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Published on Jan 21, 2016
Where I speak from the word of God to the lost.So that they maybe able to find themselves love and Guideness through The Son Of Man Jesus Christ.Come and listen to my video's.And be saved through Jesus Precious Blood.And have ever lasting eternal life with him him his Kingdom.God Bless you All

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Sister Denise, I've watched your video, and I agree we're very close to the revelation of the Antichrist, but I believe this evil man has already been identified: the Pope of Rome!

The RFID-chip itself is NOT the Mark of the Beast, but it will undoubtedly be used to ENFORCE it.

What is the Mark of the Beast?

The Roman Catholic church is the true church of Satan and the Pope is in fact the EMPEROR of the Roman Empire, disguised as a spiritual leader.
The Roman Catholic church proclaims its MARK is the SUN-day!

The Roman Catholic CULT is in fact a SUN-WORSHIP CULT and it derives from BABYLON, hence the term 'Mystery Babylon':

Revelation 17:5

And in her forehead was a name written, A mystery, that great Babylon that mother of whoredoms, and abominations of the earth.

The Roman Catholic church is the WHORE of BABYLON, the COUNTERFEIT Body of Christ!

In order to ENFORCE their SUN-day on the WHOLE WORLD, instead of God's day of rest, the Sabbath, they will use this technology called the RFID-chip.

We must take it LITERALLY that it says that it will be IN people's RIGHT hand and IN people's FOREHEAD:

Revelation 13:16 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
And he made all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark IN their right hand or IN their foreheads.

What you have shown in your video are REHEARSALS for what's going to come AFTER the pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble-rapture, and it's NOT YET the implementation of this EVIL Mark.

Be informed, and I'm NOT a Seventh Day Adventist, but I agree with this information:

The Mark of the Beast 666 - Third Angel's Message

More: Mark of the Beast

MANY followers of JESUS haven't been taught to make the right distinction between God's plans with His chosen people Israel (Jacob) and His plans with the Body of Christ.

Here's sound information: Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel

More: Gospel of GRACE

Mysterious Body of Christ

Many followers of JESUS have been MISLED by the Catholic REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY, which asserts that God's chosen people, the Jews, are no longer relevant.

This is a BIG FAT LIE!


The Jewish people NEVER CEASED to be God's chosen people!

More: Replacement Lie

More: Jew Hatred

Sister we're CITIZENS of HEAVEN and NOT of this world, so DON'T WORRY about America and I won't worry about my country the Netherlands and the EU, which is in fact the REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE, and the USA is part of it.

In fact we're not worried about ANYTHING, because we can't even save ONE single soul: ONLY JESUS CAN!

But we CAN inform people, being God's AMBASSADORS of JESUS' GRACE on earth!

And that's OUR great commission.

You're doing it your way and someone else is doing it in a different fashion, but all who LOVE JESUS Christ have received the LOVE for the LOST.

We have a GREAT message to share and a VERY HAPPY ONE!

I will share your video and I encourage you to make more videos, and let's be HAPPY about our FANTASTIC FUTURE.

Let's make people enthusiast about being FOREVER free from SIN and MISERY and CONDEMNATION, through our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ!

He's going to SNATCH us away before the start of Satan's TOTAL CONTROL through HIS EVIL Vatican WORLD ORDER.

JESUS is with us and I bless you in His mighty name!

Rapture and prophecy

Your brother Hans, from the Netherlands.

The Mark of the Beast 666 - Third Angel's Message 





Get saved by the Gospel that SAVES FOREVER!


