woensdag 4 mei 2016

This is the REAL YOU and Satan HATES it!


This is what Satan wants to do with us...or he can make people burn us alive, or that we are BEHEADED so that our brain will DIE, but the bottom line is that he HATES our REAL BEING, which resides within our BRAIN.

He wants our brains to be like his INSANE brain and he hates it when brains belong to JESUS!

Give Satan a BAD DAY today and surrender your BRAIN to your CREATOR, JESUS, who happens to be God, manifested in the flesh.


He was PUNISHED in OUR place on the Babylonian symbol for the SATANIC SUN-god, the CROSS!

And He ROSE from the DEAD!!

And in case you'll refuse to do so, then God=JESUS will resurrect you from DEATH and cast your brain and your supernatural body into His GARBAGE CAN, the LAKE of FIRE, which is a fate that is FAR WORSE than being CRUSHED by a TANK by the SATANIC IDIOTS of ISIS=SATAN!

So BE WISE and acknowledge the fact that your BRAIN belongs to its MANUFACTURER: God, aka JESUS!

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen: God does NOT exist and Jesus has nothing to do with God at all, because God does NOT exist, and the Bible was written by lunatics who were drunk.
    At least, that's what one might say if one is a lunatic him/herself.

    When I was an atheist no one was able to convince me of the FACT that God exists and that this God has everything to do with JESUS and the Bible.

    There was only one who could convince me of God's existence, and that was God-the Lord JESUS Himself.

    Maybe I should repeat this:

    There was only one who could convince me of God's existence, and that was God-the Lord JESUS Himself.

    Have a good time and remember that you don't know why you have a brain in your head and a head in the first place.

    Atheism http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/search/label/Atheism

    1. +Rala Tepes
      Anything else?

      Rala Tepes (Alpha Wolf)
      12:57 AM

      +Hans S Wow, you've got issues.

    2. Rala Tepes (Alpha Wolf)
      1:14 AM

      +Hans S There's nothing else to say, really.
      Hans S
      1:17 AM

      +Rala Tepes
      Hans S
      1:19 AM

      Something to ponder upon: Konrad, the CATHOLIC COCK SUCKER http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/05/konrad-catholic-cock-sucker.html

    3. Rala Tepes (Alpha Wolf)
      1:23 AM

      +Hans S Got anything substantial?
      Hans S
      1:30 AM

      +Rala Tepes
      And what is 'anything substantial'?

      And tell me more about 'issues'.

      Does it really matter?
      Hans S
      1:32 AM

      Let me put it this way: if there is no God, what is the reason for living?

    4. +Rala Tepes
      And you're talking from your ass, due to the lack of a brain.
      Have a nice day!

      Rala Tepes (Alpha Wolf)
      3:36 AM

      +Hans S I see you still have nothing relevant or substantial. You're mentally I'll, that's what I mean by issues.

      You're mistaking me for an Atheist. But let's just humor you. Your God is not necessary for someone to have a reason to live.

    5. +notatheist
      You'll get what you want, because the Pope is the Emperor of the Roman Empire, disguised as a spiritual leader, and his true god is LUCIFER.

      Have a lot of fun during the coming wrath of God, and JESUS is God!


      4:23 AM

      +Hans S Trying to scare me with Satan? Ha! If Satan really exists, and if he hates me, then he should say that to my face. And I'll impale him for his insolence.
      No, Christianity has nothing to offer to me or to any righteous man. Christianity is a falsehood based on lies and socialism. The Roman Empire should have kept its gods, because they're far superior to lyin' Jesus.

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    1. +Nancyray This is the REAL YOU and Satan HATES it! https://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2016/05/this-is-real-you-and-satan-hates-it.html
      Hans S
      2:49 PM

      Yes, I saw that too ;-))

      JESUS loves us, people!

