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Jesuit Priest Georges Lemaître Invented The Big Bang Theory - LIE

Jesuit Priest Georges Lemaître Invented The Big Bang Theory

Published on Aug 6, 2015
Most people don't know but it was a Vatican Jesuit priest Georges Lemaître, that came up with the big bang theory. The Jesuit priest was a colleague of Albert Einstein. So it's no wonder when Pope Francis says he believes in the 'Big Bang Theory' and evolution.


  1. Ricky Colin Satan is originally a Hebrew word, meaning ADVERSARY.
    So you say 'adversary is love'. Satan hates you, yet you say that he's love...
    666 is the number of the POPE of Rome!
    You need JESUS if you want to be saved.
    Saved from what?
    From God's wrath upon you!
    Now God came on earth in the capacity of JESUS to be PUNISHED in (Y)OUR place on the cross, and if you believe in Him and repent, you'll be saved from God's wrath.
    Satan will burn in hell=the eternal lake of fire, because God-the Lord JESUS didn't die for fallen angels, but for people and animals:

    Psalm 36:6 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    6 Thy righteousness is like the mighty mountains: thy judgments are like a great deep: thou *Lord, dost save man and beast.

    Psalm 36:6 World English Bible (WEB)
    6 Your righteousness is like the mountains of God. Your judgments are like a great deep. *Yahweh, you preserve man and animal.

    *LORD=YHWH= 'I AM, that I AM' and in short 'I AM', which is God's name.
    JESUS from the Hebrew YESHUA means 'I AM SALVATION'. He's God in the capacity of Savior.

    SheaSheaOnUrTUBE3 hours ago
    I say... I can't go on... but Jesus said," BELIEVE IN ME FOR I WILL CARRY YOU." I say... I'm too tired... but Jesus said," BELIEVE IN ME FOR I WILL GIVE YOU REST." I say... Impossible... but Jesus said," BELIEVE IN ME FOR ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE." I say... I'm starving.... but Jesus said," BELIEVE IN ME FOR I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE." I say... I'm dehydrated... but Jesus said," BELIEVE IN ME FOR I AM LIVING WATER." I say... I am going to die... but Jesus said," BELIEVE IN MR FOR I WILL RAISE YOU UP." Glory be to our LOVING God... AMEN! <3JESUS<3
    Ricky Colin
    Ricky Colin3 hours ago
    Satan is love, Satan is life. Hail Satan 666
    SheaSheaOnUrTUBE3 hours ago
    God bless your FOOLish heart, Hon!!! My prayers are with you...<3
    Ricky Colin
    Ricky Colin3 hours ago
    +SheaSheaOnUrTUBE I am not the foolish one but I know that you are for worshipping and believeing in something that doesn't exist.
    SheaSheaOnUrTUBE2 hours ago
    +Ricky Colin Yes, Loves, you are FOOLish as we see from the Holy Scriptures! Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. Psalm 53:1 53 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good. Remember, the unbelievers have no proofs to support their FOOLish, IGNORANT claim! God bless you...<3
    Ricky Colin
    Ricky Colin2 hours ago
    +SheaSheaOnUrTUBE. And you have no proof of God instead you use the bible as your evidence. I am only 14 and yes I am an actual Satanist and I am much more intellectual than you are. If you can prove me to me God is real which we all know won't happen using SCIENCE I will go back to being a Christian. I can prove and debunk most quotes from the bible and I can prove to you Satan is good and a loving god unlike that trash you worship.

