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The Top 8 Websites that You're Not Supposed to See

#1. Our Political Leaders Worship Lucifer:

This webpage provides irrefutable evidence that our leaders meet at the Bohemian Grove to engage in Luciferian rituals:

#2. The Secret Agenda to Replace Christianity with New Age "Spirituality":

This webpage provides irrefutable evidence that the mass promotion of New Age "spirituality" is part of the New World Order agenda:

#3. Nikolas Schreck Admits to the Satanic Agenda to Destroy Christianity:

This website features a video of Nikolas Schreck admitting that the main goal of the New World Order is to destroy Christianity:

#4. The Pope is the Anti-Christ: 

This website exposes how the Vatican is the "Whore of Babylon" warned of in the Book of Revelation, and Catholicism is not true Christianity: 

#5. Macroevolution is a Lie:

This website exposes how macroevolution is a deception to indoctrinate the masses into atheism by destroying their belief in God: 

#6. The "Zeitgeist" Film is an Anti-Christian Hoax: 

This webpage features a 4-part video series, called Zeitgeist Debunked, that exposes the lie that Christianity is astrotheology in disguise:

#7: The North American Union:

This website provides irrefutable evidence that our political leaders are working to merge the U.S.A. with Canada and Mexico:

#8. Ex-Gay Video Testimonies:

If you are a Christian struggling with unwanted homosexual desires, visit this website to watch 50 ex-gay testimonies by Christians who have laid down their homosexuality. There is hope for renewal in Christ:

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Star Spangled Mind Control Tactics Exposed



Illuminati Wife Tells All - Illuminati = JESUITS!







  1. For anyone who is interested, consider the following....

    Catholic-Jesuit Control of the Mainstream Media

    Notice when TIME Magazine named Pope Francis their "person of the year" for 2013, all of the major media corporations chimed in to praise the decision. This is the same mainstream media known for mocking and attacking Christianity, yet they show immense respect and adoration for the Pope and the Catholic hierarchy.

    Have you ever wondered why the Illuminati owned and controlled media glorify promiscuity, homosexuality, pornography, murder and violence, yet mock and attack Christianity—almost always depicting Christians in a negative light? It will start to make sense to you when you realize that most of the top executives who control the mainstream media are Jesuit-trained alumni and members of Catholic orders. They are the Vatican's propaganda ministers.

    Let's look at the following list compiled in 2009:

    #1: Time Warner

    The owner is Jeff Bewkes. Until recently, the head was Richard Parsons, an associate of the Rockefellers, who are Papal Cohorts of the Jesuits.

    #2: The Walt Disney Company

    The man in charge is Robert Iger, but Director Emeritus is Roy Disney, who is a Papal Knight in the Roman Catholic Order of St. Gregory the Great. Also notable is the fact that since 1996, a man named Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J. has been on the board of the company. O'Donovan is a Jesuit priest and the former President of Georgetown University.

    #3: Viacom

    The man in charge of Viacom is Sumner Rothstein, who is trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University; another Jesuit-trained Zionist. Viacom's Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Thomas E. Dooley, is Roman Catholic, trained at the devoutly Roman Catholic St. John's University.

  2. #4: News Corp & 21st Century Fox

    Rupert Murdoch is a Knight of Malta, a Knight of St. Gregory the Great, and a Knight of the Equestrian Order. He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of global media holding company News Corporation, the world's second-largest media conglomerate, and its successors News Corp and 21st Century Fox after the conglomerate split. He also owns several mainstream newspapers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Jose María Aznar, the former President of Spain and a staunch Roman Catholic, is a director of News Corp. Another director of News Corp is Viet Dinh, the Roman Catholic law professor at the Jesuit Georgetown University who was the chief architect of the Patriot Act.

    #5: CBS Corporation

    CBS is owned by Viacom, which we've already covered. One of the directors of CBS Corporation, Joseph A. Califano, Jr., is a Roman Catholic man who was Jesuit-trained at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts. Califano is a Papal Knight of Malta. Another of their directors, Charles K. Gifford, is Chairman Emeritus of the Bank of America, which is 51% owned by the Jesuits and was founded by a Knight of Malta (A.P. Gianni). Another director is Robert D. Walter, who is Roman Catholic.

