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Clueless Evolutionists Get Owned By Creationists

Published on Jul 27, 2013
There are many, many, very able creationist debaters and speakers about who WANT to debate atheists and evolutionists. Unfortunately, not many are given the opportunity on TV. This show was unusual as it did allow 2 creationists a platform. Even though they were interupted they showed that creationists are more than able to deal with the 'faith' of evolution quite easily.
Original upload; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sP63m...

Evolution is Satan's BRAIN FART

The Miracle is You

The Secret History of Dinosaurs

Evidence for a Young World

Evolution or Creation? That's a NO BRAINER!

Evolution has been officially declared dead, that's settled..let's move on to another subject

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  1. +Jersey Gretchen
    I'm an ex-atheist from the Netherlands and I didn't believe in the existence of God, and I didn't believe in an afterlife.

    It's a long story how I became a believer, but thinking about near death experiences, which I read about in a book in the late '70's, was a start.
    This was also an ex-atheist from Russia: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/01/dr-george-rodonaia-atheist-scientist.html

    This song in 1980 was also an eye-opener: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Testimony

  2. +Alexander Cook
    Is that so?
    And you said 'there is no Jesus'?

    So if there's no Jesus then there's also no devil, and then your statement doesn't make sense.
    But you KNOW the devil exist, but you simply DENY God's existence.

  3. +Alexander Cook
    Ah, the umpteenth person with a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX!

    Here's a challenge for you: try to stay awake for a week.
    God-the Lord JESUS doesn't sleep.
    Now the devil also doesn't need to sleep, but the difference between him and God is that he'll end up in the lake of fire and God is the creator of this eternal detention center.

    Where do you want to spend eternity?
    Where (y)our maker JESUS is, or in this very boring detention center where you will be forced to proclaim that JESUS is LORD=the BOSS?
    Judas HANGED himself and JESUS was CRUCIFIED for you and me, and even for Judas, and He rose from the dead.
    But people who deliberately choose not wanting to be saved by Him (like Judas) choose a fate worse than SUICIDE.

    PS: I'm here to annoy Satan, so if I'm annoying you, then it's your own fault, because you want to be an ally of SATAN=ADVERSARY.


    He's still giving you a chance to be saved.

  4. w+Alexander Cook Sounds more like a song for YOU: Pat Nobody - Ain't that Hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skNq5fg-ugk

    Alexander Cook
    12:01 AM

    +Hans S No thanks. I'll take my chances not being preached to by some loner who thinks some bearded man exists in a fairytale book. Get off the high horse, get off YouTube. cry me a river smoke some weed, drink some beer, get laid, ANYTHING.

  5. Pat Nobody - Killin' Time - Hanss
    Hans S

    Original: Pat Nobody - Killin' Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYcrh41DX-s

  6. +TheWildChannel
    Darwin was a STUPID IDIOT!
    A disgrace to science!

    Hans Steijnhagen
    Hans Steijnhagen1 seconde geleden
    There's overwhelming evidence for creation and an overwhelming evidence of STUPIDITY by people who BELIEVE in the CRAZY FAIRY TALE called 'evolution'. People who BELIEVE in evolution are INSANE

    1. +Vakas M
      And to think I used to BELIEVE in this NONSENSE
      when I was a STUPID ATHEIST myself in the past!
      Vakas M
      Gisteren 13:03+

      +Hans Steijnhagen Agree totally, evolution has been disproved many times. The celocanth fish found in Japan which is exactly as it was in fossils and thought to be extinct millions of years ago totally destroys any argument in favour of evolution. The whole concept is absurd and completely irrational.

  7. Reacties
    1. Yes, Kent is great concerning creation vs evolution, but he still believes in Heliocentricsm, while the earth isn't spinning.
      I used to believe in a spinning earth too, and in the heliocentric model (the earth supposedly revolves around the sun), but in 2013, when I was 53, God finally showed me how wrong I was and how wrong 'science' is, because the earth is standing perfectly STILL and the sun and the stars revolve around it (Geo-centrism), and so the Bible is right and 'science' is wrong.
      This was one of the videos that opened my eyes: Heliocentrism - False Science http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.com/2013/11/heliocentrism-false-science.html

      Furthermore: after Kent was released from jail, he began to make YouTube-videos, but to many's surprise he doesn't believe in the pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble-rapture anymore and he in fact attacks this Biblical teaching.

      So I still respect him for his great knowledge and his talking skills, and also his sense of humor, but he needs to see that the Bible is the absolute truth and that we are not appointed to God's wrath, which will be poured out on earth, because of JACOB's=ISRAEL's future covenant with DEATH=the Antichrist=the PAPACY, AFTER the rapture.

