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Charismatic Movement -- Vatican Promotion - BEWARE!

Charismatic Movement -- Vatican Promotion

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2008
Also (on iTunes): Dr. Peter Kreeft on Charisms (Visions, Tongues, Healing, etc.) feat. Dave Nevins

48 years of dramatic worldwide growth of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (visions, tongues, prophecy, healing, etc.).

The film is excerpted from the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) DVD "A New Pentecost" featuring a brief history, papal promotion, endorsement and testimonies. The full DVD is available at:

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Friday, October 16, 2015

American-style provocation. Boeing-777 flight MH-17

American-style provocation. Boeing-777 flight MH-17

Published on Sep 23, 2015
Contains previously unpublished footage from the catastrophe scene 07/17/2014.

News Front documentary.

On July 17, 2014 Malaysian Boeing 777 was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur. But plane doesn't reach the ultimate goal and crashed in the east of Ukraine in the area of the village Hrabovo, near Torez. On board were 283 passengers and 15 crew members - all of them died. The reaction on the air accident in the media followed almost before when the tragedy happened itself. West categorically blamed the accident on Russia, but still didn't provide any evidences.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Ultimate Sin: Unbelief

When I go into public high schools as a Christian worker, I am very often asked by the school students whether smoking, swearing, abortion, pre-marital sex, etc, etc, etc, are sins.  The idea of sin seems to be a huge concern for many teenagers.  Various factors, such as increasing levels of freedom and independence, surging hormones, peer pressure and media influences, as well as underdeveloped levels of self-discipline, can mean that teenagers engage in activities that they know to be wrong and unhealthy.

I find it interesting that the concept of sin is still understood, and is very real, for young people in post-modern society.  However I am disappointed by these “sin questions” from high-schoolers because they reveal a very narrow view of sin, and no real comprehension that Jesus has provided the solution for the sin problem.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Eindtijdberichten 60 End Time Messages

Eindtijdberichten aangaande 
de wederkomst van
Jezus Christus naar Israël
End Time Messages concerning
the Second Coming of
Jesus Christ to Israel
 Druk op de End-toets om snel naar beneden te gaan op deze pagina
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Plaats onder dit log eindtijdberichten om elkaar te informeren over profetische ontwikkelingen m.b.t. Israël en wat daar direct en indirect mee te maken heeft.  Geen geklets dus, maar info waar iedere eindtijdgeïnteresseerde, die uitziet naar de wederkomst van Jezus Christus naar Israël en deze wereld, wat aan heeft.
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 Vanwege de RAMPZALIGE browser van Microsoft, Internet Explorer, of Internet EXPLODER, kan ik op mijn site onder elk topic maar 200 reacties (laten) plaatsen want dan heeft Blogger het zo gemaakt dat de vervolgreacties verder gaan op een subpagina die in Internet Explorer bereikbaar ZOUDEN MOETEN zijn indien dat ding werkte zoals het hoort, maar dat doet die browser niet, want als je onder de laatste reactie klikt op "Meer laden..." dan verschijnt de tekst "Wordt geladen...", maar dan gebeurt er NIETS!

GEEN ENKELE ANDERE BROWSER heeft problemen met mijn site dan ALLEEN Internet Explorer, en ik heb mijn tests gedaan met de allerlaatste browser van Microsoft!

HELAAS gebruiken de meeste mensen (uit gemakzucht of uit onwetendheid) die KROMME browser van Microsoft, en ik geef toe dat de letteropmaak van die browser mooier is dan die van (bijvoorbeeld) Firefox of Google Chrome, maar internet gaat over informatieoverdracht en als dat niet mogelijk is met een kromme browser die wel mooie letters weergeeft dan is het WAARDELOOS.

Maar ter wille van al diegenen die toch liever een KROMME en SLECHTE browser gebruiken als Internet Explorer dan al die andere browsers die BETER zijn, maak ik speciaal voor hun een nieuwe "Eindtijdberichten"-topic aan opdat de belangstellenden van mijn site Eindtijdberichten kunnen blijven volgen.


Eindtijdberichten 59 End Time Messages

Is the Lords supper for the Body of Christ today?

Aside from the ritual of communion, as practiced by the Catholic church which is particularly perverse in that they actually believe the cracker and wine really become the actual body and blood of Christ, there are many Christian churches that practice the Lords supper, along with their other Jewish ordinances of keeping the law, water baptism, repenting of sins, confessing of sins, tithing, etc etc.
With the Lords supper, the case has been suggested that it was not an OT ordinance, but a NT celebration endorsed by Paul.
However, close study shows that this was not the case, and Paul did not instruct us to ever celebrate the lords supper.

Monday, October 12, 2015

US-government responsible for ALL MURDERS in Iraq and Syria by ISIS!

Amazing Warfare Technology - Panzers to Toyotas 

Of course Jesuit-controlled Google-Youtube deleted this video...


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Published on Oct 11, 2015
From the German Panzer Tanks in WW2 to ISIS Toyota SUV's...Oh my haven't the World's Most Powerful Armies come a long way.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

"JESUIT" ~ EXPOSURE!!!   2015 

What It Means 'To Divide the Scriptures Aright'

2 Timothy 2:15 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
15 Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, dividing the word of truth aright.

(2 Timothy 2:15 KJV) Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

The Apostle Paul tells us to study God's word with a view to rightly dividing the word of truth. It is interesting that when people talk about how to study the Bible there is all kinds of different methods that people use: historical, literal, allegorical.
There are all these different methods people use but you can see right here in the word of God that God's method, through the pen of the Apostle Paul to Timothy and to us, is to rightly divide the word of truth.

When the Apostle Paul thought about the concept of rightly dividing the word of truth, he thought of God's Word in terms of its right division, that is, times past, but now and ages to come. (Ephesians 2:11,13,7)