maandag 16 mei 2016

Adolf, the CRAZY CATHOLIC COPROPHILIAC ....this man was a piece of SHIT, on behalf of the Pope and SATAN, and the same goes for the POTUS

Adolf Hitler indulged in sickening sexual fetishes – and even forced his niece to act out his fantasies, according to claims in a US intelligence report

Hitler and Eva Braun ‘had sex without touching each other or taking their clothes off’ because he was so fanatical about hygiene, claims author Martin Amis










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    1. +Sarah Hodgins
      The Catholic church is evil because it's the true church of SATAN!

      JESUS will deal with this ROTTEN WHORE!
      Sarah Hodgins
      9:33 PM

      +Hans S
      So because Spain had annexed the Netherlands 400 years ago, the Catholic Church is evil?

    2. +Malachy Smith
      I love to annoy Satan in JESUS' name
      , and I'm doing a GREAT JOB here on my OWN upload, so shut the hell up, you SATAN-WORSHIPER.
      Malachy Smith
      9:30 PM

      +Hans S you're CRAZY! Satan has you in his spell. You love Satan. Love talking about him. And he loves attacking Gods holy church! 

  2. +genennene
    You call this humor?
    You're a PERVERTED BABYLONIAN ROMAN CATHOLIC SATAN-WORSHIPER, because your 'jesus' is the devil himself and the Pope is his main PAWN.

    Just wait until God's FULL HATE against EVIL will be poured out on you and will TORTURE your BRAIN during the coming Time of Jacob's Trouble and then you'll talk differently.

    During that time I will be GONE to where JESUS is!

    7:35 AM

    +Hans S --That is because you are bit Christian and lie. My point was this was not Konrad and is a common, albeit extreme, action of humor by the artist.
    7:37 AM

    +Hans S --I'm not interested what you call it. You call good evil, and evil good. Your hate is eating you up. That Church has nothing to do with Babylon. It is a lie, but the truth won't turn you.

  3. +Malachy Smith
    You know DAMN WELL what it means: Seventh Day Adventists.

    Yes, JESUS is the God of ISRAEL!

    He's going to DESTROY your ROTTEN church!

    Malachy Smith
    8:18 AM

    +Hans S SDA. WHAT is SDA?? Satan's Direct Authority??
    Malachy Smith
    8:19 AM

    +Violet Rose JESUS IS GOD (Don't know if you noticed that little fact)

  4. +AwGusTeen Saint
    He just told me you're an asshole, and that he hates you.

    But JESUS loves you.
    Do you happen to know Him and are you sure you are saved?

    AwGusTeen Saint
    2:59 PM

    +Hans S
    "I was talking to Satan, so don't interfere."

    Talking to Satan were you? I'll bet that you talk to Satan often. So... what does he tell you? Does he tell you to hurt yourself or others?

  5. +AwGusTeen Saint
    What a MISERABLE faith do you have!

    When JESUS saved me I didn't want to be saved, because I didn't ask for it: He CHOSE to save me and NOT me!
    I was SAVED and SAFE.
    Not by works, but through GRACE.

    You're trying to EARN heaven, which will NEVER work.

    You're also a member of the most EVIL MAFIA-organization in history, the Roman Catholic MURDER-CHILD RAPE-cult.

    You are NOT saved and you are NOT born again, no matter how much you try to convince yourself you are.

    God is my Father and you compare Him with the 'evil one'.

    And just like people who belong to CULTS you need the support of fellow CULT-members.

    I dare to stand on my own, together with JESUS.

    Because you don't want to know the truth about your CULT, you choose to ATTACK me, instead of greeting me as a FRIEND and a BROTHER in JESUS.

    That's because the Roman Catholic 'jesus' is the DEVIL.

    The Roman Catholic CULT HATES the real JESUS Christ, because He's a JEW and the God of ISRAEL.


    AwGusTeen Saint
    4:44 PM

    +Hans S
    And you are a wanker, but Jesus loves you none-the-less.

    As to the question of salvation... I have been saved, I am being saved, and I shall be saved.

    “ grace you have been saved” (Ephesians 2:5, 8).

    “ out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12).

    “...will be saved, but only as through fire” and how a certain type of believer needs to be disciplined now “that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus” (1 Corinthians 3:15, 5:5).

    As you can see, salvation is a process. You don't get to call on Jesus once and have a one way punched ticket to heaven.

    Well... maybe you believe that (wankers often do) but then, you'd be totally wrong.

    Enjoy your talks with the evil one - it sounds as though he is teaching you quite a lot.

  6. +AwGusTeen Saint
    Is your jesus the God of ISRAEL in the Middle East?


    Your 'jesus' fornicates with ISLAM, HINDUISM and ALL false religions, because the 'jesus' of the Catholic church is SATAN, disguised as 'jesus'.


    AwGusTeen Saint
    2:56 PM

    +Hans S
    "Well, they still rule Germany, because Angela Merkel is a daughter of Adolf Hitler through artificial insemenation!"

    You're a dang nut!
    AwGusTeen Saint
    9:25 PM

    +Geo Spartan Many self styled Evangelical Protestants are no different than radical Islamist. If you listen to some of the morons here, there should be no doubt about it.

    1. +James Reder
      And Hal has never revealed what Martin Luther already knew, centuries ago: the Papacy/the Pope is the Antichrist
      , by default, and that the Vatican and the Jesuits are behind all evil.


      James Reder
      11:48 PM

      Hal Lindsey is a Jesuit Freemason making the chronically repeated double hand gesture, known as the occult Eye of Horace, casting spells, while pretending to fidget with his pen and paper. He was on Crouch's network until they had words and Paul only entertained like minded Masons on his show. If it was on TBN, is was occult, or it wasn't on. Jan walked off with 50 million, plus residuals and a boob job. Paul left a pile to his gay lover and the administration to Jan's love child and the beat goes on.

  7. +Nick MacLaughlin
    Only IDIOTS attend churches.

    The very word 'church' is ROMAN CATHOLIC.
    To HELL with ALL churches and long live the Body of Christ, consisting of all true WORSHIPERS of the Lord JESUS Christ.
    They don't need 'churches': they can gather ANYWHERE!


    Nick MacLaughlin
    1:04 AM

    +Hans S do you attend a church?


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