Friday, November 20, 2015

The Fake Dead and Wounded of the Paris France Terror Attack Hoax

Warning: this page is putting the blame on the JEWS, while the JESUITS and the SATANIC VATICAN are behind this FRAUD!
Let us not forget this arch-hoaxer, the one with the heaviest dose of phony blood: This is clearly merely a moulage paint job – and there can be no other conclusion. Even so, where are the man’s gunshot wounds and/or lacerations? 

What is he doing walking around while the firemen and others do nothing to secure him? Oh, how the Jesuits seek to corrupt it all, spreading nothing but lies, attempting conquest after conquest through mere raw deceit.


  1. John Kerry Claims The US will ‘Neutralize’ ISIS quicker than it did Al-Qaeda

  2. +Isabelle M Just follow the links but mind you: the Zionist are NOT behind this HOAX, but the JESUITS of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT!
    Satanic Vatican
    +pqxxedf No, it's NOT a "conspiracy theory" That's what people say who still TRUST their CRIMINAL governments!

  3. +Char B
    The Paris attack was FAKE!

    Please check this out: The Fake Dead and Wounded of the Paris France Terror Attack Hoax

    Our Lord JESUS is with us!

  4. +Michele Hopkins
    The governments are the terrorists!
    The Paris attack was FAKE!

    The Fake Dead and Wounded of the Paris France Terror Attack Hoax

    They want to SCARE the world into a ONE world government, secretly led by the Vatican, and the Pope, who is the hidden Emperor of the Roman Empire.
    His true god is Lucifer.

    My prayer: "Thank you Father for protecting us against Satan and the other fallen angels, who often work through people, and thank you for blessing us who love you, the Lord JESUS Christ, and may many more sinners find you today and in the future, and even terrorists, and be with your chosen people, because you're also the God of Israel, in JESUS' name'.


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