    1. SheaSheaOnUrTUBE
      SheaSheaOnUrTUBE2 hours ago
      +Ricky Colin So sad, Hon!!! You claim to be so," intellectual," but yet, you believe in satan, but not God! SUCH IGNORANCE, Hon! There are just as, if not more," SCIENCE," to prove the existence of God/Jesus Christ then against, do your homework! You know squat! I'm not here to prove anything to you or anyone else, for it's up to the seeker to find. Matthew 7:7-8 7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. It's only through the all POWERFUL Holy Spirit that one will receive the proofs/ the Holy TRUTH! Mock as you will, Hon, but you will see and have to answer for your every word of mockery! This is not up for an unbelievers IGNORANT debate, I have said all that needs to be! Now you take care and may God bless you with the wisdon of His Holy TRUTHS...<3
      Javion Robinson
      Javion Robinson1 hour ago
      +SheaSheaOnUrTUBE well said
      SheaSheaOnUrTUBE1 hour ago
      +Javion Robinson Thank you, Sweetheart... God bless you and yours, Loves...<3

    2. +Ricky Colin
      And your name means "rebel without a cause"


      Ricky Colin
      2:42 AM

      +Hans S i know what Satan means in hebrew. Satan originally meant truth in sandkrit an older language
      2:50 AM

      @ Rick Colin...
      WoW, at the IGNORANCE you show!!
      Where did you get that lie from? We can look this up all day long and see no such thing, Hon!
      God bless your IGNORANT heart...<3

  2. maggy mayfield
    8:15 PM


    that's bullcrap these atheists getting their way on everythin huh?!
    Hans S
    11:25 PM

    +maggy mayfield This is a foretaste of what's to come after the rapture.
    The forces of evil are gearing up because they know their time is short.
    God-the Lord JESUS allows it to happen because of the wickedness of the majority.

  3. +Molly Streames
    There are no missing links; nonsense and the find of a 'new' species only says that it wasn't discovered before, or described by 'scientists'.

    I've commented on several videos, so maybe that Hans was me, and what about it?
    But listen: if you can't see the miracle in life than this conversation is useless, because then you really believe you're nothing but a thinking heap of organic matter, senselessly floating on a small planet in the endless universe, while I know that there is only one world and that the earth is flat with a dome.
    And did you know this: Jesuit Priest Georges Lemaître Invented The Big Bang Theory


    Hans S
    Yesterday 9:05 PM

    +Molly Streames
    So you are your own creator?
    You are God?
    Molly Streames
    4:31 PM

    Hans s no nature through the act of love of my parents created me no fictional man
    Hans S
    6:21 PM

    +Molly Streames
    Use your common sense, because your parents didn't create themselves and evolution is impossible and I already knew this before I believed in JESUS, being an ex-atheist.
    Back then I realized that there must be another explanation for our existence and to make a long story short, I discovered the God of the Bible and the person who represents Him in human form, JESUS.
    But before that I also believed in the possibility of extraterrestrial life and aliens, and reincarnation was an option and the occult, but I was already an ex-atheist, because I had discovered that evolutionists had used fraud in order to prove their theory, like in the case of the so called 'missing link' between the ancestors of men and apes.
    There are no transitional fossils.
    You and I are created by a creator who loves us and who wants to have a relationship with us.
    Molly Streames
    6:27 PM

    Hans s what fraud was used by Darwin only this decade things he predicted have been found to be true and do u know how few old fossils there are from prehistory just a handful and another new species has been found last year so the missing link if there is one could still be out there lastly are you the Hans s that commented on a documentary called the dark ages

    1. +Molly Streames You will stick to evolution and the 'big bang' because the creation story is 'too simple' and it's keeping you in control and you don't have to answer to God.
      The whole idea of 'evolution' is to turn off the truth about the existence of God.
      This is God-denial and I know all about it, because I used to think that way too.
      Your story reminds me of Star Trek fantasies and I used to love this series in the past.

      Know more about the background of the maker of Star Trek: STAR TREK, GENE RODDENBERRY and the COUNCIL OF NINE

      But listen: I can't convince you of anything and God was the only one who could convince me of His existence, using the information I had picked up from ex-atheists who had become believers, which I found very intriguing.

      I can only tell you about my experience and what I currently believe.

      In case He wants you to become a believer in Him this will happen, and if not you will surely discover Him after your death.