    #6: Cox Enterprises

    Cox Enterprises' founder was a supporter of the League of Nations and a supporter of Jesuit coadjutor Woodrow Wilson.

    #7: NBC Universal

    NBC Universal's president is Jeff Zucker, and it's Vice Chairman, Bob Wright, is a Roman Catholic man who was Jesuit-trained at the College of the Holy Cross. NBC Universal has close ties to the Blackstone Group, which is run by Peter G. Peterson, whose wife has been honored at a number of Jesuit universities, and Stephen Schwarzman, a member of the Papal Skull & Bones Society and a close friend of Cardinal Egan.

    #8: Gannett

    A major director at Gannet is Louis Boccardi, a Roman Catholic man who was Jesuit-trained at Fordham University, the Jesuit university of New York (The Papal Capitol of the USA).

    #9: Clear Channel

    Clear Channel is owned by Bain Capitol. The Vice President of Bain Capitol is Lisa Claussen, a Roman Catholic woman who was Jesuit-trained at Boston College. The Chief Financial Officer of Bain Capitol is Jay Corrigan, a Roman Catholic man who was Jesuit-trained at Fordham University. The Managing Director of Bain Capitol is Dewey Awad, a Roman Catholic man who was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University. The Executive Vice President of Bain Capitol, Patrick Lebreton, is a Roman Catholic man who was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University. Another executive at Bain is Phillip Carter, a Roman Catholic man who was Jesuit-trained at Boston College. Another executive at Bain is Amit Chandra, a Roman Catholic man who was Jesuit-trained at Boston College. Another executive at Bain is Susan Levine, who was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.

  3. #10: McGraw-Hills Companies

    Robert J. Bahash, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, is Roman Catholic, trained at the Roman Catholic Mount St. Mary's University.

    #11: Hearst Corporation

    Hearst is run by the Knights of Malta, a Vatican military order that has been called 'the Pope's militia' since its founding. It was founded by William Randolph Hearst, a Knight of Malta. The Nationwide Head of The Hearst Newspaper Group and the Vice President of the Hearst Corporation is Bob Danzig, a Knight of Malta. A director of Hearst Corporation and Executive Vice President of Hearst Magazines is Raymond J. Petersen, a Knight of Malta.

    #12: The Washington Post Company

    The Washington Post Company is run by Donald E. Graham, a member of the Jesuit/Vatican-controlled Bilderberg Group, which was founded by Joseph Retinger, a Jesuit priest and Knight of Malta, and Prince Bernhard, a Knight of Malta. The Senior Vice President of The Washington Company is Veronica Dillon, a Roman Catholic woman who was Jesuit-trained at Fordham University. A director, Anne M. Mulcahy, is a Roman Catholic woman, trained at a Jesuit-run Roman Catholic college.

    #13: The New York Times Company

    The Vice President and Assistant Controller of the NY Times Company is Vincenzo DiMaggio, a Roman Catholic man.

    #14: E.W. Scripps Company

    The Vice President of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations is Timothy A. King, who was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown College. The Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer is Mary Denise Kuprionis, a member of the board of trustees of a private Roman Catholic college (College of Mount St. Joseph). E. John Wolfzorn, the Treasurer for E.W. Scripps, is Roman Catholic.

    #15: Thomson Reuters

    Reuters (like most media) is controlled by the Papacy's CFR. Further, the CFR is controlled by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), which is controlled by the Vatican's Club of Rome.

    #16: Freedom Communications

    A major director at Freedman Communications is Raymond C. H. Bryan, who was Jesuit-trained at Fordham University.

    #17: A&E Television Networks

    A&E is owned by Hearst, which we've already seen is run by the Vatican's Knights of Malta.

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    Hans S
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    +Yotto O.
    Don't waste your time on BRAINWASHED IDIOTS FROM HELL!!

    Some people BEG to be ROASTED in the lake of fire, because they are so VERY, VERY EVIL!

    Well...they get what they want and they'll RECEIVE what they BELIEVE.


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