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REJOICE! JESUS is coming, the BREAD of LIFE! - Dedicated to Joyce

2nd Chapter of Acts - Rejoice / Bread of Life

Published on Oct 25, 2015
From the Christian contemporary pop album Rejoice (Sparrow SPR 10150) 1981

Written by Anne Herring (Rejoice); Anne Herring and Matthew Ward (Bread of Life).


Arise and shine for the light has come
Rejoice for the Lord is appearing
The heavens split wide
As he takes his bride
Rejoice the King is coming


Rejoice and sing, rejoice at his coming,
Rejoice he's coming soon
Rejoice and sing, rejoice at his coming
Rejoice and sing


Bread of Life run through me
Fill my soul
Bread of Life run through me
Make me whole
By your stripes I am healed
By the thorns you wore
By the pain you suffered
By the blood you poured
Bread of Life run through me
Fill my soul...

-uploaded in HD at



علي احمد فؤاد‬‎3 days ago

رائعه جدا  (very wonderful)
Hans S
+‫علي احمد فؤاد‬‎ آمين: يسوع معنا! Amen: JESUS is with us!


10 opmerkingen:

  1. +Yimbo Elizabeth
    No, but they are my brother and sisters in JESUS and I love their music, and I know about their background.

    Do you love the Lord JESUS too?


    Yimbo Elizabeth1 month agoLINKED COMMENT
    One of the greatest singing groups yet!
    Hans S
    Hans S53 minutes ago
    +Yimbo Elizabeth All thanks to JESUS!
    Yimbo Elizabeth
    Yimbo Elizabeth5 minutes ago
    + Hans S. Are you one of the singers Sir?

    1. +Yimbo Elizabeth
      Well I guess that will be in heaven and on the New earth, when we're with JESUS!

      The Lord JESUS is with us!


      Yimbo Elizabeth59 minutes ago
      Amen! I'm glad to hear that and please convey my regards to them next time you meet them. God bless you sir,

  2. +Patrick Ovenden
    Correct, and because I believe JESUS is coming soon
    , we'll meet again where JESUS is, so that's heaven and on the New earth in the New Jerusalem.

    Yimbo Elizabeth
    Yesterday 4:21 PM

    Oh, my God! What are you saying?
    Patrick Ovenden
    Yesterday 11:53 PM

    +Yimbo Elizabeth I think he's saying that meeting members of the band was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience for him.

  3. +Yimbo Elizabeth
    Thank you for telling me,
    and see you in heaven when we're with JESUS!

    Yesterday 2:54 AM

    +Patrick Ovenden
    Correct, and because I believe JESUS is coming soon, we'll meet again where JESUS is, so that's heaven and on the New earth in the New Jerusalem.
    Yimbo Elizabeth
    Yesterday 12:41 PM

    Wow! That's great. To know that they're peaceful........where they are.
    Hans S
    Yesterday 11:52 PM

    +Yimbo Elizabeth
    Is JESUS Christ your Savior and Lord too?
    Yimbo Elizabeth
    5:50 AM

    Yes, He is my Savior and Lord. Thanks a lot sir. Good Bye.,

  4. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    I'll watch it later.

    I'm not in the mood to listen to teachings:

    I know you don't like this music..I's so full of ANGER, and the song was written by the Jewish APOSTATE Bob Dylan, who's serving the devil.

    When my ex told me she doesn't love me anymore, it felt the same as when Karen told me the same.
    Karen's DEAD.
    Lord JESUS don't let Fenny go to hell and SAVE JOYCE and her husband Hans and their three little children!

    1. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist Do you love me, Joyce?
      I want to love you as my sister in JESUS.

      JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
      Yesterday 11:35 PM

      +Hans S ???? I love are mixing up the religions you will not get 72 virgins in heaven, just kidding lol
      I love all my brothers and sisters 
      Hans S
      12:15 AM

      +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
      Okay, fine!
      I asked you this again, because I asked you this before and you didn't react.
      I don't want and I don't need 72 virgins in heaven, and also not as a joke.
      I want brothers and sisters who really love each other, and who really care about each other, because that's what JESUS wants.
      Loving JESUS is helping each other and serving each other.
      Following JESUS isn't a prolonged Bible study, but it's putting into practice what we've learned from the Master.
      Thanks for the other link, and when I'm into it I will check it out.

    2. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
      Yes I have a sense of humor, and I thought you already knew that
      , but I'm not laughing when I realize that a person I used to love has died recently and that she's probably lost.
      She died last Friday at the age of 55, and my 2 year younger sister told me about it on Sunday, but only yesterday (Tuesday) I realized what she had meant to me when I listened to a song we used to listen to a when we were together, 41 years ago.
      I knew she was not saved and she was a friend of my 2 year younger and unsaved sister, and at first I didn't feel much emotion, but due to this song I became emotional.
      You said 'I know where you are coming from, I think'.
      Now, where am I coming from?
      I understand you worry about your son, so I pray that JESUS will give you His strength to cope with it, and that He will heal your son.
      I understand he's 31.
      Does He love JESUS too?
      Of course I don't want you to go insane.
      Yes, JESUS's grace and peace.

  5. +Char B
    I want to see HEAVEN!

    But I'm willing to wait, because my mother isn't yet saved and many more beloved.

    And....JESUS is also HERE!

  6. +Char B
    But if JESUS says 'COME' I'll go!

    Chi Coltrane Go Like Elijah


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