Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jesus belongs in your heart ~ Sheree sings

Jesus belongs in your heart ~ Sheree sings

Don't be fooled by the looks of this lady because I know she sings from the pain in her heart, but she knows that JESUS alone can save us, and when you... in Him to save'll never be the same.


  1. +shereesings4Jesus Christ Beautiful, Sheree, and again a song by you that brought me to tears, like the song Hallelujah- Aleluya Sheree sings

  2. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    Thanks for the analysis, Joyce!
    I couldn't watch it and I only checked bits and parts of the video in order to get an impression.

    "Every one of us deserves hell and the only thing saving us from it is we believe in the gospel."

    Everyone of us used to be a small child and AUTOMATICALLY SAVED, because JESUS LOVES (small) children, but then these children became 'adults' and began to challenge their maker, just like Satan.

    The Logical Song by Roger Hodgson (former Supertramp singer songwriter)

    We're all guilty of this kind of behavior, since we're no longer able to reason as a small child.

    But God-JESUS is RESPONSIBLE, because he turns little children into 'adults'.

    That's why I say I'm 55, minus 50, or perhaps even minus 52.

    My nephew Stefan (son of my youngest sister) died of cancer before he had reached the age of 3.
    He knew where he was going: to JESUS!

    It's only about JESUS.

    But people love to make things COMPLICATED.


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