  1. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist

    +White Rabbit The Book of Enoch is SATANIC GARBAGE!
    Did Fallen Angels Have Sex with Earthly Women?
    What Does the BIBLE Say: Sons of God vs. Fallen Angels
    What Does the BIBLE Say: Sons of God vs. Fallen Angels ·

    Hans S
    +White Rabbit The Mark of the Beast 666 - Third Angel's Message
    Mark of the Beast ·

    Hans S

  2. +Kitty BooBoo No you haven't read the article, and I 've never said the Sabbath is our salvation.
    JESUS Christ is our only salvation.
    The Roman Catholic church states that the SUN-day is their MARK. Insiders know the POPE/PAPACY is the BEAST, so here you have the Mark of the Beast, and it will be enforced through RFID-chips in the right hand and/or the forehead.

    +Atheism is Madness It's completely irrelevant whether Adam1984 is a 7th day Adventist or not, because they are right about the Mark of the Beast. They are wrong about thinking it applies to them, because it applies to the religious JEWS who are the REAL Sabbath keepers, and the Bible is a JEWISH book and JESUS is not coming back to Washington, or New York, but to Jerusalem, Israel and the prophetic word is all about Israel.
    The first followers of JESUS gathered on the Sabbath.
    But that's not the issue: it's about knowing what the Mark of the Beast is.

  3. +Atheism is Madness It's short-sighted to say 'NEGATIVE!' when you haven't investigated the matter.

    It's not about the SDA, but about the truth.
    The Mark of the Roman Catholic church is the SUN-day.
    The Catholic president J.F. Kennedy already tried to impose Sun-day-law on the US, but he was stopped by Jews who went to court, and with success.

    Satan knows how important the Sabbath is to God, and God happens to be JESUS, and JESUS happens to be a JEW, and he will ALWAYS be a JEW, whether non-Jews like it or not.
    The non-Jews always try to turn JESUS into a PAGAN, but this will NEVER work.
    JESUS is coming back to Jerusalem, Israel, in order to start His JEWISH Kingdom, and all the Pagans must obey, and those who refuse to obey will simply be destroyed.
    What's wrong with the theology of the SDA-folks is that they apply what's meant for the Jews to themselves, because they follow the Roman Catholic REPLACEMENT theology, which states that the Jews are no longer God's chosen people, which is a ROTTEN LIE, with the Holocaust as one of the UGLY results.

    OF COURSE the Jews are STILL God's chosen people and JESUS is going to teach the world a lesson by showing them He's the GOD OF ISRAEL!
    He will ANNIHILATE all those PAGANS who DARE to touch HIS country, Israel, and His chosen people and the remnant thereof, which will be ONE THIRD:

    Zechariah 13:8-9 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    8 And in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off, and die: but the third shall be left therein. 9 And I will bring that third part through the fire, and will fine them as the silver is fined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my Name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people, and they shall say, The Lord is my God.

    Yes, most 'Christians' are WRONG when they believe the SUN-day is the Sabbath, because that's a Roman Catholic LIE.
    Followers of JESUS are FREE to worship God on ANY day of the week, but they must know the Sabbath is still VERY important to God, and the world will know how WRONG they are by following the true church of Satan, the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT, which is in fact the hidden Roman Empire, disguised as a 'Christian church'.

    The word church is also a Catholic word, because the right word is 'assembly' and the word church is meant to generate associations with church-buildings, church-bells, church-towers, church-organs etc., while JESUS didn't start a 'church', but the BODY of CHRIST, which is a LIVING ORGANISM consisting of born again, saved people, who worship JESUS.

    Most 'Christians' are still pseudo-Catholics because they still celebrate the Roman Catholic 'Christmas' and the Catholic 'Easter' and they still follow other Catholic doctrines.

    Joyce is still on Google+

    The Lord JESUS is with us, and again: He is a JEW and the God of Israel.

  4. +Atheism is Madness
    I'm an EX-ATHEIST and I don't reason from a Christian-religious background.

    Adam is a FELLOW believer in JESUS and NOT a DEVIL!
    Yes, he's wrong about certain kinds of doctrines, and so was Ellen White, and I know the leadership of the SDA cooperates with the Vatican, but that's why Adam1984 belongs to the so called 'Remnant of God', which derives from the SDA, but which doesn't obey this leadership anymore.

