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The Pre Tribulation Rapture is the only truth, Re-Posted

The Pre Tribulation Rapture is the only truth, Re-Posted

Published on Mar 7, 2014
I want to thank our brother CH McDonald for this message. He has been working very hard getting the truth out about the Pre Tribulation Rapture. Post tribbers (Posters) are ignorant and conceited in their thoughts according to the Apostle Paul Rom11:25. If you are sealed with the Holy spirit, its not about what you say. Don't be fooled by posters, Repent! be baptized, and receive the Holy spirit.
Pick up your cross daily and Follow Christ.. Trust in the Lord and study the word to show thyself worthy.. Posters, please quit steeling a promise that does not belong to you. Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. KNOW JESUS KNOW TRUTH! AMEN!


  1. +Ruckus Allen Hi brother! Look!

    In your description box you said: "Repent! be baptized, and receive the Holy spirit. Pick up your cross daily and Follow Christ.

    I am baptized in the beginning of my walk with JESUS, but last year I've learned this wasn't necessary: When we get water baptized in this time of God's dispensation of grace, all we get is wet!

    Is the Lords supper for the Body of Christ today?

    The first eye-opener was this: Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel


    Gospel of GRACE

    The Lord JESUS is with us!

  2. +Ruckus Allen
    I have no Christian background and I didn't want to become a follower of JESUS: JESUS Himself made me a follower of Him.

    The problems began when I started to get to know "Christians".

    I surrendered to JESUS on January 15, 1984, but often I still don't know what 'Christians' are talking about.

    I'm not a 'Christian': I call myself a JESUS Christian, because too many people call themselves 'Christians' who don't know, or who don't love JESUS Christ.

    It were 'Christians' who convinced me to be baptized, and it was also due to my ignorance at that time, because I had still a lot to learn.

    Repentance is a work of the Holy Spirit=JESUS in spiritual capacity.
    People need to read the Bible and understand what it says.

    I'm so glad I know the difference between the Kingdom gospel for the Jews and the gospel of Grace for the Body of Christ, which didn't yet exist when JESUS was preaching on earth.

    30 years after having been baptized in 1985, I finally learned the truth.

    The man who had baptized me later committed suicide, so I'm glad to know this baptism didn't mean anything at all.
    This man was a deceiver, and he had deceived me, but he himself had been deceived by others in the past.

    One thing is for sure: JESUS saved me and I love Him!

    JESUS is with us!

  3. +Ruckus Allen
    Let me put it this way: I follow JESUS according to Paul's gospel, authorized by JESUS.

    Yes, my faith is strong, because the alternative is suicide.

    When JESUS saved me he told me very kindly 'Hans, there are two things you can do; commit suicide, or start reading the Bible'.

  4. This is what I told two fellow believers in JESUS from the USA:

    Where is your faith in the one who created you, and saved your from (Y)OUR SIN on the Babylonian symbol for the SATANIC Sun-god, the CROSS, and who LOVES you like none other?


    We have been given the prospect of a SAFE ESCAPE by JESUS HIMSELF!

    Luke 21:36 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    36 Watch therefore, and pray continually, that ye may be counted worthy to ESCAPE all these things that shall come to pass, and that ye may stand before the son of man.

    This goes for you too, XXXXXX

    YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN OF NAZI-America, as I'm NOT a citizen of NAZI-Europe, but WE ARE CITIZENS OF HEAVEN!

    Be focused on JESUS and NOT on Satan and his ROTTEN WORLD!

    Democracy is DEAD in BOTH the US and the Netherlands!

    Satan has taken over control of the US and the EU, of which my country has become just a province.

    The pre-Time of Jacob's Trouble-RAPTURE/DEPARTURE is our BLESSED HOPE!

    And HOPE in this sense is meant as CONFIDENCE!

    LIFT up your heads!

    JESUS is COMING for His BRIDE...for US!

    Throw away ANY PRIDE you once had concerning 'your' so called 'great country', the USA!

    I did this in the past concerning my pride about 'my country', the Netherlands.

    My LAND is HEAVEN and the NEW EARTH and my CAPITOL is the NEW JERUSALEM!

    JESUS is my PRIDE!


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