Friday, January 8, 2016

Mr. Obama's half-hearted fight against the Islamic State

The POPE is a PUNK and Obama too


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      but JESUS will deal with them, and they're not going to like it.

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    1. Since when did JESUS order us to fight for 'our country'?
      When He was on earth HIS COUNTRY was OCCUPIED by the SATANIC Roman Empire.

      'Your' and 'my' country have been taken over by the SAME SATANIC Roman Empire, through EMPEROR Pope Francis, who DISGUISES Himself as a 'meek' and 'wise' spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT.

      He's the leader of the SATANIC JESUITS and Obama's advisers are JESUIT-trained, and his super visor is Joseph Biden, a servant of the Pope of Rome and the leaders of the EU are also servants of the VATICAN: the WORST MAFIA-STYLE organization in history, disguised as a 'Christian church'.

      The US-congress is COMPLICIT, and so is the EU-'parliament'.

      JESUS will cast them into HIS lake of fire, and NOT because they're taking away (or have taken away) our freedom or because they're servants of the EVIL ROMAN EMPIRE and LUCIFER, but because they refused to BELIEVE in Him and obey Him and love Him.

      Let's identify with our HERO, JESUS, who lived under Roman occupation, and the Roman Empire NEVER ceased to exist, but it transformed itself into a 'Christian church'.

      The REAL battle is about the hearts and minds and souls of people!

      Let's fight Satan by proclaiming the gospel, and every soul who has surrendered to JESUS, is a battle LOST by Satan and his Roman Catholic 'NWO'!

  3. Biden and Boehner, both CATHOLIC and Obama, Roman Catholic MUSLIM, MARXIST, LUCIFERIAN, GAY PSYCHOPATH
    The STATE of the UNION is more ROTTEN than ever before, but that's because the other PSYCHOPATH, Pope Francis, is the REAL BOSS of the USA...

  4. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Both the Democrats and the Republicans are serving the Vatican, so it's all a SHOW.
    The same happens in my country: our 'democracy' is DEAD!
    The Dutch monarchy is serving the Papacy and the Prime Minister too, and the parliament only functions as an ILLUSION of democracy.
    The same goes for the European Parliament: it's merely a TALKING CLUB, without ANY power.

    But let's be POSITIVE, because this means that the reign of the ANTICHRIST=the PAPACY is at hand, so that means that the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-rapture is near.


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