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Gepubliceerd op 17 apr. 2014


"Second Coming"
I couldn't tell if the bells were getting louder the songs they ring I finally recognize
I only know hell is getting hotter the devil's getting smarter all the time
And it would be nice to walk upon the water to talk again to angels on my side
Time is getting closer I read it on a poster fanatical exposers on corners prophecy
It would be nice to walk upon the water to talk again to angels at my side
I just come back to show you all my words are golden so have no gods before me I'm the light


Rapture Ballad: I WANNA GET OUTTA HERE! Are you livin' for the bell?



This kind of music and these kinds of Lyrics were my gospel before I had ever read a Bible and before I believed in the existence of God

God used music and lyrics like these in order to reach out to me


Mr Universe - my conversion song



Meet my ENEMY: Pope Francis!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. +Michael York
    Thanks, Michael, and I did appreciate much of what was being said by the brothers in JESUS in the video, but I MISSED revelations about the role of the Vatican and the Papacy.

    Israel is fantastic.
    This really is God's own country.

    Vincent Furnier (Alice C) is just as important to God-the Lord JESUS as you and me: VERY important, because we are HIS children!

    JESUS is with us!

  2. +Michael York
    Yeah..reverend Smithy ...ha ha!

    I see the battle between Go(o)d and (the d)evil as a play of chess.

    White wins and Satan knows it!


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