Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fascist Ukraine downed MH-17 with the backing of the US, the EU and the SATANIC VATICAN!

The Endless Dodge - Why Washington Doesn't Come Clean On The Downing Of MH-17

Submitted by Roberty Parry via (h/t Contra Corner blog),
A newly posted video showing a glimpse of a Buk missile battery rolling down a highway in eastern Ukraine has sparked a flurry of renewed accusations blaming Russia for the July 17, 2014 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 killing 298 people. But the “dash-cam video” actually adds little to the MH-17 whodunit mystery because it could also support a narrative blaming the Ukrainian military for the disaster.

 The fleeting image of the missile battery and its accompanying vehicles, presumably containing an armed escort, seems to have been taken by a car heading west on H-21 highway in the town of Makiivka, as the convoy passed by heading east, according to the private intelligence firm Stratfor and the “citizen journalism” Web site, Bellingcat.



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    1. +S Candy Handy
      The USA is an instrument of the VATICAN and its JESUITS.
      It's NAZI-America!

      The EU is NAZI-Europe!


      S Candy Handy
      Yesterday 2:18 PM

      +Giovanni Truvia True; which explains why the 'democracy' which they exported never worked anywhere. The product is as bad as the ones who created it and the ones who sheepishly went out to spread it.

    2. +S Candy Handy
      We agree, but why do you use a picture of this NWO-SLUT, Madonna?

      And did you know that Putin is JUST playing his part?
      He's a fan of Joseph 'Stalin' who was a JESUIT PRIEST!

      Are you a man or a woman?

      I'm a MAN, because in all my TRILLIONS of body-cells I bear the X-Y-chromosome.


      S Candy Handy
      2:51 AM

      +Hans S They are dirty bed partners. Vatican claims to represent Christ, yet they indulge in luxury and fail to explicitly speak out against the war crimes that are being committed by the west. The American Dollar bears the note in God we trust, yet the only things that they do are sponsoring terrorism and committing war crimes.

    3. +S Candy Handy
      Well, to be honest I agree.

      Though Madonna is getting too old to pretend to be a young woman and Putin has had a facelift, and he's now with a second, younger wife.
      Yes, we're all human and mortals, who need to go to the bathroom every now and then.
      You seem to be a woman.,
      I'm an ex-atheist who became a believer in JESUS Christ, and not because I wanted to become a believer in Him, but because He talked to me.
      First I became agnostic, and gradually I began to believe more and more in the supernatural, and in hindsight I now say it was the OCCULT, but what did I know, because I didn't believe in the existence of God and the devil.

      Take a look at this picture:
      Hans S
      4:03 AM

      +wrongfully convicted
      The US government is serving the Vatican, and the Vatican and the Papacy are serving the devil, so you're asking for the impossible.
      Only JESUS can solve this problem!
      He happens to be GOD!


      S Candy Handy
      1:13 AM

      +Hans S I Love Madonna and Putin. Although they have different genders, work, background and political opinions they have some similarities as well. They both have beautiful eyes, are smart and very disciplined.

      I am just a human.
      wrongfully convicted
      2:35 AM

      Ban the US Government
      John Michael (Seraphim)
      2:40 AM

      lol, shut up, sore cold war loser bitch

    4. +S Candy Handy
      You are just as UNIQUE and special in God's eyes as Madonna, so why don't you show your own unique face to the world and tell people your real (first) name?

      I also like some of the songs of Madonna and I like some of her style, but I realize she's also a promoter of Baphomet, the devil:

      She also (as a person with Italian blood) promotes the Papacy, while the Papacy is the enemy of the whole world.

      Just study this: The Satanic Power Tree


      Giovanni Truvia
      9:05 AM

      +S Candy Handy You may love Madona (no accounting for taste) but you probably know that she will end up supporting Hitlery Clinton.
      S Candy Handy
      5:02 PM

      +Giovanni Truvia Now that is one of the things I definitely don't like about her. I don't like her support for Hitlary, gay marriage, pussy riots and her comments about President Putin.
      I like and identify with her work on some levels but not on all levels. I like her playing with styles, questioning some social and sexual dogmas as well as her lyrics. But when it comes to leadership, political and ethical issues I admire President Putin the most.