      Atheist sees Hitler, Child Killer's & Witchcraft Hell - Black Juju - And he gets saved by JESUS


      Molly Streames
      7:14 PM

      Hans s nothing serious about it we just had a slight debate on there to nothing abusive just.a difference of opinion yes I know about the man who coined the phrase big bang which was part of a sarcastic comment in context which probably came to haunt him I also know science doesn't like the term but for media and documentary purposes it is the in phrase I also know was another priest whose formula predicted dark matter I believe of.the top of my head if not that equation then something equally important mathematically last century but where.creationists see intelligent design I see either chance or nature I know they like to quote the ten to the power of 120 chance life.would.happen but in nearly 14billion years with the trillions upon trillions of stars that have existed in the trillions of universes then the chances are in all that time in all those galaxies which must have quadrillion s at least planets the circumstances were right on at.least one ,chances are others to but ours got it, or I could believe that in the past.nearly.every people had different God's so out of those tens of thousands of God's the one that happened to be the true one spoke to a handful of Hebrews in a tiny part.of the world millennia ago then had his son born n killed then sent Gabriel to Mohammed because first the Jews let.Moses down second they killed Christ then the Christians messed up Christ's message with the setting up.of the Vatican and orthodox church then last chance.Mohammed made all this happen lol I think I will stick to evolution and the big bang

  4. +Bjarne Søegaard Evolution was concocted by the Jesuits.
    It never happened....
    But it's not forbidden to believe in stupid fairy tales.
    And it's also not forbidden to be lost and to burn in hell, together with Satan and all the other liars and God-Jesus-Bible-creation haters...

    1. +Bjarne Søegaard You're an enemy of logic and science and an enemy of YOURSELF!
      Evolution only exists in your IMAGINATION.
      It's not possible and it never happened.
      Creation happened by the CREATOR who happens to be JESUS: God, manifested in the flesh.
      I'm an ex-adherent of the THEORY of evolution, so who are you trying to convince?
      You don't want to believe in the existence of God, because you want to be IN CONTROL yourself!
      Get rid of your GOD-COMPLEX!
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +gopal kumar I know, but when I was still a BELIEVER in the THEORY of evolution I believed in the CLASSIC lie which started with the so called 'Big Bang'.
      Later they made a distinction between 'abiogenesis' and 'evolution' in order to make the LIE more plausible.
      This LIE coincides with another LIE: Heliocentrism and the BELIEF in a SOLAR (SUN-god WORSHIP) system, all deriving from the BABYLONIAN Roman Catholic DEATH CULT.
      The CROSS (just like the SWASTIKA) is a Babylonian symbol for the so called sun-god.
      All EVIL roads lead to the Vatican and its true god is LUCIFER the DEVIL.


      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      Jesuit Priest Georges Lemaître Invented The Big Bang Theory - Jesuit Priest Georges Lemaître Invented The Big Bang Theory
      Jesuit Priest Georges Lemaître Invented The Big Bang Theory
      gopal kumar's profile photo
      gopal kumar
      +Hans S big bang is only a part where you need a huge lot of belief there are other less famous scientific areas which needs belief over logic.
      Bjarne Søegaard's profile photo
      Bjarne Søegaard
      +Hans S it is simply amazing that an adult in 2017 writes crap like that. It really shows the poison of religion.
      No the jesuits did not develop the theory of evolution.
      And for the rest of your ridiculous religious babble that is right out of mideaval times.
      Religion poisons everything.


    2. +Bjarne Søegaard
      I'm extremely confident that I'm right and you're wrong.

      You don't know why you exist and why you have a brain in your skull and why you feel the urge to defend your lies.
      You MUST defend your lies because that's all you live for and all you've got.
      But let me inform you that you exist because the God of the Bible has created you and not as a robot but as a person with a free will.
      He's giving you the time from conception till death to discover that you're not some accident or coincidence, but a deliberate act of creation.
      I know more than enough about the fairy tale called evolution to be able to know that it's an impossibility and a hoax.
      You have been fooled by the devil and his so called scientists/professional LIARS.

