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  1. +jajas juju Of course I won't stop this 'JESUS thing'!
    This world is EVIL because YOU are EVIL, and this goes for EVERYBODY! And therefore the following: BREAKING NEWS: We all DESERVE to ROT in HELL!

  2. +Irene Belasco
    Dear Sister, we are CITIZENS of HEAVEN!

    Let Satan and the Vatican have the 'White House'.

  3. +Billy Your Brother
    A brother shared it with me in 2012 and I've rediscovered it.

    This song makes me so incredibly HAPPY, because it reminds me of our eternal future: a WEDDING party in honor of JESUS!
    Our Lord is a JEW and we're going to the New Jerusalem with the names on it of the 12 tribes and the 12 Jewish Apostles.
    Anyone who thinks the Jewish aspect of our eternity is unimportant must read the Bible again, or better.

    Our Lord JESUS is with us!

    Don't just hope: BELIEVE, based on Biblical knowledge

  5. w+Daniel D
    I'm so very glad that I'm a follower of the creator of heaven and earth and everything, called JESUS Christ, God, manifested in the flesh.

    You say 'Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior and King...I have been saved by the blood of the Lamb going on 8 years. I was saved in 2007. I have never looked back. He is my everything. It is my wish to be a good servant, watchman on the wall, or just to be used for His glory however the Lord sees fit. I seek to do His will and not to live for this world but the one that's coming promised by Him. Praise to the living God.'

    I'm glad you're not a follower of Satan or a follower of 'me, myself and I', which is the same.

    I'm a follower of JESUS Christ, through God's GRACE, since January 1984, when I had just become 24.

    I've learned a few things over the past decades, which doesn't make me better (or worse) than anybody else.

    There are over 7.3 BILLION people with a (potential) god-complex on this earth, and this mental DISEASE started with our ancestors Adam and Eve.

    Only JESUS Christ is able to heal us from this madness, coming forth from 'Mr. egomaniac #1, Satan'.

    JESUS Christ prayed for us all in the garden of Gethsemane and He wants His beloved to be as ONE.

    The challenge is always to choose between our own ego or His.

  6. Brothers and Sisters in our Lord and Savior JESUS: prayer needed:

    Anthony Pope
    9:32 AM

    Hi brother Hans please pray for my Autistic daughter Jennifer she has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on half of her body from a trailer fire she,s critical but stable i have several people praying for her and thank God for my friends but others have not said nothing about her at all.I thank brothers Adam 1984,DC Welker,Gary Jackson,Joshua Wiley,Dan Harvey.Take care brother Hans and God Bless
    Hans S
    10:30 AM

    +Anthony Pope
    I'm praying for her!
    God-the Lord JESUS is with you!

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    1. +Sjúrður Højgaard
      You say 'of course' and I translate it into a 'yes', because I never take it for granted if people assert they're saved.
      Well, praise the Lord JESUS for His mercy!.

      I'm now listening to brother Michael Brown, and I know his testimony, and he used to be a real rotten sinner in the past, and thanks to JESUS, he's now saved through God's grace.
      I'm aware there are people who are hyper-grace deceivers, and I'm not one of them.

      But we must make a distinction between what's meant for the members of the Body of Christ, and what's meant for the Jews who will become saved in the future.

      All Jewish people who are born again through God's grace in Christ JESUS are members of the Body of Christ.

      The one who made this clear was God's special apostle Paul, and he himself was/is a a JEW.

      That's why I gave you the link to this information: Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel

    2. +Sjúrður Højgaard Satan's Attack on The Mystery Gospel

    3. +Sjúrður Højgaard
      Not so fast, Mr. 'Perfect'.
      I believe you are wrong concerning the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, so do YOURSELF a favor and follow my links and study the info.

      Being ARROGANT is not what JESUS wants and I'm always willing to learn from others, in case it's sound doctrine.

      I'm and ex-atheist and almost 56, and the Lord JESUS saved me almost 32 years ago, on January 15, 1984.

      When did He save you and do you know the Lord JESUS very long?

  8. +Donna Diggzzz
    Yes, focus on God-the Lord JESUS, that's also what I always say and when I do, I'm saying it to myself too.

    Whenever we're preaching to others from the Bible and our faith, we're in fact preaching to ourselves too, so that's good.
    Then we're always having a preacher around....ain't that right?
    The other day I watched one of your videos in which you said America is still a great country to live in.
    I can say the same about the Netherlands, even though I know 'our' monarchy is fake and serving the Papacy and 'your' president is the worst liar in history, and he's serving the Papacy too.
    Watch these two actors in the clip from
    The President Meets with the King of the Netherlands
    His English is better than his Dutch!
    The Netherlands used to be a republic but then Napoleon Bonaparte from France imposed a monarchy on the Dutch, which is in fact illegal and fake, but it's all serving the interest of the Papacy, and this goes for the other monarchies too, like the British monarchy.

    And now in Dutch: Lieve Donna, wat fijn dat je mijn zuster in JEZUS bent, en je noemde me 'mijn liefje' in het Nederlands...oei, wauw, poeh poeh....jij bent mijn dierbare zus in JEZUS en ik ben jouw dierbare broer in JEZUS.
    Heel veel liefs namens HEM!
    Ik zou graag eens samen met jou hard willen lachen!

    Here's the Google translation and I've made my own improvement underneath the original Dutch text:

    Our Lord JESUS is coming!

