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by Cooper P Abrams III

+Hans S your post saddened me. You speak as a Catholic Church father . I will be short in reply. First, Gd did not silence women. It was men who did with their traditions and Talmudic laws. G-d used women freely in OT times and even more today after outpouring of Holy Spirit.
Second, when you said that Eve gave bad reputation to women - BUT JESUS. Restored the reputation! There is nothing that Eve did that Jesus did not restore ! After sin, Gd put Eve to His side! He declared enemity between satan and a woman , the enemy of satan is a friend of Gd! Yet eve was declared
an enemy of satan! It was through a woman that promised seed would come. Man had nothing to do with it. You made so many mistakes in your post Hans. That tells me more teachings are needed. Humble yourselves and stop saying such lies about women. Because Your Lord says that whoever is first shall be very last and a slave of all. How come you are still stuck on first sin? Does cross mean anything? Did you know that Jesus took all condemnation away on that cross? Ad if Jesus died for women, than why are you putting women back to condemnation.. You have a major conflict here. We either believe that eves sin is forgiven or not. Was blood of jesus sufficient to wash away sin or not..which one is it Hans? Millions of false leaders today are men. They are taking with them women who follow them to hell. If Gd could raise a woman to lead a nation back then before Jesus came, he can do it again more so now. Male and female are both Adam, both equally human and both commissioned for the same thing as co rulers in the kingdom. Of course they can preach and teach... I would say they MUST obey Gds call rather then men's traditions. They are free for Jesus made them free.

Hans S
8:36 PM
+Steven Ben-DeNoon
Steven, it seems you have a problem with the Apostle Paul, and he was BY NO MEANS a ROMAN CATHOLIC!

Let the word of God speak:

"Let the woman learn in silence, with all subjection. But I do not allow a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, was in the transgression" (1 Tim. 2:11-14). "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak: but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also says the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. What? came the word of God out from you? or came it unto you only? If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord" (1 Cor. 14:34-37). How could a woman possibly be a pastor when she is forbidden to teach or to have any authority over men? Women can only be pastors if they openly disobey the Bible's teaching. Further, the Lord Jesus Christ appointed no female apostles. All of them were men. The standards for pastors apply strictly to men. Only a man can be the "husband of one wife" and can "rule his own house well" (1 Tim. 3:2,4; Titus 1:6).


I have a wife and we have a relationship for over 30 years.
All goes well between us, unless she (tries to) take(s) over the lead and then we have a CONFLICT.
I once went to a congregation, where she comes more often, and my sister accompanied us, who's also a sister in the Lord JESUS.
I woman started to speak, and at first I thought she was only doing the announcements concerning this assembly, but she turned out to be the preacher.
I stood up and left the place.
My wife and my sister agreed with me, but I didn't do this because of them, but because of the word of God!

After this I learned from my wife that my action had caused discussions among the men, and the result was that those men who were in favor of female preachers were overruled by brothers who were against it.

Were these brothers also 'Roman Catholic church fathers'?

Do you realize how important the role of women already is????

All people are born out of WOMEN and MOTHERS play a pivotal role in the upbringing of both men and women!

If the mother is a God-fearing, Bible believing follower of JESUS, it's an enormous BLESSING.
But if the mother is an adherent of false teachings (and MOST women and mothers are in this world!), this is a DISASTER!

Take for example MUSLIM mothers: they teach their children it's normal to DESPISE Jews and believers in JESUS Christ (Bible believing Christians), because their SATANIC 'holy book' tells them so.

They teach their children that JESUS is NOT God, but only a prophet.

They teach their children that Islam will rule the whole world.

Take for example Roman Catholic mothers: they teach their children that the Pope is the head of the Body of Christ and that 'Mary' is the co-redeemer of God.
They teach their children all kinds of unbiblical things, which is keeping them UNSAVED.

Take for example religious Jewish mothers: they teach their children that Christianity is the enemy of the Jews and to stay far away from it.

Yes, they are RIGHT: Roman Catholic 'Christianity' is the enemy of the Jews!