    I'm interested in FACTS and it's a FACT that the Roman Catholic church states that its Mark is the SUN-day and I know they want to impose their SUN-day-worship cult from Babylon on the whole world.

    Because most 'Christians' with a church background are influenced by the Catholic replacement theology, they don't see how ENORMOUS IMPORTANT Israel is to God.

    May God-the Lord JESUS show you that the Sun-day worship is a DIRECT ATTACK by Satan on God's Sabbath.

    Again: born again followers of JESUS are FREE to worship God-the Lord JESUS on ANY given day of the week, so ALSO on the 6th day, which the gentiles call Sun-day.

    All names of the days of the week are PAGAN names.

    Investigate, brother!

    1. on the 6th day=on the 1st day of the week

  5. +Atheism is Madness "Why so abrasive with me today?'

    You react almost the same as Joyce did, and she also disagreed with me by saying the MOTB has nothing to do with the Sunday.

    The MOTB has EVERYTHING to do with the SUN-day and the RFID-chip will only be a means through which it will be ENFORCED.

    It has everything to do with ECONOMICS and MONEY and that's Satan's realm.

    Just imagine what a TRIUMPH it will be for Satan when he'll see that even JEWS will alter their holy Sabbath into the Babylonian SUN-day.

    This will happen AFTER the rapture and TWO THIRD of the JEWS in Israel will ACCEPT the Mark of the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT and will PERISH!

    ONE THIRD will FLEE into the wilderness and they´ll be protected by God Himself against Satan and the two beasts of Revelation 13.

    Please read Revelation 12 in the right context and let me help you:

    Again: investigate and let me help you:

  6. +Atheism is Madness
    Brother, I don´t listen to what people say, when they try to condemn me, or threaten me, because they didn´t create me and they didn´t save me.

    But I´m able to swallow a lot of nonsense while I´m doing my independent investigations, and even people like Adam can come up with truth, and I distance myself from the lies and the false doctrines.

    Adam believes in a flat earth, which is nonsense.

    Be a real FREE thinker under command of JESUS and come to your own conclusions, and in case we agree, it´s great and in case we disagree, well then I leave it to JESUS, because He is YOUR LORD and I didn´t create you and I didn´t save you.

    Yeah: FIST BUMP!

  7. +Atheism is Madness
    I've learned a lot through Adam and 'his club'!
    Eat the fish and leave the bones, is my motto.

    There's a lot info on my site, and links to sites on this subject:

    JESUS wants us to serve each other so that we'll get a better understanding of the Bible.

    Our Lord JESUS is with us!

  8. +Atheism is Madness
    Don't worry too much about things that don't apply to us, because the Mark of the Beast will be introduced AFTER the pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble-DEPARTURE/RAPTURE.

    Many people who are focused on the MOTB don't believe in our BLESSED HOPE=CONFIDENCE concerning the Pre-ToJT-rapture.

    But I do believe that the MOTB has everything to do with the SUN-day and I told you before that this is NOT relevant to us, because we are FREE to worship God-the Lord JESUS on ANY given day of the week.
    But it's important to know that it has been an act of UTTER SATANISM by the true church of Satan, the Roman Catholic CULT, to change the Sabbath into the SUNday as the so called divine day of rest.

    So keep praising the Lord JESUS on SON-day and on all the days of the week, but JESUS is a JEW and He's God and He will RESTORE HIS Holy Sabbath after He has returned.

    Not because of the 7th Day A. or other gentile Sabbath keepers, and not even because of His chosen people, the Jews, but because He is GOD and because He alone is setting the rules.

    Long before the existence of the Jews as a people, humanity knew that the 7th day is God's holy day of rest.

    In this respect +Awoke TooLate?? is right, but he is wrong when he suggests that God-the Lord JESUS has no special plan for His own people, the Jews.