  9. This is the song, Satan HATES the MOST!

    It's FULL of JOY and HAPPINESS, and TOTALLY in honor of JESUS and also proclaiming that JESUS is the GOD of ISRAEL.

    SATAN can't stand the God of Israel!!!

    Because He was DEFEATED by the God of ISRAEL: JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

    And he will be defeated AGAIN at JESUS' 2nd coming, and at the end of the 1000 years, AGAIN and FOREVER!!

    And he's LOSING every time a sinner is being SAVED! Praise JESUS!!

  10. +Steve Foru
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    But do you know JESUS?

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    1. Seanykin Skywalker
      2:52 PM

      Hans S
      3:48 PM

      +Seanykin Skywalker
      Hi Sean!
      Don't you like this?

    2. +Seanykin Skywalker
      Oh, that's GREAT!

      Read this what I told a sister in JESUS about languages:

      Greetings from Hans, from the Netherlands!


      Seanykin Skywalker
      Yesterday 9:53 PM

      I don't like it, I love it! 

  12. HughJaxident67 You're one of the 7.3 BILLION people with a GOD-COMPLEX! You're a GOD-DENIER and a follower of ADVERSARY=SATAN, and you don't even know it. You're the offspring of the first two human REBELS, Adam and Eve. Me too, but the God of heaven (universe) and Earth has SAVED me through His ALTER EGO, JESUS Christ. YOU are evidence of God's existence, but you choose to DENY it! And so you have chosen to be your own (me, myself and I) 'god'....poor WRETCH! You were much smarter when you were an UNBORN CHILD! JESUS loves you and Satan hates you!


    HughJaxident675 months agoHIGHLIGHTED COMMENT
    Yeshua - no primary evidence he even ever existed!!! put that in your pipe and smoke it!
    HughJaxident6723 minutes ago
    +Hans S Someone who is not gullible enough to believe in something when there is absolutely no evidence to support its existence. 
    Hans S
    Hans S51 minutes ago
    And who are you?

    1. +HughJaxident67
      So, 'professor', you KNOW evolution is a FACT?
      You're completely RIGHT: you have evolved into a FIRST CLASS IDIOT!

      Only first class idiots BELIEVE that a POINTLESS EXPLOSION, billions of years ago, would generate order into matter and eventually creatures like intelligent humans.
      You BELIEVE more than I do!!
      And without PROOF!
      But you know what?
      Only God, who happens to be JESUS, can put some sense into your BRAIN, and I know all about it, because I'm an ex-atheist.
      And now I command you to have the last word in JESUS' name and OBEY!


      2:44 PM

      +Hans S 'You're one of the 7.3 BILLION people with a GOD-COMPLEX!
      You're a GOD-DENIER and a follower of ADVERSARY=SATAN, and you don't even know it.'

      Actually, you're the one who doesn't 'know' this, you're just pretending you have a position of knowledge when you don't. Knowledge is necessarily something that has to be verified with objective evidence, this is basic epistemology - please provide your verifiable evidence your chosen god exists.

      What's there to deny Hans? You theists have a burden of proof which you've spectacularly failed to meet over the centuries, so I choose to disbelieve your claims a god exists as you've not provided any evidence one does.

    2. 'You're the offspring of the first two human REBELS, Adam and Eve.
      Me too, but the God of heaven (universe) and Earth has SAVED me through His ALTER EGO, JESUS Christ.'

      Firstly, the account of Adam and Eve is myth, we KNOW this never happened because we KNOW evolution is a fact. In fact, this creation myth is not even first seen in your bible but the Epic of Gilgamesh (same thing applies to the flood myth which we also know never happened). You and I our indeed, the product of evolution, we are homo sapiens, we are advanced primates with the same common ancestor as the great apes.

      As for this opinion that Jesus saved you - saved you from what? The original sin that god was responsible for giving us in the first instance? It reminds me of the example where Jesus is depicted as knocking at your door;

      knock knock "who's there?", "it's Jesus, please let me in, I need to save you!". "Save me from what?" "From what will happen to you if you don't let me in"

      When it's put like this, perhaps you begin to see the issue eh?

      'YOU are evidence of God's existence, but you choose to DENY it!'

      No, that is a non-sequitur, my existence does not prove any god and you have no reason or evidence to support otherwise. My existence is the product of my parents and ultimately evolution which is something we do actually have overwhelming evidence for.

      'And so you have chosen to be your own (me, myself and I) 'god'....poor WRETCH!'

      No, I have chosen to disbelieve your claims a god exists because you've provided no evidence one does - it's quite simple. You, on the other hand, assert a god exists in the complete absence of evidence one does. That makes you gullible, credulous and closed minded. IN my opinion, that makes you the poor wretch.

      'You were much smarter when you were an UNBORN CHILD!'

      Unborn children are atheist, so are new born children (every last one of them). It takes organised indoctrination to make them theists. Indeed, it's the same process as telling them Santa and the tooth fairy exist, both of which have the same evidence for their existence as your god - precisely zero.

      'JESUS loves you and Satan hates you!'

      There is actually no good evidence Jesus even existed and even if he did, there is zero evidence for any of the supernatural claims made in your bible. The evidence for Satan is the same for your god - absolutely none.

      To summarize - all your claims above are either completely baseless or demonstrably incorrect. If you have verifiable, testable and demonstrable evidence for your particular chosen god, then please present them. I won't hold my breath...


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