  3. +Thelma Lynne
    Hell with two l's is proper English
    : https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=hell&qs_version=GNV I'm Dutch and hell is hel in proper Dutch: http://bibles.org/search/Matte%C3%BCs%2023:33/nld-NBG51/all

    Now there is the REALM of the DEAD, or HADES and the LAKE of FIRE or the 2nd DEATH.

    The realm of the dead is the place where most people go after they die.

    The justified* people go to a place which JESUS called Paradise, after they die.

    *by God=JESUS

    You aren't (yet) justified, so you'll go to the realm of the dead, after you die, awaiting judgement, and the ultimate punishment is the lake of fire or the 2nd death=eternal separation from your own creator.

    I'm NOT better than you, but I believe that MY PUNISHMENT was on JESUS when He died on the cross and I'm grateful for that, and that's ENOUGH reason for God to JUSTIFY me, even though I don't deserve it, but NOBODY deserves to be JUSTIFIED, except JESUS Himself.

    YOU are arrogant, because you don't seem to be wanting to be justified through the blood and the sacrifice of JESUS, who is God in the flesh.

    And then God-the Lord JESUS has the RIGHT to cast you into His TRASH CAN, the lake of fire.

    Fair enough, don't you think?

    But don't be STUPID and allow JESUS to SAVE you, because He doesn't want to TRASH you, but keep you and love you forever.


    Thelma Lynne
    8:16 AM

    +Hans S ..you poor,poor idiot..The problem with you bloody Christians is you think god loves you more than all the rest..You get a nice place to go to and everyone else goes to Hel. .How arrogant. .By the way the correct way to spell hell is with 1 L..not 2 Ls...What a negative idol you folks pray to..A dead guy on a stick..I get a little sick to my stomach when I see a crucifix. .I have a different god than yours ..Mine doesn't think slavery and killing children or circumcision is ok..

  4. +Rolie Ester
    Man, what a DUMB person you are!
    You were much smarter when you were a tiny embryo and you're dumber than a plant.
    All people were/are created to be like the angels and the question is WHERE?
    In the presence of God-THE LORD JESUS, or in His TRASH CAN, the lake of fire.
    You seem to be willing to ROT in HELL forever, together with Satan the LOSER.
    What an INSANE IDIOT you are!
    DUMBER than DUMB!
    When did you start to cultivate your STUPID god-complex?
    And you can't even fight sleep or hunger or thirst.
    JESUS loves you, Satan hates you!

    Oh and you know NOTHING of the Bible, because it's a CODED book and only those who are BORN AGAIN are able to DECODE it.


    Rolie Ester
    Aug 22, 2016

    +Pastor Matthew Bunting Frankly, both of you sound pretty damn ridiculous,. There never was a Jesus Christ... I can't figure out how you guys haven't figured that one out... And there was never and man named Adam or a woman named Eve... Are you boys really that stupid and naive?
    Naive- an adjective meaning-(of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.
    Other synonyms: unsophisticated, artless, ingenuous, inexperienced, guileless, unworthy, trusting. Definition fits you just right and the synonyms even better...
    Rolie Ester
    Aug 22, 2016

    +Pastor Matthew Bunting I doesn't matter whether or not you are a learned pastor meaning Schooled in a University. Doctorial degree or one of those self proclaimed pastors, or just a pastor who took a 5 min internet course and passed with 5 easy questions. But the info I shared with you previously most pastors ether don't remember being taught or were never actually taught this in school. 
    Rolie Ester
    Aug 22, 2016

