Monday, November 30, 2015


A Fresh and Joyful War! - Ein Frische und Fröhliche Krieg!



Al Qaeda, ISIS, CIA, and Papacy ! ~ DO THEY CONNECT ? - by Bill Hughes



  1. Muslims aren't the problem: ROMAN CATHOLICISM and the VATICAN is!
    The Vatican created Islam and Roman Catholicism BEGS for Dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and even Stalin and Mao Zedong, because communism was invented by the Vatican too!

    'Obama' is a FAKE 'Christian', a REAL MUSLIM and a REAL MARXIST!
    And he loves SATAN!
    Both the Democrats and the Republicans are complicit in the take-over by the DEVIL of the USA through the SATANIC VATICAN.

  2. +Tottie B
    It has already been established that Trump is part of the conspiracy
    , and Trump likes the Pope, who worships Lucifer.
    Donald Trump is controlled opposition, and in my country, Geert Wilders is playing this role, who seems to be on the side of the people, against the establishment, but he'll never attack the Papacy which runs the EU and also the Netherlands, since my country has become part of this revived Roman Empire, and the Pope is in fact the Roman Emperor, disguised as the leader of a fake 'Christian' church.
    Donald and Geert will never say that Islam was invented by the Vatican.
    Donald is a member of a party which produced people like Ronald Reagan and the two Bush's, all of them presidents who cooperated with the Vatican, and this goes for the 'Democrats' too, and Geert Wilders is leading his own party, but he derives from a similar type of party as the Republicans in the US.
    I has all been rigged, and people are being fooled in ALL 'democratic' countries, like France and Great Britain.
    Only the governments of the former Eastern block, which were part of the Russian sphere of influence in the past, are suspicious of everything the dictatorial EU-leadership does, and I know there are also states in the US which are reluctant to cooperate with Washington, but they'll have to because of the MONEY, and this applies to the former Eastern block EU-countries too.

    MONEY is Satan's power, and the Pope owns TRILLIONS!

    He's the instead of Christ, the Vicar of Christ, the ANTICHRIST, and he's fooling people through his old age and soft-spokenness, but remember that Moses STARTED when he was 80 and the Pope is 79, and I believe Satan will imitate this miracle of using such an old man, so that people will be amazed, and most of all: he's a JESUIT and in fact the leader of this EVIL organization.

    He almost NEVER smiled when he was a Cardinal in Argentina, and since he's the Pope, he's almost always smiling, as if he's high on drugs.

    Lucifer worship is his 'drug'!

    Sister: ONLY our Lord JESUS Christ can and WILL take us away from this MADNESS!

    We praise His name: we praise you, LORD JESUS!
    Tottie B
    9:25 PM

    AMEN..only GOD can take it away and destroy it.
    Hans S
    11:24 PM

    +Tottie B
    Yes, my dear sister in JESUS!


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