But Messiah Yeshua, JESUS the Christ, is NOT their enemy, because He wants to be their BEST FRIEND and their GOD, and He didn't start 'Christianity' od a 'church', but the Body of Christ, which is a LIVING ORGANISM, consisting of born again followers of JESUS!

Satan used and uses the false teachings of the Roman Catholic CULT in order to generate resentments among Jews against their OWN redeemer!

Fortunately there are testimonies of Jewish people who have found JESUS as their Savior, despite their religious upbringing.

I could go on with HINDU mothers and mothers with other false teachings, but I've made may point: Women are already tremendously important in this world!

Then children go to school and also within the school system women are very influential for better or for worse.

Fortunately I had a FEMALE teacher at a Protestant kindergarten during one school season, who could read very well aloud from the children's Bible and I believed everything she said, and thanks to her I believed it, and mind you that at home I had a non-practicing Catholic mother with almost no Biblical knowledge who wasn't allowed to tell her children anything about God-JESUS and her faith due to her ATHEIST husband: my dad!

But then the PAGAN-Catholic 'Sinterklaas' (the Dutch forerunner of Santa Claus) visited this school and I thought he was GOD!

He was so very impressive with his garment, mitre, staff, white hair and beard and mustache and his low voice, that he reminded me of God, described in Revelation 1.


'Adults' had LIED to me and even my own mother, and so I decided that God also didn't exist and then I went to public schools: elementary school and high school.

At high school I was being taught the theory of evolution, and I turned into an ATHEIST.

Atheism is a form of SATANISM!

Okay, what does this have to do with the role of women within the Body of Christ?

Female believers in JESUS who ACKNOWLEDGE the ENORMOUS influence they ALREADY HAVE on CHILDREN, and children are the FUTURE ADULTS, have NO problem in leaving the authority within the Body of Christ to MEN.

They know it's in their own self interest.

If they go against it they put a CURSE on their assembly!

Who's curse?

God's curse!

Steven, I like you as a man and a person, and the fact that you're also a Jew doesn't make you better or worse than a non-Jew, but my best friend is a JEW, and I urge you to listen to Him.

He saved SHAUL (Saulus) and turned him into the Apostle Paul.

I urge you to learn that we're in fact followers of the Apostle Paul, AUTHORIZED by JESUS.

In the past your people were followers of Moses, AUTHORIZED by the God of Israel, who told Moses His name: 'I AM, who I AM', and in short 'I AM'.

This simple and wonderful name had been HIDDEN for centuries, and people came up with all kinds of names for God: YHVH, YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai Ha-Shem etc etc.

But a SMALL CHILD can know that His name is SIMPLY 'I AM'.


I was about that age when I heard about JESUS for the first time in my life at that Protestant kindergarten.

I also DISTRUST 'adults' from that age BECAUSE THEY HAD LIED TO ME!

Most adults are LIARS!

Most of them even don't realize it!

I ONLY trust God and JESUS is God, because He is the GREAT 'I AM' in the role of SAVIOR.

I LOVE women and if they wouldn't exist I would have CREATED them!

But women should learn that MEN are in fact SUPER 'woMEN'!

Men can be turned into women and there is outwardly NO difference between male and female BABIES when they are about three months old in the WOMB!

Females can be turned into 'MEN', but it's IMPOSSIBLE to give them male reproductive organs and the same goes for men who turn into 'women'.

And something very important: every cell of their bodies SCREAMS 'I AM A MAN' or 'I AM A WOMAN', and I'm talking about the issue of transgenders.

I am a MAN, because ALL my cells bear the X-Y chromosome.

PLEASE watch these videos by brother Les Feldick:

I've learned a LOT from WOMEN!

Women are ALLOWED to write books and articles, or they can make videos, but LEADING a congregation is NOT their ASSIGNMENT and VOCATION.

Giving women the role of teachers and preachers within the context of an ASSEMBLY of believers in Christ JESUS is like saying this to JESUS:

'JESUS, step ASIDE, because know WE are going to teach you something you didn't yet know'.


Satan knew VERY well he wouldn't be able to DECEIVE Adam, and so he FIRST deceived Eve and the rest of the DISASTER is known.

