1 second ago
    +Roy Cooper I'm the son of an alcoholic and he died because of it when he was 53 and I was 25.
    I'm 55 now.
    I'm saved since January 15, 1984, thanks to JESUS.

  4. +Roy Cooper
    I believe my dad got saved at the last minute while he was bleeding to death inside on the operation table of a strange hospital in a strange place.

    Shortly before his sudden death, I was able to tell him that God wanted to be his FATHER too.
    He thought I had become insane, because he was an atheist and I used to be an atheist myself in the past.

    Bu I'm sure that when he was dying, he became a believer while he was in shock, like a mortally wounded animal in the jaws of a predator.

    He was a VERY proud man, as proud as Hitler, and he almost killed me when I was 15, and since then he had no authority over me anymore.

    He blew it, but I used to admire him when I was a child, though he also tried to kill me back then, my mom told me.

    Somehow I was his worst enemy, and I know why: my mom and his wife.

    For some reason he thought I was stealing his woman away from mother!!


    He used to be a whore monger while he was a ships engineer, sailing all over the world.

    When my mom was pregnant of me, he was away for a year.
    She used to be a whore, but she denies it, but my dad disclosed this to me, shortly before he died.
    She still lives and she's almost 87, and she's a non practicing Catholic.
    She's not yet born again and saved.

    Once my dad yelled at me in public 'DROP DEAD!'.
    This happened when I was already a follower of JESUS.

    But I threatened to shoot him if he would ever try to threaten me again, after he would have tried to kill me and would have failed to kill me.

    This is what I shouted at him in his own favorite bar, where he was among his so called friends.

    The next day he came to me, to my favorite bar, where I was drinking a cup of coffee while I was reading the newspaper.

    He was very drunk, but I could see in his eyes that he was broken: God had broken his pride because I dared to go against him in front of his bar 'mates', and I was already a follower of JESUS.

    He asked me if I was still angry at him.

    I said 'no dad, I'm not angry at you, but saddened by your behavior'.

    I have forgiven him everything, but I used to HATE him and my mother too.

    JESUS says HATE is MURDER.

    I have forgiven my parents, because they made me and they DESTROYED me!

    But I must add that God showed me that I was no better than them.

    I tried to understand them and I did everything possible concerning sins so that I would be able to understand them and reconcile with them.

    I have been 'running with the devil' myself and God=JESUS saved me just before the gates of hell, so to speak:

    That's why I say 'I'm DEAD without JESUS!'.

    Alcoholism is a DEVIL and it destroys everything.
    Due to his drinking, his marriage ended in divorce, but my parents still loved each other, but they couldn't live with each other, and also because of his 5 children, of which I'm the 2nd.

    I'm glad God took you out of this slow way of committing suicide and saved you, thanks to JESUS!

    JESUS is with us!

    Hans from the Netherlands.

    1. +Billy Your Brother My dad yelled at me I had become insane, when I had communicated to him that God wanted to become his Father too.
      He was an atheist and a scoffer.

      But now he's a believer, because God-the Lord JESUS broke his pride when he was dying like a mortally wounded animal in the jaws of a predator,
      This happened on the 27th of July, 1985, and he was 53 and I was 25.

      When he was dying, I was drowning in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, amidst huge, ice cold a dream.

      In this dimension and 'reality' I didn't know what had happened, but when I awoke from my dream the doorbell rang and the eldest of my 2 younger sisters was at the door all in tears, telling me about the sudden death of our father, who used to be a ships engineer, who sailed all over the world.

      It didn't surprise me at all.

      I awoke just at the moment of my own death.

      My mom was so shocked that she was in a trance of grief

      My 2 brothers and 2 sisters were very worried about her.

      Then I sat next to her and talked like my dad, and said 'Honey it's me...Joop (say Yope)', and I put my arm around her and held her tight, and then she looked at me, being very surprised and called the name of her dead ex-husband (they were divorced, but they still loved each other), my dad, and she became 'normal' again, which meant that she was then looking very angry at me, because I was her son Hans and not her beloved Joop (Yope).

      My brothers and sisters were bewildered about this.

      Before I almost drowned in the Atlantic ocean, I was in the water in front of the Cornish coast of south west England and I looked up and I saw my mother standing in a niche in the rocks and she looked like a Mary statue.
      Then a strong current took me away, toward the middle of the Atlantic, and I yelled at my mother 'YOU'RE ABANDONING ME!'.

      She didn't respond....

      At the same time my younger sister, who lived in Cornwall in the past, with her first English husband, was sleeping and she dreamed that her dad came flying into the bedroom, while he looked good and much younger, and he was cheerful and he waved at his youngest child and called her name, and he said 'bye, dear Sonja' (say Sonya), and then he went out again through the open bedroom window.

      In reality this bedroom window was always open!

      My (then unsaved, but who later became born again) sister said he looked like an angel.

      I believe my dad received the UNDESERVED MERCY of God when he died, because of me, because at that time i was the only saved person of my entire family, and I had told him about JESUS and I had prayed for him, even though I hated him at the time, because he had almost killed me when I was 15.

      As long there is life, there is hope...also for your beloved!

  5. +Swiss Knight Obama is a SODOMITE and a SATANIST and the MUPPET of ANTICHRIST, Pope Francis.

  6. Oh, and the other guy is Hitler

  7. I believe the Vatican has already invested so much in 'Obama' that they need him for a 'third term', which means MARTIAL LAW and DICTATORSHIP.
    Donald Trump is being used in order to give the ILLUSION of CHOICE.
    But the Vatican has everything under control on behalf of LUCIFER.

  8. Reacties
    1. +Teresa Changed Dear Sister, before the settlers came to the 'New World', the Vatican and Lucifer had already claimed it for their evil purposes: The Papal Colonization of America

      I believe the USA is the 2nd beast system of Revelation 13 and 'Obama' is the 2nd beast.
      The Pope/Papacy is the 1st beast (system).
      The Roman Empire, disguised as a religious organization.

      We're CITIZENS of heaven and NOT of this world!

      Our Lord JESUS is with us!

      Very good sermon on the rapture: Pastor James Knox The New Testament Church IS NOT The Nation of Israel Part 2


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