    Read Zechariah 13:8-9 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV):
    8 And in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off, and die: but the third shall be left therein.
    9 And I will bring that third part through the fire, and will fine them as the silver is fined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my Name*, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people, and they shall say, The Lord* is my God.

    * 'I AM' and 'JESUS' means 'I AM Salvation'

    He is G O D!

    Hans S
    Mar 1, 2016

    +Atheism is Madness
    I've learned a lot through Adam and 'his club'!
    Eat the fish and leave the bones, is my motto.

    There's a lot info on my site, and links to sites on this subject:

  9. JESUS wants us to serve each other so that we'll get a better understanding of the Bible.

    Our Lord JESUS is with us!
    V3NOMOUS_ Soul
    Mar 2, 2016

    +Kitty BooBoo you can get it by accident you should read what I said
    V3NOMOUS_ Soul
    Mar 2, 2016

    +Hans S your good
    Just to make things clear SUN-day laws is mark of the beast and Sabbath is the mark of Gods people (Israel)
    Yesterday 12:03 AM

    +Adam 1984 yea its definitely the RFID CHIP
    Awoke TooLate??
    Yesterday 11:03 PM

    God instituted the 7th day as the rest day at Creation, Genesis ch 2. When Israel was in Egypt, they almost lost the observance and holiness of the Ten Commandments, because they were in slavery. Exodus 16 talks of the 7th-day Sabbath test before the first-time written Law was later given. Adam and all God-fearing people obeyed the Ten C. Genesis 26:5 Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws. Hebrews 11 is a testimony of the patriarchs living by faith through grace in Jesus Christ. They died with the hope of being raised from death at the second coming of Jesus Christ.
    Exodus 20, at Sinai God gave the Ten Commandments anew by word of mouth from the mountain and gave them to Moses, written by Himself with His finger on stone. This means they are unalterable.
    The other laws concerning ceremonies and rites, and health that God dictated to Moses to write, were given because sin entered the scene by mankind listening to another god(devil) before GOD, the Creator. If never man had sinned, the laws that Moses wrote would never have been necessary.

  10. Jesus said in John 18:36, My kingdom is not of this world. When Jesus left earth, the nation of Jews had not accepted HIM, they actually denied HIM as their KING, and testified that Cesar is their only king. As of today there is no repentance. Any individual of all nations, also Israel, may come to Jesus by faith in HIS grace, and obey God's requirements. Genesis 26:4 . . . . and in thy(Abraham) seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. God does not have any agenda with any nation. His Church are those obedient, that like Christ on earth, do His Father's will, John 6:38, and keep His C, John 15:10. God bless us in the study of His TRUTH.
    Awoke TooLate??
    Yesterday 11:36 PM

    +Kitty BooBoo It's good to read that no one can change the Sabbath of God's Creation. What is equally important, is that man cannot decide to profane Creation's Sabbath day, and keep Sunday as holy. To worship on Sunday or any day is not an issue. To profane the Sabbath is rebellion to God by transgressing His LAW, in order to keep another day as the Lord's Day. Man cannot disobey God and say it is an honour unto Christ.
    See in Mark 15:42 & 16:1, Luke 23:56 - 24:1, The "Christians" kept the Sabbath after Jesus died, and also in all of Acts: 13:14,25,42,44; 15:21; 16:13; 17:2; 18:4.
    Awoke TooLate??
    12:14 AM

    +Atheism is Madness In the 4th Comm. God states His title: LORD, His territory: heaven and earth, His seal/mark: 7th-day Sabbath. He repeated His Creatorship in His warning in Rev 14:7 Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. Opposed to 14:9 If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive [his] mark in his forehead, or in his hand.
    The image of the beast is sun worship. This is why the beast power changed worship from the 7th day to the 1st day. Look it up in religious history, even at your library.
    Awoke TooLate??
    12:24 AM

