vrijdag 4 september 2015

Back to square one - All Day Watcher


All Day Watcher 

Well in a few more hours, and millions of people
hate their alarm clock, even more than their wives
The day is beginning, you can tell by the sunrise
People get ready for a day in their lives
They're getting together, in the streets of the cities
Like lost computers of a shattered tribe
They're all in a hurry, to be in time
some for promotion, some to stay alive
Yeah, yeah
I'm the all day watcher, that's all I do
I'm the all day watcher, I'm watching you
Well I shake my head and I shake my brain
And I don't understand why they're all the same
I weigh pro's and con's, against their lives and mine
But I don't know, it's beyond my frame of mind
Beyond my frame of mind, yeah
Ooh, in a few more minutes, and millions of people
hear the whistle of freedom, blowing through their head
They push and they hurry and the herd starts moving
they follow the trail back home again
Where they're taking it easy, with a box of beer
Watching the late late show on color TV
and life ain't easy, when you're livin' that way
But sometimes I wonder, maybe it's fun everyday
Yeah, yeah

All Day Watcher - Hans's version - Golden Earring

29 opmerkingen:

  1. +James Madison
    So what?

    Obama is a DICTATOR on behalf of the DEVIL and the Vatican and doesn't give a DAMN about laws and rules, because he's the LAWLESS ONE, together with Pope Francis

  2. +Indio Side
    I don't hate 'Obama': I EXPOSE him for what he is.

    A madman with a gas can and a book of matches on behalf of the DEVIL and the VATICAN.

  3. +Donna Diggzzz
    Indeed: this SATANIC world is CRAZY!

    Listen to brother Kenny about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5b2O5T4hLU&feature=youtu.be

    JESUS is keeping us NORMAL until and AFTER the rapture, because He's the only NORMAL PERSON!
    Back to square one - All Day Watcher

    Yes, but then you're a hunter too, and fish want to live in peace too.

    On the other hand: JESUS ate a baked piece of fish for the sake of Thomas and the others, in order to prove He wasn't a ghost, after He was risen from the dead, and He caught, killed, prepared and baked fish for His disciples, after His resurrection, so it's okay to kill fish....and other eatable animals too, because God=JESUS allowed it after the Flood http://todaysbibleblog.com/?p=277


    There wasn't a need to kill animals for food, before the Flood, because nature was so much richer and nutritious than after the Flood.

    But there was a lot of violence among animals and people, and this was one of the main reasons for the Flood.
    Jesus ate fish, that's correct.
    The Bible says that the soul is in the blood, and that's why God doesn't want us to consume blood.

  6. +Indio Side You really don't get it: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2014/11/america-turns-straight-into-arms-of.html

  7. +Viking Knight
    The Vatican NWO, NOT to the USA!

    Please do some research.
    I used to believe in the existence of atom bombs and men on the moon and more LIES, like the spinning of the earth and the heliocentric model, but I'm now convinced they were all lies.
    I'm an ex-atheist and I used to believe in the fairy tale called evolution.
    Visit my site and know more: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl

  8. +Grodan Christella
    Well, our Lord JESUS is bigger than the universe, so let's go for the greatest, shall we?
    He's the greatest, because He became the LEAST in order to save us.

    Grodan Christella
    Yesterday 6:55 PM

    He is the universe itself!
    Hans S
    Yesterday 9:10 PM

    +Grodan Christella
    God doesn't need a universe: He exists within His BRAIN.
    In the beginning there was NOTHING, but God=JESUS, and then He created heaven (universe) and Earth and there was during the first days NOTHING else.
    Grodan Christella
    Yesterday 10:26 PM

    Yes He created the universe and everything in it. Amen!

  9. Reacties
    1. +Brian Hoffman SHUT UP! and WISE UP! The Real History of the evil 'Roman Catholic Church' http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/09/the-real-history-of-evil-roman-catholic.html
      You support the Roman Catholic church of SATAN, which makes you an accomplice to MASS MURDER!

      Turn AWAY from this EVIL CULT, or go DOWN with the WHORE of BABYLON!

      JESUS loves you,
      Satan hates you!

  10. Reacties
    1. +Kenny Jacobs Hey Kenny, I was on your YouTube home page and I saw you've subscribed to 'lovers guide' https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCieF2wC8eH62QAA2HNSpomg
      Sex is a great invention but never more important than the creator of it: the Lord JESUS!
      He's coming, and I mean that in a SPIRITUAL SENSE!
      Something else: this is a very important prophetic message: Donald Trump ~ America and the Coming 'Image of the Beast' - Important Prophetic Message! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/11/donald-trump-america-and-coming-image.html


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