      You don't know the REASON behind the evolution LIE, but let me inform you: the VATICAN is behind this lie and it wants to establish a one world government and it can't use people who believe in the Biblical truth and in creation and in the REAL JESUS Christ of the Bible.
      The Roman Catholic 'jesus' is an IMPOSTER.
      Everything concerning the Roman Catholic religion and the Vatican is based on LIES.

      You don't believe in the existence of God and also not in the existence of the devil.
      It's in the interest of Satan to keep it that way so that you'll remain lost, just like him.
      God-the Lord JESUS wants to save you and He gave His life for you on the cross, and He was buried and rose from the dead on the third day, according to the scriptures.
      You are His creation and He has the right to do with you whatever He wants and He doesn't want to condemn you but to save you, though He has every right and reason to condemn you because you have the same mentality as His enemy the devil, who is a liar.
      Your so called 'ton of evidence' in favor of evolution is based on absolutely NOTHING but LIES and BAD 'science', inspired by Satan.

      Now why do you feel the urge to defend your lies?
      Because you can't cope with the fact that once you must die and that you'll lose control.
      You want to keep control even though you can't even fight the physical need to sleep.
      Some people call death 'the big sleep'
      Now who is the master of life and death?


      Revelation 1:18 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

      18 And am alive, but I was dead: and behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen: and I have the keys of hell and of death.

      JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh or God in 100% sinless and perfect human capacity, and He's going to JUDGE us all.

      I believe that I'm saved thanks to His GRACE and I won't be cast into His eternal lake of fire, because all people are meant to be like the ANGELS and this existence between heaven and hell is only temporarily.
      We're all meant to exist FOREVER!

      But WHERE?

      In the presence of God or far away from His love and mercy?

      The choice is yours alone.


      Bjarne Søegaard
      +Hans S You are extremely religious it seems from your posts. You have been led into a religious darkness maybe of some new age kind.
      Into the eternal darkness of religion.

      You have never read or understood the theory of evolution and I suggest you go to the literature of today and see what is there. Whatever argument you may have - it will be met with a ton of evidence an clear explanation.

      Sorry dude, all the cartoon movie like fantasies about a devil and the whore of babylon and these bronze age b-movie plots, are all bread by bored bronze age men and their mental masturbation of ignorance.

    3. +gopal kumar All life on earth is dependent on God and on nothing and no one else.
      Did the sun turn into a perfect sinless human being and did it shed its blood for you on the cross so that you might be saved in case you believe that you're a sinner who's in need of God's mercy?

      Go directly to the creator of the sun, moon and earth and everything:

      John 1:1-5 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      The Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ, According to John

      1 In the beginning was that Word, and that Word was with God, and that Word was God.

      2 This same was in the beginning with God.

      3 All things were made by it, and without it was made nothing that was made.

      4 In it was life, and that life was the light of men.

      5 And that light shineth in the wilderness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.

      JESUS is the WORD of God.

      He is GOD and (y)our creator.

      Get to know Him today and get saved:


      gopal kumar
      +Hans S at least belief in Sun God is logical as all life on earth is dependent on the sun's heat and light.

    4. +Bjarne Søegaard
      You're a BLASPHEMER and I don't have to defend my FATHER

      Matthew 12:31
      Wherefore I say unto you, Every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


      Bjarne Søegaard
      +Hans S your god is you. All in your mind. That is why your god is so much like you and why you need to defend him so much like you. It is you. Just you.
      Read the bible. Try to read the old testament. The entirety and all the crazy things you don't know about because you never read it.
      You will find that this god has the intellect of a 14 yo kid of today and is less educated.
      How many words in the bible? And yet not one word showing the slightest knowledge better than any peasant of the day. You never think that is odd?

    5. +Bjarne Søegaard UNBELIEF (in God-the Lord JESUS, the Bible and His creation) is the ULTIMATE SIN!

      JESUS loves you and Satan hates you.

      We're living on a FLAT EARTH!