    2. This is what I told a Sister in JESUS about Kent Hovind:

      There are people who think he was threatened while he was in jail (for no reason, btw.) by the government to alter his stance on the Roman Catholic church, or he wouldn't be released from jail...
      I think they are right, so pray for him, he will be restored in his former BOLDNESS for JESUS and the truth.

      Remember this: the CIA means the CATHOLIC Intelligence Agency and the word 'Central' (Intelligence Agency) is a DECEPTION.
      The FBI, CIA and the NSA were all founded by NAZIS and NAZIS serve the Vatican!

      But don't worry: JESUS is with us and my government and monarchy are also serving the Papacy and the devil, but JESUS is RESTRAINING them and Satan till the RAPTURE!

      So I really don't worry about anything.

      NOTHING has changed since JESUS' first coming, because the Roman Catholic 'church' is in fact the hidden Roman Empire and the Pope is a MAFIOSI, disguised as a religious leader.
      He owns TRILLIONS, and MONEY is POWER in this satanic world.
      It took a long time to discover it, but the Pope/Papacy is the ANTICHRIST.
      I believe 'Obama' is his main PAWN.

      Our Lord JESUS is coming, dear Sister!
      Watch the videos of brother (ex-Catholic) Kenny Jacobs: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrKjacobs001/videos

  8. Reacties
    1. +Best.Time Martin Bormann and Heinrich Himmler were JESUITS and the real masters of NAZI-Germany on behalf of the SATANIC VATICAN.
      Adolf Hitler was just a PAWN.
      Joseph Stalin was a JESUIT PRIEST!
      The true god of the JESUITS is LUCIFER!
      So it's safe to say that these people were/are SATANISTS. Atheism is a form of SATANISM, because the SATANIC MORON says 'there is no god'. http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Atheism

      Satanic-Jesuits: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/satanic-Jesuits

      Vatican Holocaust: http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Vatican%20Holocaust

    2. +kevin urban THE HIDEOUS CRIMES OF THE POPES !!! http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2015/11/the-hideous-crimes-of-popes.html

      Vatican Holocaust http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Vatican%20Holocaust

  9. Jeśli uważasz że dinozaury wygineły 65 milionów lat temu to zobacz ten film... Biblia mówi że dinozaury żyły razem z ludźmi. Ten film to potwierdza...
    If you think that dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago: see this film ... The Bible says that dinosaurs lived with people. This film confirms...

    1. From 2:09 it's a Frigate Bird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GguTAYBvBd0

  10. AMomentOfClarity2011 And you're a nice guy and not a bully?
    This is what you say about yourself:

    "agnostic atheist humanist, also a sceptic and quite outspoken about things that interest me."

    Evolution is a HOAX and a SICK JOKE, invented and promoted by the JESUITS.
    It's a BELIEF system based on unscientific MADNESS.
    The whole idea behind 'evolution' is to create a world view in which there is no room for the God of the Bible, who manifested Himself through JESUS.

    People who BELIEVE in evolution want to be their own god. I know all about it, because I'm an ex-atheist and an ex-adherent of the THEORY of evolution.


    AMomentOfClarity20116 days ago (edited)HIGHLIGHTED COMMENT
    0.45 This is the same bully that was on that creationist road trip show, where he got flattened by facts, got hostile, abused the show presenter, bullied anyone who doubted creationism and was clearly deeply insecure in his own stance. Pretty much every sentence he utters is either a half-truth or outright false, even his definitions in regard to evolution. E.g "one of the principles of evolution is that human beings have evolved from a single cell to complex intelligent beings through a means of natural selection". This is false entirely in every respect while only appearing accurate to creationists. It is not a principle of evolution, its a consequence of understanding the theory of evolution and looking at the facts. ALL organisms share the same 'principle', as everything alive shares ultimately common ancestry as far as we can tell. Man is just another animal so ultimately man evolved from a common ancestor. By focusing on man, he gets to pretend if he knocks that, the whole thing collapses. Also his statement gives the impression of a linear development rather than a bushy one, so once again this is misleading. Also natural selection is not the ONLY factor involved so again this is misleading. Since he immediately tries to knock it with "you can only select from what you already have" shows that dishonesty plainly as mutations are being sidelined and the combination between mutations and factors including natural selection is what matters. You don't focus on one aspect and blame it because it does not have all the factors in itself solely when by the theory of evolution, it was never expected to. Basically this idiot lies from start to finish, a cleverly polished talk that is designed to deceive.

  11. Kelly Bults you are insane seek help and get an education.
    Kelly Bults
    10:03 AM

    +Hans S
    if your iq was above 80 we could talk but it is not.
    Hans S
    10:16 AM

    +Kelly Bults if your iq was above 80 we could talk but it is not.


