Monday, August 3, 2015

Warning! New World Order Implemented Sept. 25 & New World Currency on Oct. 20!

Warning! New World Order Implemented Sept. 25 & New World Currency on Oct. 20!

Published on Jul 31, 2015
Warning! The New World Order Will Be Implemented September 25th & New World Currency Introduced October 20th!

1) Warning! Emergency Bulletin from Chaplin Lindsey Williams!, Before Its News, July 30, 2015.
2) Pope francis and Obama - Wikimedia commons images (Thumbnail Pope francis and Obama)
3) Acropolis Athens greece - Wikimedia commons images
4) Music - Youtube audio Library
"Ambient Ambulance" MP3

The Pope and Obama are in deep shit


  1. +Margaret Pfeiffer >>Since when does the Pope have his say in so called climate change??<<
    Since EVERY Pope is AN Antichrist and since THIS Pope is THE Antichrist=Vicar of Christ=in place of Christ=BLASPHEMY!!

    The Pope is in fact the ROMAN EMPEROR, disguised as the leader of the so called largest 'Christian church' on earth, the Roman Catholic CULT.

    This CULT is in fact the true church of SATAN-LUCIFER!

    Please check out my site:

  2. +Margaret Pfeiffer
    I was only informing you, and I'm glad we agree on the FACT that the Pope is the Antichrist.

    I'm Hans from the Netherlands, the country that fought eighty years against Papal Spain in the past, and which became PROTESTant against the Roman Catholic CULT. We're in the same boat, because due to evil and deceiving governments our countries are being controlled by the Papacy.
    My country is now part of the Roman Catholic EU and the USA and all of the America's are also being controlled by the Papacy.
    The POWER of the Papacy is MONEY and DECEPTION/MIND CONTROL, and of course Satan is the 'god of money' and he's behind everything and the Pope worships him as Lucifer, and the world leaders too, through secret meetings.
    This is interesting and JESUS is with us:

  3. +Margaret Pfeiffer
    Our Lord JESUS is with His BELOVED in this dimension, between heaven and hell!
    We are future ANGELS and INDESTRUCTIBLE!

    They can only DESTROY our FLESH and BONES!
    We have the task to WARN others about the coming WRATH of God during the Times of Jacob's Trouble, wrongfully called 'the great tribulation', and to SURRENDER to JESUS so that they will be RAPTURED too!

    KEEP in mind that God=JESUS ALLOWS the Pope to act on behalf of Satan!

    God ALLOWED Satan to act against HIMSELF when He was on earth in the capacity of THE SON, JESUS the Christ.

    Let's be BOLD and STRONG in our Lord JESUS!

    LOVE in JESUS, our HERO, from the other side of the Atlantic!


  4. +Zabdula2 Case Closed - Evidence For Pre Trib Rapture

    Hans S 1 second ago
    +Lisa Haven English: the language of the Roman Empire-Vatican NWO

    Hans S 1 second ago
    +Lisa Haven I'm Dutch, but most of all I'm SAVED! Are you saved by JESUS Christ, Lisa?

  5. +Helios77711
    Hitler was a puppet of the Papacy and Obama is the muppet of Pope Francis

  6. +Miguel Rose Know more about the Vatican, because 'Obama' is the puppet of the Papacy and the Jesuits: The Sabbath and The Mark of the Beast


    Obama Vatican pawn

  7. +Hamster Lord
    NONSENSE! And it's not the 'pre-trib-rapture', but the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, because it's about the (remnant of) Israel and NOT about the Body of Christ JESUS.

    Rapture and prophecy

    But you seem tot be a typical YouTube-Google+ TROLL

    You're LOST without JESUS Christ!

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    1. 53:44 This government now perceives the American people as its greatest THREAT


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