    +V3NOMOUS_ Soul All nations of the world have God's people who form His Church. Christ is our head, His people are His Church who acknowledge and obey HIM. The nation of Israel said, We have no other KING but Cesar. Christ told them, Your house is left unto you desolate. I have not read anywhere after that that Israel as a nation has accepted Jesus Christ as theur personal Saviour.
    Sin is sin for every nationality. No repentance, no redemption, no exception. The unbeliever is condemned until he/she sincerely repents. The soul that sins shall die. God is not a respecter of persons.
    Atheism is Madness
    1:19 AM

    +Awoke TooLate??​ Going to church on Sunday rather than Saturday will not keep you from buying and selling. The mark GOES IN THE HAND OR IN THE FOREHEAD KJV. It's physical a mark for tracking everything about you. You 7th day adventist really need to wake up and quite listening to Ellen White for your doctrines. Quite reading Wescott and Hort NIV corrupt bibles and believing your doctrinal madness, because that's what it is Madness! The bible means what it says quite adding your presumptions that you got no verse backing sabbath breakers take the mark. It ain't in there friend. Good grief man. 

  11. Awoke TooLate??
    2:13 AM

    +Jason Ex May I comment? The term "must worship on Sabbath" is being used wrongly. You are right, There is no command to worship or not to on Sabbath or any other day. God asks those who fear and obey Him, to worship HIM, and repeats this in the warning in Rev 14:7. Since Sabbath is the LORD's Day, that He bids His followers not to profane, Isa 56:2, Sabbath keepers have their main worship of the Creator on that day. To profane the 7th-day willfully to keep another day of one's choice holy, is no honour to God and Christ. It is sin/transgression of the Law of God, 1John 3:4.
    Awoke TooLate??
    2:14 AM

    +Kevin Smith The chip in one's bank card.
    Atheism is Madness
    2:37 AM

    +Awoke TooLate?? +Kevin Smith The chip in one's bank card. For now, next will be a DNA authentication in the hand. Baby steps, Computer =phone=credit cards = body. It's coming, mark it down.
    Awoke TooLate??
    2:44 AM

    +tobysoter From Daniel 7:25 it is known that the terrible beast speaking dark sentences will try to change times and laws, and persecute Christians for 1260 years who stand for God. The history of the Dark Ages show the fulfillment. At your library religious section, search for it, even online, of the change from the seventh to the first day. In these last days the power will use craft and peace (Dan 8:25) to deceive most believers who do not see from Scripture that this power is the one pushing the Sunday Law, its mark. Sabbath is God's seal that obedient believers are His. Sunday is satan's seal who imitates every way of God in counterfeit methods and asking man to disobey God (Gen 3). The beast power led by satan is compelling Sunday sacredness again, as it is the pagan day of sun worship. This is why persecution will resume, as Rev 6:9-11 show, because Rev 13 will soon be fully accomplished. This is why God warns in Rev 14 to worship HIM. Sabbath or Sunday . . . .?

  12. +Atheism is Madness
    I've always HATED Sunday!

    Because I have no Christian-religious background and I never went to 'church', but yet these 'Christian FREAKS' wanted me to respect their STUPID SUNDAY!.
    I loved to have a free day, but their religion spoiled it all!
    So that's why I have a complete different view on Sunday than you.
    Second: Satan really HATES the Jews, because He knows his enemy is a JEW: JESUS!
    JESUS is coming back to Israel to destroy Satan's Vatican NWO.
    The Vatican changed God's Sabbath into the SUN-day in order to attack the Jewish people and their God, the God of Israel, who is JESUS.
    The Bible is a JEWISH book and ALL prophesies must be seen from the perspective of Israel.
    I told you before that the SDA's are WRONG when they apply what is meant for the Jews to themselves, but they are RIGHT about the Sunday as an ATTACK on God Himself and His people.
    We, as members of the Body of Christ have NOTHING to do with it, because we are FREE to worship God-the Lord JESUS on ANY given day of the week, so also on the 1st day of the week, which is 'Sunday'.
    Rename it into the SON-day, okay?
    Through my research I know that the Vatican is DEAD SERIOUS about imposing the SUN-day worship on the whole world, because it's about the BABYLONIAN cult of SUN-worship, as being opposed to the worship of the ONLY TRUE God, who is our Lord and Savior, JESUS Christ, the God of Israel.
    JESUS Christ (and not the folks of the SDA or not even the religious Jews) is going to RESTORE the Sabbath after His return in order to make people clear that He alone is in charge and NOT the devil!
    He's going to be King of kings and Lord of lords for a THOUSAND years and He will rule from JERUSALEM, Israel.