    +martyaus2905 lol, I say the same thing but he never actually lived. People just believe that because "The bible tells them so". Out of the bibles 31,000 verses more than 14,800 verses seem to be out of place. They discredit the rest of the verses, there are holes everywhere. For instance. The bible tells us so........ In Genesis: The "STORY" it is nothing more than a "STORY".. I'll say in the second account of genesis... (the first account of Genesis was questioned by the people and well, a new account was then made... So, second acct of Genesis: God makes Adam, then makes Eve from his rib. (Completely different story here) they had two sons, both had penises. and that was it. One might inquisitively ask your precious Lord (who was not conceived yet lol....) If Adam and Eve only had two sons, both had penises. Where did the grandchildren come from?
    Trust me, your not going to like the answer...
    They did not have daughters, (the bible tells us so.....) Cain kills Able. And voila, Eve seduces (Incest) her only son, has a daughter, Cain has Seduces (incest) with his sister and so on until somehow, they procreate an entire global interracial races. They were human... (the bible tells us so..... No other human has been able to procreate so many races in one lifetime.... But Adam and Eve did... Incest is forbidden in the bible and is an "abomination" to your lord. However acceptable by Christian, Muslim, and all other religious freaks....
    Who are the real demons... I think it's the liars who proclaim to be worthy of heaven.... There isn't a heaven either... :(

  5. jim colegrove
    Yesterday 6:50 PM

    But they will do all these things against you on account of my name, because they do not know the One who sent me...John 15-21
    Elroy Swarts
    Yesterday 7:09 PM

    +Rolie Ester You are confused & in the darkness.It will remain that way untill you ask the Lord Jesus to open your eyes.When you die eternally lost, for refusal to accept Christ as your personal saviour, you will find out that the afterlife is more real than this beforelife. Not only is it real, but it is eternal.You will be surrounded by demons who hate you simply because they hate God & you were made in His image.These hate filled, grotesque creatures will carry you off to burn in an unquenchable fire, & you will experience the most painful agony & suffering known to man.You'll be lost forever.Without God & without hope.It will be too late to cry out for deliverance then.I plead with you.You are far too precious to God, & loved by Him to gamble with your life like this.
    jim colegrove
    Yesterday 7:24 PM

    I agree it takes effort of continually roving the Holy scriptures and being humble accept correction.
    Colossians 1-15...He is the image of the invisible God, the first born of all creation.

    Jude 25..to the ONLY God our Savior THROUGH Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, might, and authority for all past eternity and now and into all eternity. Amen.
    Psalms 90-2.....From everlasting to everlasting, you are God.
    Jesus is not from everlasting, he was the first born of all creation. Jehovah is the Creator.
    Mark Anthony
    Yesterday 7:28 PM

    +jim colegrove your a watchman?
    Mark Anthony
    Yesterday 7:30 PM

    +jim colegrove John 20:28"my Lord AND AND AND AND my God"
    Hospitaller Knight
    3:53 AM

    There is only one church the Catholic Church.
    Saint Ambrose (died A.D. 397):
    “Where Peter is therefore, there is the Church. Where the Church is there is not death but life eternal. …Although many call themselves Christians, they usurp the name and do not have the reward.” (The Fathers of the Church)
    Rolie Ester
    2:59 PM

    +Elroy Swarts I will ask you something? Will you open your eyes and bow before Satan?

  6. Time and space are God-made ILLUSIONS and we always remain on the same spot; in our cranium, because there resides our ego, and we think with two hemispheres, who work together in order to be the basis of our ego.

    Where have you been during your dreaming?

    You only think from your left hemisphere, but what about your intuition, your right hemisphere?

    Our right hemisphere doesn't think in terms of time and space; everything is possible!

    Get in touch with your right hemisphere; it's also YOU.
    · in reply to frosted1030 (Show the comment)

  7. پطرس 3:3-4 Urdu Bible: Easy-to-Read Version (ERV-UR) 3 یہ تمہارے لئے اہم ہے کہ یہ جان لو کہ آخر دنوں میں کچھ لوگ تمہارا مذاق اڑا ئیں گے اور وہ لوگ اپنی بری خواہشوں کے موافق چلیں گے۔ 4 وہ
    یہ کہیں گے “وہ جس نے وعدہ کیا ہے کہ آئیگا ،کہاں ہے وہ ؟ ہمارے باپ مر
    گئے لیکن دنیا اب تک باقی ہے جیسا کہ اس وقت جب سے یہ بنی ہے۔”


    A Conneely2 hours ago
    Hans S Try writing in English because your fucked up message is more fucked up than it needs to be


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