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United States Gov. murdered their own - Waco Texas

1/13 United States Gov murdered their own - Waco Texas

Uploaded on Jan 29, 2010
This video series is in memory of the innocents that died in Waco, Texas February 28, 1993. It is also for those who believe that their government would never turn against them.

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding the events of the Waco Siege. Some believe that the government murdered the Branch Davidians, while others are still not sure what to believe.

One thing that cant be denied is the fact that 86 American citizens died as a result of the government siege, and the government proceeded to cover up what had happened with the mainstream media in full support of the cover up.

Dont let what happened to them be forgotten, and remember what your government is capable of doing to their own people.

Protect your rights & freedoms! Dont let your voice be silenced.

I apologize if the title of the video series is found to be offensive to some, but it is a fact that the government had committed this atrocity against their own people. This is not to hate any American civilian or the country of the United States of America as a whole.


  1. First female US attorney general Janet Reno dies aged 78
    Reno was renowned for several controversial decisions during her eight-year tenure under former President Bill Clinton, including the order that led to the Waco massacre.

  2. +Ellen Jirasek
    And I'm sure the Jesuits and the Vatican are behind this
    to set and example because Koresh and co. were Sabbath keepers and The Vatican has changed the Sabbath into the Sunday, because the Vatican is a SUN-worshiping CULT on behalf of Lucifer in the tradition of ancient Babylon.
    David Koresh and his congregation were 7th Day Adventists.
    This is a cult, that's true, because they believe Jesus is the Arch Angel Michael, but they are decent people.
    They know for example that the Pope is the Antichrist and that the Presidency of the US is the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13, and 'Washington' doesn't want people to know.

    1. +Ellen Jirasek
      Please watch the entire video, because I don't believe that.

      I believe that this is one of the excuses (lies) by the government (controlled by the Vatican) in order to get rid of them and the government deliberately BURNED the children as a sacrifice to Satan.

      There was NO NEED to burn those children alive and they could have been rescued.

      Please understand how SATANIC this whole event has been.

      It happened as an example and the government went against the constitution.
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +Ellen Jirasek Of course the media back then was already on the side of the government.


      Ellen Jirasek
      +Hans S
      maybe so about the Seventh Day people, but David Koresh believed and taught that he was the second coming of Jesus. His followers believed it. And the survivors of Waco still await his return.


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