    And in order to make people clear how IMPORTANT Jerusalem is to Him, He will create a BRAND NEW Earth and a BRAND NEW heaven (universe) after the Final Judgement, and then the ETERNAL city, the NEW JERUSALEM will be our ETERNAL home, for saved Jews and saved non-Jews (gentiles).
    All the names of the 12 JEWISH Apostles will be commemorated in this city and also all the names of the 12 JEWISH tribes.

    So please try to get used to the FACT that you have become a JEW, in a spiritual sense, because we have been adopted by God our Father and HE IS A JEW!

    PS: did you know that Joyce is half Jewish from the flesh?
    That's why I love her so much, because I want to make her clear that she needs to see that through JESUS she's now 100% Jewish!

    Being a Jew is NOT being part of a people, but being part of God's FAMILY, and God is the JEW, JESUS Christ.

  13. +T Beard "Yes the Pope and the one world religious system is involved"


    The Satanic Power Tree

  14. +T Beard It's not about the SDA-sect, but about the truth, and the truth is that the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT (the hidden Roman Empire disguised as a religious entity) states itself that the SUN-day is its MARK.
    The Pope is the ANTICHRIST, the 1st BEAST, from the 1st BEAST SYSTEM.

    Now, what is the MARK of the BEAST?

    The BABYLONIAN, satanic SUN-day on the 1st day of the BIBLICAL week, as being opposed to God's SABBATH, on the 7th day of the BIBLICAL week. People go to WORK on the 1st day of the week (on the pagan SUN-day) in ISRAEL.
    Long before the existence of 'the Jews' the people knew VERY well about this, yet they followed Satan before the Flood and worshiped the SUN, instead of God. After the Flood the people followed Satan AGAIN and they worshiped the SUN at Babel, and later all over the word after the Babylonian confusion of tongues.....BUT..they couldn't UNITE because God had created different languages.
    Nowadays ENGLISH has become the world language, and I am Dutch and English isn't my mother tongue. Through this TOOL, the English language Satan is now able to UNITE the world AGAINST God-the Lord JESUS:

    People rather worship something they can see than a God they cannot see, but who's the creator of the SUN, MOON, STARS and EARTH.

    The Roman Catholic DEATH CULT is all about SUN-worship, because Satan himself is the boss of this EVIL church, and every Pope is his instrument, and the current Pope is both the BLACK POPE= the boss of the JESUITS and the WHITE POPE=the masquerade of the so called 'man of peace and religious unity'.
    The Pope is the true WOLF in sheep's clothing. He's the 'Vicar of Christ'=the 'instead of Christ'=the EVIL ONE disguised as an 'angel of light'. 'Obama' is his False Prophet of FALSE peace, FAKE prosperity, FAKE progress and SO CALLED equal sharing which is COMMUNISM and communism is one of the EVIL inventions of the SATANIC JESUITS:

    The USA is the 2nd BEAST SYSTEM and 'Obama' is the 2nd BEAST. Eventually Satan wants to be worshiped Himself, and the two BEASTS will make this happen.
    Hans S
    Hans S 2 minutes ago
    +Awoke TooLate?? Many Christians are following the WRONG gospel and are not dividing the scriptures rightly.


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