      Alex Jones Infowars DELETED Flat Earth Debate With Eddie Bravo 3/17/17


      Bjarne Søegaard
      +Hans S I have just seen 2 very interesting videos on YouTube on the collaps of the bronze age civilizations.
      I suggest you check them out. Very very interesting.
      It is on this backdrop the biblical myths are made.
      Showing the mass migrations of people and the dark age that followed.
      Man I should have done a lot more reading of these ancient episodes. Teaches so much about us today.

      Bjarne Søegaard's profile photo
      Bjarne Søegaard
      +Hans S oh by the way I will gladly sin against the holy spirit.
      How is that anyway? Rejecting it? Ok I reject it?
      Bronze age nonsens.

  5. +Bjarne Søegaard Why do you try to convince me of things I USED to believe in, in the past?
    I told you that I'm an ex-atheist and an ex-adherent of the theory of evolution, and I told you that I believe in the God of the Bible and that I renounce the theory of evolution because I believe and KNOW that God has created this world and us.
    So why do you want me to go BACK to a conviction I no longer agree with?
    Or is it because you want to have the last word/argument as if you know things better than me?
    If the latter is the case than I have no problem with that because I can't convince you of the existence of God and creation, just as only God Himself was able to convince me of His existence and that I neeed reemption through JESUS Christ, God's human capacity.
    You are free to reject your own creator, but He's also free to decide whatever He wants to do concerning your personality and your future, because whether you like it or not, you're HIS creation.

    You obviously don't like this message and you decide to ignore the possibility that God exists and that He has the right to judge us, but also to save us through JESUS, in case we believe in Him and in His goodness and mercy, and so you choose to remain a BELIEVER in 'evolution' despite the fact that evolution is impossible.
    To you evolution is a 'fact', because without this 'fact' you know that you must consider the possibility that God exists and that He has the right to judge His human creations, but that He also wants to save them through JESUS.
    I'm not living in religious darkness and I have a RELATIONSHIP with my maker based on His GRACE and LOVE and GUIDANCE.
    I'm NOT saved due to my 'virtues and good deeds', but due to EVERYTHING He has done for me, when He died for me at the cross and shed His blood and was buried and rose from the dead on the third day, according to the scriptures.

    At the moment you're lost without Him, but you're still able to surrender to Him and receive His grace.


    Bjarne Søegaard
    +Hans S well you are certainly well inside the religious darkness and not even willing to consider watching the videos I wrote about.
    You are a prime example of how recent we left the trees.
    Religion poisons everything.
    You really need to learn and get better educated.

  6. +Angela Martin Evolution never happened and it will never happen,
    you slave of the JESUITS of the Vatican!

    Evolution is their wicked invention so that people won't have to believe in God anymore if they BELIEVE this CRAP.
    Atheists are pseudo-JESUITS!

  7. Replies
    1. Jesuit Priest Georges Lemaître Invented The Big Bang Theory And it's a BIG (JESUIT) LIE!

    2. The 'Big Bang' is a LIE! Flat Earth: Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy!

  8. Replies
    1. +kyzercube _ And you're the EXPERT of course, who BELIEVES that 'sentient life' evolved from DEAD MATTER...or did this MATTER already contain LIFE?
      And if so, WHERE did this LIFE came from?
      Out of NOWHERE?
      Did NOTHING create SOMETHING?
      Then could it be that NOTHING is God?
      Is that what you BELIEVE?
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +jeff andi Jesus saves lives in the US and I'm Dutch and we're related through JESUS Christ.
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +jeff andi God is a thinking and creative entity who exists OUTSIDE of this reality, and who created this reality.
      He doesn't need a body, but in case He wants to be someone He's JESUS Christ, God, manifested in the flesh:

      1 Timothy 3:16
      And without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness, which is, God is manifested in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of Angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, and received up in glory.

      And I am one of His representatives in this DIMENSION.

      Asserting that the earth is NOT flat and round with a firmament/dome is VERY unscientific.
      in fact it's PSEUDO-SCIENCE to assert that the earth is a (spinning) globe, a sphere, and that it's part of a 'solar system' which is part of a 'galaxy' etc.

