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Charismatic Movement -- Vatican Promotion - BEWARE!

Charismatic Movement -- Vatican Promotion

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2008
Also (on iTunes): Dr. Peter Kreeft on Charisms (Visions, Tongues, Healing, etc.) feat. Dave Nevins

48 years of dramatic worldwide growth of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (visions, tongues, prophecy, healing, etc.).

The film is excerpted from the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) DVD "A New Pentecost" featuring a brief history, papal promotion, endorsement and testimonies. The full DVD is available at:

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The beginning of the counter reformation...which the reforms give their lives in bonfires.
I am responding to your statement above this when you shared this video the end of your sentence is as follows, "to bring all united churches under one umbrella...denominations matters not, even the church of Satan (Wicca) is included in this adulterous out-reach."   Don't you think that you got a little carried away in your condemnation of the Catholic Church, the Church that Jesus founded in Matthew 16 (though the Church was not  botn until Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended on all those in the upper room)? Witchcraft, Palm reading, séances, astrology, fortune telling,New Age, and in some cases, even Yoga are all FORBIDDEN by the Catholic Church. And the battle against Satan has been raging since the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden. THough we know that Jesus has already defeated Satan, the battle is still being played out in Space and Time until Jesus comes again. Wicca and Satanism can never be brought into Christianity....It is true that we pray as Jesus prayed 'that ;they all may be one as He and the Father are one.' But  this can only apply to Christians , to those that belive that Jesus Christ is Lord...that in dying He destroyed our death and in rising He restored our life....If yu feel that you must condemn the Church, then you should condemn her for what she is and for what she teaches, and NOT for what she is not and for what she does not teach...otherwise you are just spreading lies or errors and lies/errors lead people astray. ..because neither lies nor errors can lead to Truth.
Thanks for reading and your input, and taking time to write. A good number of issues you bring up have substance, but let just start with some points the expelling of demons was done through Jesus Christ remember the seven sons of the high high who tried to do the same thing, and the demons responded who are you? The church of Satan Wicca did attend the day of prayer in 1986 where all denominations were present but a few. and this gathering repeated very often until 2012 I belief being the last one. The Catholic church is not the cover stone on which Jesus was to build a true worship, besides the apostolic succession is a big lie and the great apostasy forms that contrive. The history of Vatican is riddled with heresy, and it would be impossible for our Lord to have fellowship with pagan sun worshipping which is what the cross is. And lastly the whole institution along its followers must be exposed as a whole-body. Why would I expose the institution and relief the body that carries out subversives lies and deception. I seek truth no matter what happens in the name Of our Lord Jesus Christ  and the father Yahweh (Jehovah) God YHWH...I don't cut corners. I write articles on theology on all these subjects your welcome to comment and do appreciate your interest thank you much.
+Ralph G WarCloud Sounds like your hatred and rejection of the church is well thought out, well developed and ready to be recited on all who would give you the time of day and especially the sheep-like, non educated in faith and easily persuaded youtube audience.  In truth you are and agent and a facilitator of exaggerations and falsities, atheistic agenda, who uses  a well scripted set of words about "history" and "theology" in a very Christian sounding dialog only to lay well hidden your agenda of satanic accusations.  I have known many of your kind.  Well "educated" and well "versed" in the Christian lore.. but of no faith and of strong destructive agendas. 
+Savages May I suggest you go on and study Vatican I and Vatican II which is the complete history of this Harlot like institution, Revelation Chapter 17 and then come back and make better a defence...and less sensationalism against someone you real don't know much about. Thank you for the comments and sharp aims. This link is part of my commentary which one can find on Google plus.... 1.Vatican Freemasons satanically together - Rare very good footage of 1986 World Day of Prayer 2.John Todd a former Illuminatist: (The Purpose of the Charismatic Movement & Rock Music)
+andy bernard Vatican I N II were nothing more then a set-up for the counter-reformation, in many of its ecumenical movements.
You are very misinformed about the Charismatic Movement.....Do some true research....Seek and you shall Find...
+Ralph G WarCloud You are  throwing out the baby with the bath water ... You can't judge a movement of an entire people based on a few...
+Lauren Coggins There are radicals in every religion, trying to discount each other....
+Lauren Coggins I did say that !
+Lauren Coggins You should not judge !
What did lauren say that you see as judgingl? what did she say that you are responding to when you tell her that she should not judge...i did not see anything that Lauren wrote that sounded like she was judging anyone....Also, that phrase is dangerous one to use today with all the verbal engineering being used to deceive the masses and especially the young. By dangerous I mean, that is a phrase used to reinforce relativism; ie truth is relative; what is true for you may not be true for me, as opposed to  the actual truth about reality  that there is objective knowable truth, good and evil do exist as do right and wrong.. The way people use the words'judge' and 'judging' is purposely deceptive in that it does not distinguish between  judging a person and judging an action, behaviors etc... It is all lumped into one as if judging an action =judging the person , any person who performs the action....The two are not the same at all.We must make distinctions in life...about decisions and actions no matter whose they are....or we would not have prisons.  Using that phrase about do not judge in today's culture without explanation or specifically stating what you are referring to can easily be misinterpreted as using it  in the support of relativism and relative truths...(to many, there is no other understanding of that phrase) I am fairly sure that was not your intention but it can easily sound like that..I fight these distortions often trying to help young people think  and understand ....fighting what they have learned in the school system and society in general.
I thank you for putting so much energy into.

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  1. +diybunny
    I have experience with 'charismatic meetings' and I'm not all too enthusiastic about them, because there were false prophesies, false signs and wonders and a lot of false teachings.

    Many leaders of charismatic churches and assemblies are now cooperating with the Vatican!
    Charismatic Movement -- Vatican Promotion

  2. Is the Word of Faith movement biblical?
    Ricky Scaparo originally shared:

    Zona Hayes-Morrow, the daughter of Word of Faith pioneer Norvel Hayes, went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday after a long cancer battle.


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