Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ukraine Exploding Into Major War

Ukraine Exploding Into Major War

Published on Jun 4, 2015
The Ukraine Parliment has voted to allow foreign troops into the battle field paving the way for NATO to enter the front lines engaging Russia head on. This War though sensless is part of the New World Order.

Steven did mention the Vatican and it's the VATICAN NEW WORLD ORDER, and there's NOTHING new about it, because it's the SAME OLD STORY!

It all stems from BABYLON!

Satan wants to rule the whole world and rule over EVERY INDIVIDUAL, and anyone who opposes him and his SATANIC world system will be KILLED or ENSLAVED, just what the ROMAN CATHOLIC NAZIS did, and also Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong who were trained by the JESUITS.

That's the ONLY thing Satan can do, apart from maiming and torturing people: being a FALLEN ANGEL and being a SUPERNATURAL entity, he LOVES to attack our VULNERABLE, MORTAL BODIES through the hands of CRIMINALS who are under his EVIL SPELL!

But he CAN'T win from someone's SPIRIT, provided a person has become a FOLLOWER of JESUS Christ, God almighty, manifested in the flesh!


  1. +Tuğba Erdal
    Yes, the Pope is the Vicar of Christ=the in place of Christ=BLASPHEMY!

    He's the Emperor or the Roman Empire, disguised as a 'Christian, religious leader'.
    He's the richest man on earth and he owns TRILLIONS, but he pretends to be poor.
    His god is LUCIFER and the man is a DISGUSTING PERVERT and a BABY EATER!
    Obama is a DISGUSTING SODOMITE and the Pope's major henchman.
    The USA is the military arm of the Vatican and so is NATO.
    The Vatican created Islam:

  2. +Tuğba Erdal
    Have you read the article The Vatican created Islam
    : ?

    This is INSIDE information from an EX-Jesuit priest and it was supposed to remain TOP-SECRET.

    They never expected that Alberto Rivera would become a REAL follower of JESUS!

    Ultimately he was killed by the Jesuits.

    That's what these devils always do.

    Some parts of the Quran are literally copies of FALSE Catholic 'gospels'!

  3. +Tuğba Erdal
    Simple question: is JESUS Christ your Lord and Savior?

    Hans S
    11:51 PM

    +regina riddle
    Almost good: the Pope is THE Antichrist!


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