      Come up with hard evidence that God does not exist.
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +James Karaganis There is absolutely NO evidence for 'evolution', so what's your point?
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +Hans S I correct myself, because God also exists in this reality by means of His Holy Spirit.

    2. +jeff andi I'm Dutch and not German, and you think you're smart, but you ask a very stupid question: my God didn't come from nowhere or anywhere.
      He was, is and will be, and His name is 'I AM', because He exists in the eternal NOW.
      You were once a one celled embryo, yet you think you can outsmart your own creator.
      God has a name for a person like you: FOOL.

      Psalm 53:1 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

      1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God, they have corrupted and done abominable wickedness, there is none that doeth good.

      So this means you're not only a FOOL, but you're also WICKED.

      You're a CRIMINAL who needs to be PUNISHED.
      Not by me, but by your MANUFACTURER/CREATOR.

      At the moment you exist in a mortal body, but the real you is a spiritual being, which can only be confined within a spiritual/supernatural body.
      This body can FEEL, which can be experienced in the BRAIN of this body.
      We are all all meant to be LIKE the angels, which are supernatural beings who don't need to sleep, eat and drink.

      The question is WHERE will we spend eternity, because this supernatural body plus human spirit will exist FOREVER.

      You deliberately choose to deny God's existence, so you also deny that God, manifested in the flesh/sinless human form, aka JESUS, died for your sins on the cross, so this means you're eligible for God's special treatment and eternal therapy for rebellious spirits, which is to be cast into the lake of fire.

      Of course this can still change in case you change your mind and if you acknowledge that you're lost without JESUS Christ, and surrender to Him.
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +James Karaganis The Middle ages are called that way because relatively little is known from this era due to the politics of the satanic Roman catholic death cult which deliberately kept ordinary people illiterate so that they weren't able to read the Bible, which was made almost impossible, because this death cult destroyed all manuscripts of the Bible it could find, including the people who owned them.

      So here we go again: an ignorant atheist who believes in things which were invented by (the Jesuits of) the Vatican, like heliocentrism, evolution and 'the big bang'. asserts that I represent this true church of Satan, just because I happen to believe in JESUS Christ, who has NOTHING in common with the so called 'jesus' of the Roman catholic death cult.

      I mean: how dumb can you you get?
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S

      Got it?


    3. jeff andi
      +Hans S Germany is supposed to have a better education system than the U.S. I guess some still slip through the cracks, eh?

      Oh and now you left Evolution and went into Abiogenesis. A Different field of science you might need to check up on that.

      If something can't come from nothing, then where did your God come from?
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +Hans S I correct myself, because God also exists in this reality by means of His Holy Spirit.
      Mike Nusser's profile photo
      Mike Nusser
      +Hans S Only we can SEE evolution occur so you're lying about it not having evidence.
      James Karaganis's profile photo
      James Karaganis
      +Hans S said: There is absolutely NO evidence for 'evolution', so what's your point?

      Abso .. no evi ... oh my. You really are a crank.

      I suspect you also feel there's no evidence for Einstein's Theory of Relativity either. I say this, because you just rejected the scientific method itself.

      Welcome to the Middle Ages. Enjoy your serfdom.
      jeff andi's profile photo
      jeff andi
      +Hans S
      1. Trying poke holes in evolution doesn't provide any evidence for the existence of your God.

      2. Even if evolution was scientifically dismantled, it still doesn't prove your God.

      3. If you want to defeat Atheism, simply provide sound evidence for your God. That's all it really takes.

    4. +jeff andi I've already made my point that atheists are pathological LIARS, so even if evolution is totally scientifically dismantled, you come up with new LIES against the evidence for the existence of a creative and super intelligent being who deliberately CURSED His own creation because OUR ancestors Adam and Eve chose sides with His adversary, Satan.
      By definition all atheists are adversaries of God, and they can ONLY lie, just like their father, the devil.


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