Saturday, July 4, 2015

USA originated Nazism, Nazi Salutes, Robotic Chanting, Flag Fanaticism & the Modern Swastika





Roman Satanic EU


  1. +Wagner Paiva - Born again in Jesus I believe ALL Popes are Antichrists by default, because of the meaning of the term 'Vicar of Christ'=instead of Christ, or in place of Christ.

    The great DECEPTION is that people don't see that the Papacy is the EMPEROR of the Roman Empire, disguised as 'Christianity'.

    Every Pope is the real ruler of this world on behalf of Satan/Lucifer, and not people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Roosevelt/Truman in the past and Putin and Obama in the present.

    I used to think that Obama is the Antichrist, but that was before I've learned so much more about the real conspiracy.

    As soon as I discovered that the Papacy/the Pope is the true Antichrist and I began to proclaim it, Satan began to attack me, which gave me confirmation of my discovery.

    Satan tries to ridicule anyone who knows for SURE that the Pope is the Antichrist and that every 'world leader' is in fact merely a PUPPET or a PAWN.

    Satan doesn't want people to know about this!

    I admit that the deception is so incredible strong, that it took me a lot of time and learning to finally come to the conclusion that the Pope is the Antichrist.

    I believe Obama (Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis) is the False Prophet of 'peace, prosperity and equal sharing', who doesn't mind that people think he's the Antichrist, because he knows the truth and that he's a SERVANT of the Pope/Papacy.

    He knows that he's a dead man as soon as he would go against the Vatican/the Jesuits.

    The Jesuits killed Lincoln and Jacky Kennedy murdered her own husband on behalf of the CIA/the Jesuits.

    Please be informed: Washington D.C.'s original name was Rome, Maryland

  2. +Joyce the Jesus Freak The Vatican controlled Obama MADHOUSE was behind it themselves.
    IMBECILES rule the USA at the moment..and the EU too!
    IMBECILES in power in China too and all over the world, all serving the Papacy, and most people don't know the Pope is the BOSS of this world, disguised as a religious leader, and on behalf of LUCIFER, but he's in fact the EMPEROR of the Roman Empire. NOTHING has changed since the time of JESUS!

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    1. +Annie Oakley I real follower of JESUS doesn't need guns to defend him/herself against other PEOPLE (dangerous animals is another matter, and shooting someone in the leg in order to try to stop someone from committing a murder is also another thing), because we are called to LOVE even our ENEMIES and we don't love them by KILLING them, but this measure is clearly a sign that the PSYCHOPATH in CHIEF is taking away the RIGHT to own guns.

      Of course he's acting on behalf of the SATANIC Vatican, which wants to DESTROY MILLIONS and even BILLIONS of people, UNOPPOSED by 'annoying' gun owners.

      But God=JESUS will DESTROY the Vatican and its minions!

      And He doesn't need GUNS to do so!

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    1. This MORON almost started WW3 when he wanted to bomb a Russian convoy of armored vehicles which were headed toward Pristina Airport in Kosovo, during that CRIMINAL WAR of the USA against (Eastern Orthodox) Serbia....of course on orders of the Vatican.

      Incident at Pristina airport

      A British general called Michel Jackson (really!) was able to stop him, even though he was Wesley Clark's NATO-subordinate.

      NATO is the military arm of the VATICAN!

      Wesley Clark is completely LOST without JESUS Christ.

  5. +Deep Six
    I'm not looking at the ME 262 from a military point of view, but from a but from a point of view of design and beauty
    , just as one can admire a Porsche or a Ferrari sports car, but if you want to see it from a historical perspective then I can tell you something new, because this site had opened my eyes about the true background of the 2nd world war at the end of 2011, and not the Jews but the JESUITS are behind everything, and Nazi-Germany didn't lose the war: it transformed into Nazi-America:

  6. +Pete Smith The Swastika is a version of the CROSS, the Babylonian symbol for the SUN-god. JESUS was CRUCIFIED on such a CROSS by the ROMAN EMPIRE, the current Roman Catholic church, the guise for this empire, with the Emperor disguised as the Pope. All religions derive from Babylon, EXCEPT the JEWISH faith, and deriving from it, the faith in JESUS the JEW, who claims to be GOD.

  7. +Barnie Smith The swastika is the symbol for the Babylonian sun=god, just like the cross on which JESUS died, and it's the true god of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT and the Vatican=the Roman Empire, that, among other things, created Islam and communism and fascism.

    1. +Barnie Smith talking about the sun and the moon: I'm a flat earther since October 1, last year


      Barnie Smith
      +Hans S Originally heathen, from Norway, it is always used to symbolise solar deities in low hackoffs and in the Norse religion. There is a three legged version for the moon. Thanks ...

    2. +Barnie Smith I believe in a younger earth, based on the Bible: Evolution is a SATANIC LIE; Earth is 6,000 Years Old


      Barnie Smith
      +Hans S That would make it AT LEAST 14 thousand years old, if you count the number of ages since Odin was King of Norway. African stuff, I'll ignore, it's too far fetched, if you'll pardon the pun!


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