      Madonna = The performance artist/ show girl. That is her platform.

      President Putin= The greatest leader on the Planet. a man of quality, honor and love for his country.

      Apples and Oranges may have some shared qualities such as vitamin C. But they are still different.
      The same goes for all humans / public figures.
      Giovanni Truvia
      5:15 PM

      +S Candy Handy at the end of the day no matter how big they are they are still just entertainers but some how they want to be more than just than. They want to feel they matter in the world besides just going up there and allowing people to have a good time which is why I feel they want to get in to politics. I would even be surprised if Luisa Cicone had even heard of Pussy Riot before there no famous dance in church. I would also be surprised if she even knew any of Putin's policies or what he has done for Russia or their econmy. Attention getter and little else. At least Elvis did not get involved with politics and did not answer such questions. I only listen to opera and classical music are you may remember and they do not get involved in politics. Actually Valentina Lisitsa supports Russia and had her music taken off KLM and was suspended from the Canadian philharmonic for her tweets
      S Candy Handy
      5:42 PM

      You are right about everything that you said. Music is a question of taste as well as how that taste gets fed or is subconsciously gets developed over time. I like to hear the classical music every now and then, but during the life processes I developed the taste for dance melodies, club and R & B music. The clubs were my hangout places when I was growing up and to a less degree now. After the initial fascination, Madonna did make me curious about how some thing in society develop though. I often look her and her work from the stylistic and sociological perspective. There is a certain amount of personal identification as well. Her music became the soundtrack to at least a part of my life. People get inspired by different things and different people. In her own way with her own medium Madonna helped me to deal with some of my own personal issues. When she came out, there wasn't internet yet, and there weren't people in the G+ circles, to discuss things with, so the club Madonna culture and her fans became my meting place.

    5. Via my her & my U Tube account I landed on G+ and formed my own current discussion circle which I am enjoying and learning from now. So it wasn't all that bad I gather.

      As for president Putin, I began to admire him since the 90s and my admiration and respect for him grew in the light of the recent history especially since Obama's failed presidency.

    6. +S Candy Handy
      Yes, I already saw that one of your other names is 'nobody'.
      Okay, this is the internet and everybody can still have fake names and fake identities
      , but I know that the Vatican NWO is working hard to stop this and make it mandatory for every individual, worldwide, to identify oneself, so that 'Big Brother' knows all about us:

      'Big Brother' is none other than the POPE on behalf of LUCIFER!


      S Candy Handy
      6:18 PM

      +Hans S Thanks, nowadays one aspect of being unique, or at least my definition of it, is being a faceless nobody.
      As far as Madonna is concerned. I don't know nor do I care to know everything about her. There are different sides to all humans. I only judge the part that I know and like the parts that meant something to me.

    7. +S Candy Handy
      Well there's one 'Big Brother' who I grant the right to know all about me: God, aka JESUS.

      He can even read our minds and dreams.
      His imitator is the POPE, and I can tell you that he does NOT yet know everything about us, because his enemy JESUS is RESTRAINING him at the moment.
      That's why there's still freedom on the internet....but not for long.

      Did you know that CIA means CATHOLIC INTELLIGENCE SERVICE?
      The USA is 100% controlled by the Vatican and the EU too.
      It's the ROMAN EMPIRE with the MARY-flag as its symbol
      Based on the WRONG interpretation of Revelation 12.


      S Candy Handy
      6:35 PM

      +Hans S Unfortunately the big brother already does know everything about everybody. So we are already imprisoned (in an open prison) whether we asked for it or are aware of it or not. But this way at least I can say what I want and walk the streets without being bothered.


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