    Kelly Bults
    commented on a video on YouTube.
    Shared publicly - 9:46 AM

    hans you are insane seek help and get an education.

  12. +AMomentOfClarity2011
    Here we go again....

    I'm living in 3-D land and you're living in 2-D land and you're trying to convince me there are only 2 dimensions and I'm unable to convince you there 3 dimensions, because it's a divine revelation.

    So I will not even TRY to convince you, because when I was an atheist and an adherent of the theory of evolution, no human was able to convince me of the existence of God or the supernatural.

    But it happened.

    I consider you a bully, because you call my brother in JESUS from Northern Ireland an IDIOT.

    That's not an argument but an execution and sending someone to 'la la land' as if you're a superior BRAIN.

    One of the people who made me DOUBT my convictions about the origins of life and our existence was an ex-atheist, the late A. E. Wilder-Smith https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._E._Wilder-Smith

    This very intelligent and learned man really made me think again when I saw him several times on Dutch TV in my country, the Netherlands.

    But there are more reasons I started to doubt my faith in the 'Big Bang' and evolution, like the FRAUD that was perpetrated by evolutionists in order to DECEIVE: Satan is a JESUIT https://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/09/satan-is-jesuit_3.html#more

    Evolution Exposed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MN9u9hc9FQ&feature=share

    Furthermore: I've experienced paranormal phenomena in the past which made me believe there is more than just logic and matter.

    Call it MAGIC.


    12:12 PM

    +Hans S Your first statement is a non sequitur. How does my statement that I am an agnostic atheist humanist and a sceptic and being outspoken make me a bully?

    If you accepted the theory of evolution based on informed education on the topic then you would not support the nonsense this guy spouts, even if you later had doubts. This is creationist propaganda, that has been discredited over and over again. It is fine to have questions about any aspect of science but to support outright conspiracy fringe views is inexcusable in this day and age.

    Please address my points on what the guy said rather than make blanket denial statements.

    Your god is believed by less than a third of the human population, and MOST of that fraction accept some form of evolutionary development (usually theistic evolution). The idea that the majority of the planet accept evolutionary theory BECAUSE it denies YOUR interpretation of your bible (not god) is factually false. There are billions that hold to NO belief in your god, that accept or reject that area of science for different reasons to what you profess as well. There are hindu creationists for example. They probably use conspiracies too to justify their credulity.

    Finally you use an equivocation fallacy when you highlight the 'theory' part in your response. This gets corrected countless times by pretty much anyone who encounters it. A theory in science is a well supported explanation for the phenomena in nature it refers to. Such an explanation incorporates all the relevant data, including strongly supported hypotheses, laws and facts that have been discovered and tries to give the most parsimonious and useful explanation that allows predictabilities that arise from that phenomena to be tested and verified.

  13. +Bjarne Søegaard I think I already told you that I'm an ex-evolutionist and an ex-atheist, so I used to believe in the fairy tales you're still believing in, and there's no need to go back to this nonsense and calling me a man child is totally irrelevant.
    Get educated, you ignorant, foolish man, and start to read a REAL GOOD book, which is the Bible.

  14. +Mike Nusser Evolution only exists in this respect: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/rirAFZ-yOLi_VksbSb5A31HCobZD5wldqSYM41Uhb9ond1Rlqh2ad9RBRjPvnOpDbRy25Pb9S0gMuOL8YS2BsEEXC3A=w260-h194-p
    Hans S's profile photo
    Hans S
    +Gage Kaptis In my language I would say 'wat een GELUL!' or 'WAT een GELEUTER!' and let me see if I can translate this...

    it means 'What bullshit!', but literally it means....well it's hard to translate, because we Dutch make a verb of LUL (cock) ah. here's something: http://www.mijnwoordenboek.nl/vertaal/NL/EN/lullen

    And 'leuteren' is a verb made of the word leuter https://translate.google.nl/#nl/en/leuter , which is also a word for a penis, and here's something: http://www.mijnwoordenboek.nl/vertaal/NL/EN/Leuteren

    Zit toch niet zo te leuteren. - Don't blabber the whole time. / Just don't blabber so much.


    Get it?

    1. +Mike Nusser Really?
      And you're asserting this to a former believer in evolution and the big bang, the globe earth, etc...me?

      I already became an ex-evolutionist BEFORE I believed in JESUS, due to the counter evidence.


      Mike Nusser
      +Hans S only we can SEE it happen.

      You fail.

    2. +Mike Nusser The burden of GUILT is on you, stupid atheist!


      Mike Nusser's profile photo
      Mike Nusser
      +Hans S Burden of proof is on you. Until you show evidence god can be dismissed.


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