Yes, there is enmity between the SERPENT and 'the WOMAN', and the RIGHTEOUS 'woman' is the SEED of Abraham!



The WHORE has no problem with PEDOPHILES, HOMOSEXUALS and even with FEMALE PREACHERS, as long as SATAN is RUNNING the SHOW!

I know Satan very well and I'm not proud of it.

He ALWAYS gets his chance when people don't stand FIRM on the word of God, and JESUS is the WORD.

I'm DUTCH, so my English is written in my Dutch way of thinking.

Hans, your fellow believer in JESUS the Christ.


The FIRST SATANIST on earth was a woMAN: EVE!

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  1. +Steven Ben-DeNoon Recovering Biblical Womanhood - Paul Washer

    Very good sermon and with a lot of humor.

  2. +Steven Ben-DeNoon >We are particularly taught by Christ that we are NOT to exercise any authority over one another. Your authority is never over another human being - fellow believer. You owe love to others not being a boss over them.<

    All believers in JESUS agree.....BUT in the context of an ASSEMBLY or GATHERING of believers in JESUS, there are RULES.

    Paul wasn't a 'boss', and he has been a former persecutor of believers in JESUS, but God granted him authority, because he was an Apostle, and a in particular a special Apostle for the Gentiles.

    Please watch these short videos, I agree with: The BIBLICAL Role Of A Woman - The BIBLE Truth

    >You all need to study deeply this issue because you are in sin for what you say and you are grieving the Holy Spirit in these women. What a shame. You look for power or authority over women? Shame on you!<

    Calm down Steven!

    Nobody is taken anything away from fellow, female believers in JESUS, but female believers who KNOW what the Holy Spirit=JESUS says through the Apostle Paul, and who LOVE JESUS, have no problem in respecting God's wishes, in the context of a holy gathering of men and women who worship JESUS.

    If a woman has something to say or teach OUTSIDE the context of an ASSEMBLY, then it is NO PROBLEM, but she must not strive to be a preacher, but someone who is bringing a MESSAGE, or someone who is passing on information.

    I have no problem with listening to a female believer who has interesting and important things to say in the context of a lecture.

    During a Bible study it's also no problem when female believers want to have their say.

    Something else: I know that many religious Jewish people write God as G'd or G-d, but the word God is NOT a name, just as the word MAN is not a name.

    There are NO letters available in order to express the enormity of God, and writing G'd gives non-Jews the idea that Jews always want to be different and special and maybe even superior.

    I know a very SPECIAL name for God, and in English it's JESUS!

    In Hebrew it's YESHUA!

    In my Dutch language it's JEZUS (say Yaysus).

    The meaning is the same: 'I AM (who I am) Salvation'.

    God in the capacity of Savior.

    Hey, what do you think about this? {{GoD}}

    It makes this word very special, don't you think?

    JESUS ©REATO® is with us!
    Hans S
    3:29 PM

    +Steven Ben-DeNoon
    PS: the word for God in Dutch is also God, but we pronounce the G as the JEWS and ARABS do!
    So we say CHOT, because we also pronounce the D in 'God' as a T.

    The Germans say Gott, and their G sounds like the English G.

    Goede middag! (Good afternoon) and say CHOODAH MIDDACH, so with a Hebrew G


  3. +Bozz#37
    +Steven Ben-DeNoon I once saw a documentary on TV about a British female evangelist in Hong Kong, which was then still a British Crown colony.

    She said that after she had encouraged people, and especially men, to make a decision for JESUS, and after she had taught them the basics of the gospel and had explained them how things work within the Body of Christ, she would STEP BACK as a female teacher in JESUS and let the male converts take over the lead in the (small) gathering.

    I still regard her as a very WISE sister in Christ JESUS, because I believe this is what JESUS wants.

    Of course such male converts couldn't tell anything new, but she respected God's order within the Body of Christ in the context of a holy gathering of believers in JESUS, both male and female.

  4. +sweetT365
    Yes, JESUS is father and mother in ONE....didn't you know that?

    Female Images of God in the Bible

    Bible verses about Feminine Characteristics in God

    What's your real name and why don't you show your face?

    Are you afraid of something?


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