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Andrae Crouch - An Evening Of Praise And Worship Special

Andrae Crouch

Published on May 29, 2014
Andrae Crouch An Evening Of Praise And Worship Special.
Sep 17, 1983

The world is a quieter sadder place...thank you Lord for this man,

As previous commenter stated, “The world is a quieter sadder place...thank you Lord for this man.” I am sure it will be for a period of mourning. But when mourning turns to dancing we will be rejoicing and we will begin to bless the Lord, oh my soul and tell them that Jesus is still the answer and that the blood can, through it all take me back to the place where I first received you and remind us, that it won't be long, as a matter of fact, soon and very soon. For this we are not ashamed of the Gospel because Jesus is Lord. Always remember this is another day, yes right now to declare and decree that can't nobody do me like Jesus even though I don't know why Jesus loves me but God still loves me. Finally, all because of Jesus, we shout His truth still marches on because we expect You anytime. Now this is not just a story, but a reality. One day He looked beyond my faults and saw a broken vessel and made me over again. Oh it is Jesus and for the rest of my life I will say thank You Lord as I go all the way, because I just want to know Him and as realized that's why I needed You! Oh yes! Now I'm living this kind of life and I've got confidence because He never sleeps and I've got me some angels watching over me, halleluiah! To God be the Glory for the life of Pastor Andrae Crouch and as he takes his rest he did tell us that if heaven never was promised it's been worth just having the Lord in his life. Recently, just before he left, he spoke of the promise that God will never you, neither forsake you no matter what. As for the church, he prayed for revival; like a rushing of mighty wind would come and fill our hearts again and beckoned God to do a new thing. Now I can continue along these lines for decades…but Pastor Andrae would have us to know from Glory, “Oh we love it here and there’s no sorrow in this place!” As we celebrate and mourn we must however keep the fire burning, keep the wheels turning, praises ringing in our souls! Now, let the church say Amen, God has spoken so let the church say, Amen.


yes thanks to you!


  1. +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
    Let's have a party in heaven and in the New Jerusalem!

    Andrae Crouch is doing a performance in honor of JESUS, and he's already there in spirit, but he's awaiting the resurrection of the dead and the rapture, just like we:

  2. +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
    I'll turn into a girl!

    No, I'm just kidding: we're going to be like the ANGELS!
    Praise JESUS, the King of kings and Lord of lords!

  3. +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
    Dear Princess let's start to stop talking about 'black and white': there are NO black people and NO white people UNLESS they PAINT themselves.

    JESUS was a mixture of colors and so were Adam and Eve.
    The colors go from DEEP BROWN to VERY PALE, but NEVER from black to white.
    Yes, hair may be black, but pale people have black hair too and take for instance my own mother when she was younger, because her hair is now grey.
    Most USA-Americans are Euro-Americans, and the original Americans are the indigenous peoples, who came from ASIA, thousands of years ago, through the Bering Street, and they spread throughout all the America's.
    We all know how most of the Afro-Americans came to the 'New World' and that's a CRYING SHAME!
    But the JEWS used to be slaves too in the past and for 400 years.
    I'm Dutch and my country was (and is again) occupied by the Roman Empire throughout the centuries and only a few centuries my country was really FREE and the first modern REPUBLIC in history, thanks to God-the Lord JESUS, who blessed my country, because we broke free from the EVIL Roman Catholic CULT, which occupied my country through Roman Catholic Spain, and The Netherlands became mainly a PROTESTANT country.
    The Jews, God's chosen people, came to my country and this was a blessing, and then my country was for a short time the most powerful and richest country on earth, with a population of (back then) not more than 2 million.
    New York was ours and it was called New Amsterdam, but the ENVIOUS British stole it form the Dutch, resulting in several wars.
    They were doing it on behalf of the Vatican, which HATED the Dutch, because they had become PROTESTants, against the EVIL Roman Catholic CULT, even though the British people themselves were also Protestants, but the 'elite' (the monarchy) cooperated with the Vatican and it still does, and the USA is in fact still a British colony, on behalf of the Vatican.
    Again: the history of most Afro-Americans is a SHAMEFUL one, but Afro-Americans should take the Jews as an example, who were enslaved by the Egyptians for 400 years.
    You have chosen the ONLY right path and that is JESUS Christ!
    Your Afro-American fellow Americans should take you as an example and other JESUS-believing Afro-Americans too.
    They should shake off feelings of anger toward the Euro-American PALE people, and FORGIVE them and pray for them, and they should shake off feelings of inferiority, which is a SIN.
    Feelings of superiority is also a SIN!
    A superiority-complex is SATANIC, no matter what color a person has, but the same goes for an inferiority-complex, because God-the Lord JESUS did NOT create INFERIOR people(s)!
    Again: a small people, living on the north-western outskirts of EURASIA was once the most powerful people on earth, because they were good to the Jews, God's chosen people. Amsterdam became the 'Jerusalem of the north', but unfortunately this isn't the case anymore.
    In my own words:
    He who blesses the Jews, will be blessed by God.
    But He who curses the Jews, will be cursed by God.
    I found out that unfortunately many Afro-Americans hate the Jews, and yes there are Jews who belong to the 'elite' (example: Henry Kissinger) who are VERY BAD, but most of the Jews are normal people, like you and I, except they don't believe in JESUS YET, and that's because of their religious leaders, who hate JESUS, just like the Pharisees in the past.

  4. But there are Jews for JESUS:

    Jews for JESUS are our brethren!
    Some of them are here on Google+YouTube.

    Afro-Americans should bless the Jews and Israel, because JESUS is a JEW and because He says so.

    'Yes, but there are rotten Jews?"

    Correct, but that's something between God=JESUS and His OWN people!

    Nobody has the RIGHT to interfere between God and His dealings with His OWN people and His OWN country, Israel and His OWN Capital Jerusalem.

    But DUMB people ignore God's commandments and they are putting a CURSE on themselves.

    JESUS is coming back to Israel, Princess, and we'll be riding white (yes they will be pure white) horses, right behind Him and we'll witness the DESTRUCTION of the Vatican (Babylonian) New World Order or the Antichrist (the Pope) and the False Prophet (I believe 'Obama').

    And we'll witness the conversion of ONE third of God's chosen people:

    Zechariah 13World English Bible (WEB)

    8 It shall happen that in all the land,” says *Yahweh,
    “two parts in it will be cut off and die;
    but the third will be left in it.
    9 I will bring the third part into the fire,
    and will refine them as silver is refined,
    and will test them like gold is tested.
    They will call on my name, and I will hear them.
    I will say, ‘It is my people;’
    and they will say, ‘Yahweh is my God.’”

    *I AM, who I AM, and JESUS is the GREAT 'I AM'.

    And then there will be PEACE!

    Praise His mighty name!

    Love from your brother Hans.

  5. +It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife
    Yes, a 'so called black person'...nonsense! You're a CHILD of of God the Father thanks to JESUS.....and, you're my sister!

    There is really no difference between the majority of Afro-Americans and the majority of my 'honky' Dutch people, or the colored people in my country for that matter, because they're NOT interested to be saved from eternal damnation in the lake of fire.
    But JESUS leads us to people who ARE interested and we mustn't waste our time on arrogant people who think they can save themselves.
    Don't be discouraged, Princess!
    Our Lord JESUS is with us!! ;-))


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